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10 Finest Jekyll Island Restaurants

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Jekyll Island Restaurants covers it all – from local seafood to Ireland potatoes and from crispy nachos to melting ice creams.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food

Says Paul Prudhomme

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Yes, any food, be it a cup of tea or filling, unique dishes, if it leaves a smile on your face, it is enough to bless your day.

Jekyll Island Restaurants

Each land has its own unique culture and flavors. It won’t entirely omit intercontinental food for those who miss their home food.

Jekyll island is one such land with a long history and exotic fishy flavors. Located in Georgia, US, it is a major tourist attraction.

It is part of the golden isles, including St. Simon’s Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simon’s Island, and Historic Brunswick.

Jekyll Island restaurants are part of its culture. So leaving the island without tasting its food is like leaving out onions in a salad.

Are you planning to visit Jekyll Island or already there?

10 Finest Jekyll Island Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss

Get ready to tingle your taste buds as we take a quick look into some of the finest Jekyll Island restaurants!

1. Jekyll Island Restaurant: Zachry’s Riverhouse

Jekyll Island restaurants.

Ahoy! Spotted a restaurant ahead! Zachry’s on Jekyll Island for the seafood lovers!

Housed in a sheltered coastal setting, you can find some great dishes here.

1 Harbor Road, Jekyll Island.

The menu includes fresh and perfectly cooked crab cakes, shrimp salads, grits, and fish sandwiches topped off with chilling desserts, key lime pies, and juices.

If you are indifferent to seafood, don’t be disappointed! Chicken sandwiches and tenders are available.


Jekyll Island restaurants
“Sunset From Jekyll Island” by BSC Photography

This place is an amazingly well-kept, homely restaurant. The ambience is relaxing and cozy. The place gives a scenic view of the sunset along the coastal waterway.

In addition to delicious food and a gay atmosphere, Zachry’s comes with a small swimming pool and furnished porch! What more do you need?

Have a romantic meal while enjoying the sunset, and don’t forget to check out the daily specials!

2. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Driftwood Bistro

As we sail along, we come across more seafood restaurants to choose from. Being an island, you can’t expect otherwise! The Bistro is a seafood majoritarian but a vegan-friendly restaurant. You can relish the exotic local dishes of the south here.

Driftwood Bistro is located in the Villas by the Sea Resort and Conference Center, near Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island.

Pot roast, stuffed flounder, shrimp and grits, stuffed collard greens are highly recommended among other main dishes, including grills, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, and burgers.

Yes, it is an extensive yet exceptional selection of food to choose from!

The Bistro serves the best quality shrimp globally- Wild Georgia Shrimp, native to Jekyll Island. Georgia’s Spartina marshes give its firm juicy flesh a sweet tinge.

Some popular sides are Lynn’s squash casserole, sweet potato souffle, fried green tomatoes, fried okra bread pudding, etc.

These are traditional family recipes handed down several generations to the Bistro team.

Juices and desserts are excellent too.

Don’t miss out on the board with daily specials!

Bistro is a modest and elegant restaurant built in a resort-like setting.
There is an outdoor bar feature too for those seeking a light refreshment.

No wonder it is popular among the locals and often recommended to visitors as one of the best in the list Jekyll Island restaurants. Busy on most days, especially weekends, make sure you find a seat early.

To learn more, visit Driftwood Bistro’s official website by clicking here

3. Jekyll Island Restaurants: The Wharf

Jekyll Island restaurants
The wharf | Jekyll Island

The next seafood Jekyll Island restaurants onboard is the Wharf. If you are searching for a big lively and scenic restaurant right in front of the beach, then Wharf is just the place.

370 Riverview Dr N, Historic District pier, Jekyll Island.

Shrimp and grits, crab cake, crab dip, fried green tomatoes, fish and chips, and cocktails are delicious.

The sides and sandwiches too are worth giving a try.


The highlight is the setting of the wharf.
Yes, it is the only waterfront restaurant on the whole island, which means of all the Jekyll island spots, you can get a magnificent view of the sunset here.

The interior is furnished with a grand dining room and glass windows to view the river. You can eat outside too; on a beautiful extended deck behind the serene expanse of water.

What’s more! This restaurant has live music to boost your mood!

4. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Beach House Restaurant

The next stop on the list of Jekyll Island restaurants is at the Beach House restaurant. The long, pretty beach house offers a variety of American seafood and includes a bar. From Salads, burgers, pizzas to local seafood and beer, Beach house has it all.

715 Beach view Dr N, Jekyll Island.


Try out the wings, shrimps, pork chops, oyster Po boy, crab cake sandwich, BBQ salmon, steak, and fried green tomatoes.
In addition to these mouth-watering seafood, it also serves handcrafted soups, salads, and artisan pizzas.

Kids’ meals, desserts, and a lot of other items make this restaurant well-loved.

Vegetarians also can have a good time here. It also gives gluten-free options.

The bar offers top-notch seasonal craft beers.

As the name suggests, this too sits next to the beach, on a neat lawn, and has a beautiful outer patio and dining facilities in the covered porch to relish it while eating.  The interior is clean, spacious, and charming.

5. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Tortuga Jacks Restaurant

Jekyll Island restaurants
Tortuga Jack’s Restaurant | Jekyll Island

To break the chain of seafood restaurants, here we have Tortuga Jack’s.
Your taste buds tingling for Mexican style food? Then Tortuga Jacks’ an excellent place to visit on Jekyll Island.

