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Best 10 Free Typing Games For Dexterity

Free Typing Games

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Free Typing Games are useful for kids and adults to improve typing speed and editing. They learn to type quickly and accurately use key fingers over the keyboard.

Typing games keep your eyes focused and fingers busy. Being an educational game, they enable the users to familiarize themselves with the keyboard.

They belong to the edutainment category of games and are quite popular among learners.

In this post, we are presenting the Best 10 Free Typing Games to improve typing skills. They are safe, popular, and engaging.

Best 10 Free Typing Games For Dexterity

By Florian Krumm for Unsplash

1. Typing Ninja


  • Easy
  • Separate login options
  • Educational


  • Display issues with tabs

Typing Ninja is an interesting game where you can check how fast you can type? It is an online game that is available on browsers, Android devices, and iPhones & iPad. If you are playing on your PC, you don’t need to download it.

It is made of HTML5 technology and available in full-screen mode. Most of the players reviewed it as a good action game. You may find several similarities with the Fruit Ninja game.

Photo by Jay Zhang from Unsplash

Ranked among the best free typing games, Typing Ninja is a single-user game with an online challenge. It has three levels of difficulty. You have the option of choosing letters or numbers.

Fewer mistakes improve the chance of a higher score. It is an easy-to-play game where you get 3 chances. You may find it tricky at the start, though it becomes easy as you understand the process. Typing Ninja is useful for flawless typing and edutainment. It is one of the oldest free typing games.

2. Keyman


  • Improves multitasking skills
  • No need to download
  • Impressive graphics


  • No pause button

If you are looking for an online scuba diving experience that improves your typing skill, try Keyman. It is a maze-based puzzle game comprising of three levels. You can rejuvenate the legacy of the popular arcade game Pacman with typing.

It would be best if you focused on letters to find an appropriate path. There are keys, shells, and treasure boxes as rewards. Collect gems and coins after finding the treasure.

One of the popular free typing games among kids and adults, Keyman is a perfect choice to learn key placement. It is an interactive game with useful typing exercises.

It is an engaging game and available on any modern browser and enables quick typing for better coordination.

3. Ghost Typing


  • Interactive
  • Full-screen option
  • Impressive graphics


  • Ads

Ghost Typing is designed and developed by ABCya for educational purposes, suitable for children of all ages. Popular among free typing games, students learn fast typing skills interactively with it.

It is based on a Halloween theme that gives a fascinating experience. You have to find ghosts hidden in old castles. The environment is scary and dark: the USP of this interesting game.

The central idea of this game is to type the letters on the screen before the ghosts get closer. Your focus is to stay away from the ghosts with fast typing skills. You have 5 lives to win the game.

Ghost Typing enhances your keyboarding skills as the game is fast-paced. You will love the settings and the hair-raising surprises.

4. Desert Typing Racer


  • Engaging graphics
  • Full-screen option
  • Multi-game options


  • Pause is not available

If you are a racing game adorer and love to explore unknown areas, Desert Typing Race is one of the best free typing games for you. With this astonishing game, you’d find yourself using every single key of your keyword. The typing lessons become the most exhilarating activity to do.

You will love this game for its speed, which teaches you things like French words and home row keys. It is a single-player game. With 40 exciting levels, it challenges you to improve keyboard dexterity.

Photo by Chris J Davis for Unsplash

You can choose among 3 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The objective of this game is to type letters over the cars to prevent crashes. You can check your speed, damage, and level over the screen.

There are limited options for jump, using the spacebar. In a nutshell, Desert Racing is a fast-paced and fun-loving typing game with impressive features. You can play the game here.

5. Typing Attack


  • No WiFi needed
  • Engaging
  • Fast-paced


  • Too simple

Most of us like shooting games. Typing Attack offers you the shooting experience with keyboard typing. The storyline is based on space adventure.

How about finding yourself trapped in a space attack where several spacecraft approach you? The spacecraft flying around you have names written over them. To avoid any attack, you need to type the letters as soon as possible to launch missiles.

It is one of the fast-paced free typing games, popular among kids and adults. You can play it online on any modern browser. There are three interesting modes: easy, normal, and expert.

