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Midland Ontario: 10 Amazing Things To Do in Midland Ontario

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Midland Ontario is a beautiful town located in Simcoe County, snuggled in the southern end of the Georgian Bay and its 30,000 islands. Simcoe County, where midland Ontario is located, is part of central Ontario’s Huronia or Wendant region.

Midland Ontario is the economic hotspot of the region of central Ontario of Canada as it is a customs port and has large harbor installations and grain elevators. Midland has a population of about 16000 residents as per 2006 statistics.

In the summer months, the population of this area grows up to 100,000, with thousands of tourists and numerous seasonal visitors occupying more than eight thousand cottages, resorts, and hotels. These hotels and resorts have all the amenities and services a tourist will need.

Midland Ontario
By: Domenic Gareri on Shutterstock

Midland Ontario is a remote and peaceful location of Canada, located just 2 hours to the north of Toronto.

It is a place where a person can visit a variety of attractions like the murals, the downtown midland, little lake park, or admire the beauty of the Georgian Bay or the five miles long wye river, or the wye marsh wildlife center can be explored to get amazed by the beauty of nature.

Midland Ontario is a fantastic place that can invite tourists throughout the year, be it the summers of June or the winter of November. You can even explore a small village nearby. So here are 10 amazing things you can do in Midland, Ontario.

1) 30,000 Island Cruise at Georgian Bay

Midland Ontario: 10 Amazing Things To Do in Midland Ontario 1
By- Michael/Flickr @some rights reserved

The geographic location of Midland, Ontario, which is at the Georgian bay, makes it a naturally beautiful spot. There are numerous incredible islands at the Georgian bay that can be explored and enjoyed; with the spectacular nature and the natural beauty of the area, it is one of the most visited spots in Midland Ontario.

You can cruise through the Georgian Bay in two and a half hours from midland and visit one of the most beautiful islands present in Canada. There are islands like the Beausoleil islands, part of the Georgian bay islands national park.

While visiting these islands, you can learn many things about Midland Ontario’s history and legends, view lots of nearby villages, and learn about the area’s unique community.

Along with enjoying the mesmerizing blue and sparing waters of the Georgian Bay of midland, you can even see large swatches of green land and large granite rocks, and to complete your journey, you can dine in any local restaurant.

2) The Butter Tart Festival of Midland Ontario

Old Fashioned Butter Tart
By- Nick Harris/Flickr @some rights reserved

The summer season is one of the most festive seasons of midland town. Unique festivals are in full swing during the summer month of June. All the streets are turned into pedestrian-only with numerous types of butter tart treats to offer.

You may find a shop with creative butter tart flavors delicacies to offer, like tart flavored ice-cream popsicles or any other weird but still very tasty combinations with butter tart.

During the tart fest season, midland is the best place in the Simcoe county of Canada. The butter tart festival of Midland Ontario is not limited to butter tarts but, the whole environment of the town of midland is lightened up.

With festive vibes everywhere, you can socialize with your friends and family in the nearby cafes or even go on a shopping spree as you will find numerous vendors on the streets.

3) Wye Marsh

Wye Marsh, Ontario
By- The forest vixen/Flickr @some rights reserved

The wye marsh is one of the most beautiful places with naturally embodied beauty in Simcoe county. This beautiful site is open throughout the year. Some features of this place are that this place is the home of incredible trails and a plethora of wildlife species. This place is also home to the trumpeter swamps.

If you are a person who likes exploring and enjoying nature, the wye marsh is the best area for you in midland town.

You can walk around the boardwalk around the marsh on any day of the week. As the swamp covers an area of 3000 acres, this place can be surveyed by you to get information about Ontario’s wildlife situation. Any nature lover would admire this place.

The Wye Marsh and wetland center was established in 1978 and declared a provincially significant wetland by the Ontario ministry.

Tourists visiting here have many recreational options like hunting, fishing. But a visitor should keep in mind that access to these activities requires permission from adequate authorities.

4) National Historic Site- Sainte Marie Among the Hurons Museum

By- Roger Glenn/Flickr @some rights reserved

The Sainte Marie museum in Midland Ontario takes people to the era of 17th century Canada, with all its staff costumed in the dresses of that era and the reconstructed buildings that tell tales of the history of midland; this site will give you insights into the account of the Jesuit mission in midland town.

This place is connected to an underneath path to the martyr’s shrine, another fantastic location in midland town.

The best time to visit this Sainte Marie is from November to December when the first light event occurs. When visiting, one can view the 5000 that candles are illuminated on the walkways and buildings. The museum is a national historic site.

5) Martyr’s Shrine

Martyrs Shrine Midland
By- Jeff S./Flickr @some rights reserved

The martyr’s shrine is one of the most significant historical attractions in midland town. It is a shrine of eight saints of Jesuit pursuit who held a crucial position in delivering Christianity in midland to the aboriginal people and helped improve society.

This place is excellent for someone looking for peace and tranquility or an internal review that can be attained in this shrine with prayers, pilgrimages, and books.

6) The Castle Village and Enchanted Kingdom park

Those Who visit this town with their kids need to visit the Castle Village and Enchanted Kingdom Park. It is an amazing amusement park with wonderful services and an engaging atmosphere, and the staff here is very friendly.

There are many fun activities for kids like swings and an escape room. Kids between the age group of 3 to 8 would enjoy the most in this place.

7) Mountain View and Ski

By- Nonanet/Flickr @some rights reserved

It is the most fun activity that can be done in the winter months of midland Ontario. The magnificent views of snow-covered mountains are the treasure of the town during November or December.

This place has beautiful rolling topography. Any traveler can apply and book in the ski centers to get a thrilling experience of skiing.

The town hosts some ski centers, which even host competitions and swaps. This place is very famous for fast cross country ski trails which attract numerous tourists and adventure seekers.

8) Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum
By- The city of Ontario/Flickr @some rights reserved

The Royal Ontario Museum is a magnificent museum of art, culture, and history and is one of the largest museums in North America. It was established in the year 1912 and was opened for people in the year 1914.

This place has the largest number of visitors, more than a million in a year. It became an independent crown agency of the govt of Ontario in 1968, before which it was under the direct control of the university in Toronto. Still, to this day, the museum has close relations with the University of Toronto, which helps to provide the expertise and resources.

Anyone an art enthusiast or history enthusiast would enjoy this place the most because of the huge volume of collections present.

This place hosts collections from diverse locations worldwide. It has more than 40 galleries and more than 6,000,000 items, and this humongous collection has gained a high international reputation.

9) Little Lake Park

The little lake park is another natural gemstone of midland Ontario. It has all the natural beauties to offer, like a clean lake, beaches, and walking trails.

It is the perfect picnic spot of this town with many tables and other spots to enjoy a peaceful and quiet time. It is also a great spot for social gatherings or outings with family and friends.

10) The Creative Murals

New Mural in Overton Square
By- Memphis CVB/Flickr @some rights reserved

Last but not least, on the list of things to do in Midland Ontario is visiting the Murals. The murals of midland Ontario are one of the unique elements in this small town. Walk around downtown midland or king street, and you will observe these beautiful art pieces on the walls.

Each mural tells its own story about the history of the town, you can find some giant murals on the grain elevators on the bay or the Seafront, and some small ones are made on king’s street.

Each of these murals tells a story of the past. It expresses the thoughts of the close kitten community of this town of Midland Ontario.

So, these were the 10 things that you should add to your bucket list while visiting this beautiful town, Midland Ontario in Canada.

Midland Ontario is not just limited to these 10 things but has a lot more to offer. You will only know it better when you visit Midland Ontario yourself.

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