201 Beachview Dr N, near Great Dunes Park and Jekyll Island Convention Center.

Chips and Salsa, Big By Burrito, tacos, buffalo wings, chili cheese fries, fried plantains are some hearty favorites from the lengthy menu!

Try out the Tortuga specials!

Bar service is available.

It is a humble and comfortable long tiki patio with a good view of the beach. Well ventilated, the beach air will do good for your appetite.

It is pet-friendly and has a live band too. The place keeps the guests entertained by special events like comedy shows, paint, sip, pet adoption, etc.

6. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Wee Pub Beach

Jekyll Island Restaurants
Mcgarvey’s Wee Pub Beach | Jekyll Island

So far, we have looked at local, seafood, and Mexican restaurants. Now, here’s a different style and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and kids exclusive menus.

Wee Pub Beach is a unique Irish Pub cum restaurant in the list of Jekyll Island restaurants. It has a lot of unique flavors on deck! An abode of many things, you would definitely want to check it out!


20 Main street, Unit 100, Jekyll Island.

You can settle your food from a wide variety of fabulous dishes. To point some out, we have shrimp Po boy, Philly Cheesesteak, pecan bread pudding, loaded baked potato soup, shepherd’s pie, shrimp tacos, chicken pot pie, crab dip, etc.

All of these are promised at reasonable prices.

Sides, desserts, and drinks are equally cool.

You also have options to customize your burger and sandwiches along with extra dressing choices for wings and salads!

A casual setting with polished brown furnishings inside and a light exterior.
Like Tortuga Jack’s, it is pet-friendly and has peppy live music.

7. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Red Bug Motors Pizza

The sail through the restaurants spots the food popular throughout the world.
Red Bug Motors Pizza is exclusively for all the Pizza lovers and Italian foodies out there!!!

Jekyll Island restaurants
Red Bug Car

They don’t cook red bugs. This restaurant is named after the historic Red Bug electric cars- an alternative to boats- imported in 1914 to easily access the island.

Opposite Great Dunes beach, corner of Shell Road and 550 Beachview Drive, Jekyll Island.

With pizza in the forefront, you also can select from appetizers (cheese sticks recommended), wraps, salads (especially Greek salad), pasta, and Italian dishes

Supreme pizza with 8 toppings and red bug special pizza is great. They provide great customizing options too.

There are gluten-free options too.

You can select from a good selection of imported and domestic beer and wine in the pub.

Tired of the fun you had on the island?
Well, pizza’s a click away! The delivery system is efficient, and before you know it, you are there with crunchy pizzas on your bed!

A dark, well-furnished interior with a classy English outlook. There are dining options on the porch too, overlooking a lawn.

The Red Bug is near a casual kids playground and mini-golf course. So those of you searching for a mini recreation with good food can settle for this restaurant.

8.  Jekyll Island Restaurants: Sunrise Grille

On the course, a partial seafood restaurant was noted, but this cannot be skipped.

An ordinary American restaurant with extraordinary cuisine and local food. This place tops the list of restaurants under the best shrimp dishes category on Jekyll Island Restaurants. That’s no surprise since it has been started by two expert chefs in 2018.

Near Jekyll Island Convention Center, 21 Main street, Jekyll Island.

Burgers, fried shrimp, crab legs, crab cakes, blackened fish sandwich, Po boy, pancakes are some highlights from the extensive menu.

The juices and the lime pie does equal justice to your stomach.

Daily specials give more options for frequent customers and broader choice for the visitors.

A bright, relaxing, neatly organized dining room inside and tables on the breezeway outside.

It is the perfect breakfast spot with a beautiful view of the sunrise across the great sand dunes beach, as the name suggests. Freshen yourself up with a good vibe and good food.

9. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Doc’s Snack Shop

The ship is moving to the lighter parts. This is interesting!

Lighten up your evening with yummy snacks at Doc’s Snack Shop!

9 Pier Rd, Historic District, Jekyll Island.

Quick bites and lunch:

Jekyll Island Restaurants

Tasty nachos, hot dogs, sandwiches (especially chicken salad sandwiches), wraps, salad, beans, tea, and drinks at great prices make your day.

The beer here has a high demand.

Daily lunch specials make for unique flavors every day.

A comfy porch with fans in a quiet area accommodates eaters. You can order through a window and munch on your tidbits in the open air. Fresh air enhances the taste!

10. Jekyll Island Restaurants: Island Sweets Shoppe

Jekyll Island restaurants
Pralines Chocolate

Drop anchor! Aye-aye!

For the sweet-toothed pixies out there!
After the stomach filling dishes, wouldn’t you like some delicacies to crown it all?!
Well, here is a shop entirely for you and the little ones to melt.

150 Old Plantation road, Historic District, Jekyll Island.

From candies, pralines, and chocolates in yummy shapes to ice creams, homemade fudge, and gifts to buy for your loved ones, you can get it all!

Don’t betray yourself with the exterior humility of this cottage-like shop surrounded by greenery. A cute little room awaits you with reasonably priced delights.

There is no option to eat inside. But who cares when you can lick your ice cream anywhere. It will be fun to have it out in the sun. In case you need to sit, there are a few benches nearby. There is also room on the porch of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel at a walkable distance from here.

What better place can you find to end our humble journey!

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Have you been to any of these Jekyll Island Restaurants? Do share your stories with us in the comment section below!

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