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Сan Gamblers be Cremated?


Are you concerned about whether or not gambling is a sin? Can priests or parishes gamble? We made ultimate research about Mormon, Amish, Muslim, and the Hindu attitude to slots, online table games, etc.

Christianity and Gambling

In May 2021, Daily Mail published an article that starts with “Bookies of Mormon!” It says that a Mormon church possesses a stock portfolio of around 46,000 shares of GameStop which has grown to billions of dollars since the church bought it in 2020 for $10-20 for share. Sounds dodgy, because the Mormon church tells its members that it’s a sin if they buy a $1 lottery ticket. The head of Mormon’s investment department stated that it’s a reserve for a tough financial time. 

  Without any irony since we’re God believers let’s go directly to the Holy Bible, the most published book ever btw. There is no mention in the Bible of any games or items like cards, dice. There is just a warning about getting mad about money. Timothy 6:10 declares that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” But nowadays just everything on the Internet accepts money like Wealthfront, Binance, World of Tanks, or any App Store games. So run https://ninecasino.com/.

   The Amish world was shaken after the announcement of opening the Hollywood Casino Morgantown on the edge of the Amish area in Pennsylvania. It’s going to be open for gamblers towards the end of 2021. It seems like hell for many locals, but an economical boost for others. The greatest movie about the Amish and gambling is Kingpin(1996) with Woody Harrelson. He plays the role of ex-bowling champ Roy Manson who failed because of misfortunes and alcoholism.

All of a sudden he met an Amish boy Ismael with a solid hand for making strikes one by one. He was from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Roy decided to take him to the bowling tournament in Reno with a $1 million prize. Amish relatives agreed because they were in debt and could be exiled from their farmland. That’s how the journey started with many jokes about Amish attitudes to gambling, scams, parties, girls, and so on. 

   Amish rules aren’t as ultimately restricted as it may seem. Some Amish communities let their members go out to explore the world until 21-years-old and return if they want to. For sure, how can they avoid sins if they don’t know exactly what it is?

Islam and Gambling

The Quran is more specific about gambling. Verse 219 states:

  •  They ask you about wine and gambling. Say: “In them, both lies grave sin, though some benefit, to mankind. But their sin is more grave than their benefit”.

Even though casinos operate in these Muslim countries:

  • Morocco.
  • Tunisia.
  • Egypt.
  • Lebanon.

Well-known Middle Eastern wealthy gamblers do love visiting casinos in London. What about the lavish United Arab Emirates with the oil, gold, and luxury abundance? There are no casinos in the country, but illegal greyhound racing on the outskirts of Dubai is quite a popular event. Islam gambling haram? Yes. But there are many searches on Google such as “Islam gambling husband”.

Judaism and Gambling

Rabbi Mintz was once confused after a question: “I saw Hasidic Jews in Atlantic city gambling. Is gambling a sin or is it not a sin?” The answer was that there is no universal answer to this question. There are many interpretations about gambling from just a waste of time to theft. Gambling in Israel is outlawed. In 2019 the most famous gambler from Israel was released, Ofer Maximov, who was sentenced to 18 years after he blew off around $9 million from the Trade Bank client’s accounts to play in illegal Israel casinos and also casinos abroad. The most peculiar thing is that he was just a grocery seller, but his sister who was employed at an Israel bank transferred him money from accounts until the bank went bankrupt. No wonder gambling in the Holy Land has got a shady reputation after this case, and now it’s completely outlawed.

Buddhism and Gambling

Buddhism has a disputable attitude to gambling. Sacred Vedas contain The Gambler’s lament poem. Buddha is actually a real person who came out from a wealthy family to find solutions for a simple happy life. He has seen many dice players. He said that gambling may lead to decline and there are six levels of gambling. But it’s a very philosophical explanation without specific prohibition like in the Quran.

Hinduism and Gambling

Hinduism is the most festive and mind-blowing religion in the world, so no wonder it has an original point of view to gambling. Many Gods were involved in gambling processes such as Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Balrama, and many others. Most episodes of Hindu scriptures show that Gods don’t prevent gambling activity and that they even play dice. Also, there are some regulation rules about how to tax the winner’s pot and so on. It’s another weird thing only in India.

Also on YouTube you can find a mantra on how to win a lottery or jackpot. Hinduism and gambling aren’t controversial things at all. So if you think that it’s unacceptable to pray to Jesus or Allah for good luck in gambling, worship Lakshmi, the god of luck, win, and prosperity.  

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