The difficulty level increases as you progress from easy to expert mode. Laser-blasting is another interesting feature, available in the expert mode. The game improves your typing skills and vocabulary. The background sound is impressive, and the sound of missiles during the attack is rich. You can play the game here.

6. Dance Mat Typing


  • Specially designed for younger kids
  • Ad-free
  • Rich and engaging interface


  • Limited playability
  • Regular up-gradation

Colorful background with interesting features, Dance Mat Typing is suitable for students to learn quick typing lessons. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, it offers 12 stages comprising 4 levels. After successful completion of the game, students can print their achievement certificates. Most of the teachers add it in an interactive lesson plan.

One of the popular free typing games for younger kids, it is a fun way to learn touch typing. At the first level, students learn to type home row keys. The second level offers you to learn six keys above the home row keys. As you progress further, your expertise polishes in using capital keys and more.

All the stages are interconnected, and the advanced stages are based on previous knowledge. The melodious songs and interactive animals entertain the kids. The ultimate rewards make this typing game a favorite touch-typing experience. Play here.

7. Cooldog Teaches Typing


  • Funny and engaging
  • Friendly narration
  • Unique concept


  • Short length

How about having a pet that talks? Your pet loves you and accompanies you in daily tasks. It understands your feelings and becomes your best friend. Yes, Cooldog Teaches Typing is an exciting game to play with a talking dog that gives instructions.

This typing tutorial game is developed by the cool dog and published by one-fifth. This dog teaches you how to type. There are three interactive lessons, and the experience is funny. It is available on the Windows platform.

By Bermix Studio for Unsplash

The idea of a dog assisting you in typing dexterity is remarkable and engaging. You find it hilarious when you are asked to type some funny sentences. It’s really a great game for everyone who wants to improve.

There are few typos at the beginning of the game, but easy to ignore during the long course. Play Cooldog Teaches Typing here.

8. Animal Typing


  • Different keyboard layouts
  • Multiple players
  • Multiple typing lessons


  • Low animation quality

Animal typing is one of the popular free typing games for kids. It has several typing tests for useful typing skills to learn. Your kid can learn touch typing playfully. However, it is suitable for all ages.

The game is all about typing proficiency with surprising rewards. Depending on your typing proficiency, you are assigned an animal: a snail, a horse, or a deer. As you improve your skills, you may be rewarded with a cheetah.

Multiple keyboard layouts like Dvorak, Colemak, Qwerty, and Azerty make it one of the most interactive free typing games. Animated fingers on the screen assist in proper typing techniques. You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard for convenience.

There are a total of 32 lessons that make the learning process comprehensive. It also has advanced lessons to improve touch typing skills with special characters. Check out the game here.

9. EduTyping


  • Attractive interface
  • Curriculum-based
  • Useful for teachers


  • Long lessons

As a teacher, if you are looking for an engaging typing game that goes beyond just keyboarding, try EduTyping. It is among the popular free typing games used in multiple classrooms.

Most of the free typing games are designed to play in a homely environment with friends or alone. In the social and educational context, EduTyping helps students learn typing skills under teachers’ supervision. Teachers would find it useful in adding to a language lesson plan.

You can design your content according to the subject: EduTyping’s USP. It is perfectly designed for K to 12 students. Slow and active learners enjoy this game equally.

It is an efficient game for improving typing speed, accuracy, and other concepts of your students. Try this one of the best free typing games for edutainment here.

1o. KeyTower


  • Impressive graphics
  • Clean interface
  • Improves logic


  • Limited levels

Feel the breezes while playing this free typing game for all ages. KeyTower is an engaging typing game where you have to create towers using crates. There is a platform where the crates pass over, and you have to collect them to create a sky tower.

KeyTower is an adventurous typing game where your keyboard is the game board. It is a touchscreen-compatible game with cool graphics. There are two modes: normal and pro. The mix of the tower-building games with typing makes it an interesting choice.

You are going to love this one of the best free typing games. It is a fast-paced, logical, and fun-packed typing game. Though developed for under 12 kids, adults also love to play this game.

Photo by Dan Dennis from Unsplash


Free typing games are useful in learning keyboard proficiency. They encourage players to learn touch typing skills efficiently. Be it kids, adults, and professionals, everyone finds them useful and interactive. If you are still struggling with typos issues, try these typing games for dexterity.

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