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Awkward 10 Introvert Problems they won’t Speak of!

introvert problems

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10 Introvert Problems They Won’t Speak of!

Did you know about these introvert problems? If you don’t, go ahead and take a peek at the daily world through the introvert glasses.

So, there is always a person in every friend circle that keeps quiet, answers only if necessary, is in his own world, loves books, movies and procrastinating and cancelling plans.

You will also notice a few teens keeping to themselves, sitting alone and basically avoiding people at all costs. And no, they don’t always wear nerdy glasses or carry fat books around.

Movies often have such lonely characters (sometimes protagonists or villains) strolling alone on the streets, playing guitar alone or just staring out into the wide, wide sky.

We often use the term “introverts” to describe such loners. Many of you might think that these people have their life sorted and their priorities clear, but that is just not the case.

Here are some of the introvert problems, that they face but wont speak of! Despite these shortcomings, they are observant and smart people who give logical advice.

1. Small talk

Let’s begin the list by the very first and one of the most dreaded of introvert problems; The Small Talk. Yes, it is very hard for the introverts to start a conversation and then keep it going. But it’s even harder to actually make a small talk formally or otherwise.

They start sweating at the idea of being alone with a person they barely know and having to talk to them out of common courtesy. They are even more scared of saying something stupid and running out of topics to talk about.

2. Stage fear

Trust me, speaking in front of a crowd (and making sense at the same time) can give anxiety even to the star squad of the college. So obviously, the quiet person who sits in the remotest bench is going to be cripplingly anxious and nervous.

Introverts shy away from speaking even in a small group of friends. Presenting something in front of a huge crowd is surely overwhelming for them.

Not stammering, trying to grip the shaking legs, trying not to sweat and most importantly, getting their name right is itself a huge achievement for them. Kudos!

3. People!

This is probably the most common of the introvert problems. They straight out don’t like mixing with people. They avoid most of the people; especially the ones that make them nervous (like someone cute or the bully).

Introverts tend to avoid any social functions, parties and gatherings where they will have to talk to a lot of people (and people can be exhausting). They make excuses and call in sick.

Introverts will go to any lengths to avoid people if they don’t feel like talking to someone. They will hide their face, switch lanes and even pretend you don’t exist.

They might come off as rude and arrogant, but they are just exhausted from too much social interaction. Remember Squidward from Sponge Bob?

4. Seeking Solitude

Obviously, the introverts are comfortable when they are left alone. They will sing and dance if you give them enough space (that is, leave them alone). When they run out of their social battery, they will just try and hide in a place where you cannot see them.

If they are in a group or party, they will make excuses (really lame ones sometimes) to get away from the crowd.

5. Eating Alone

Eating alone depends largely on the person. Some introverts love to be alone while eating and are not shy of going to restaurants alone. This is the specie of introverts that is likely to avoid eye contact with you at the lunch time. They need to be alone to devour their food.

But some introverts, who are shy, need company while eating. These are the kind of people who just cannot place an order. The queue behind them makes them nervous. They are scared that they will order something wrong, mispronounce the order or drop the cash while paying.

You might also know some people who orders food online, or take away parcel to enjoy eating alone at home comfortably.

6. Dancing and Singing

Introverts do attend parties. Only if they absolutely have to and there is no escape. You will spot them near the outskirts of the part hall, near the bar or clinging to the person they came with.

And they loathe dancing, in front of a hundred eyes gawking at them. Introverts hate it when someone tries to make them move to the beats. They get even more uncomfortable if you drag them to the dance floor.

The same goes for singing. Introverts will never sing in a group, let alone singing a solo. Those are the people who simply hate a karaoke.

P.S : They will dance alone in the comfort of their house in their pajamas, with headphones on. They are really good bathroom singers and enjoy car karaoke while driving alone.

A pro tip – Don’t try them; they can go to any lengths to avoid dancing.

7. Can’t tell people off

It’s hard to tell people off, especially when you are nervous of speaking altogether. This is a serious downside of being an introvert.

Introverts simply cannot say ‘NO!’ to something as they are too afraid to defend their argument. They are even wary of starting an argument let alone putting across their opinions.

Introverts feel that acceding to something will save the tedious task of saying no and defending their point. Giving assent to something is much more easier.

Due to this, introverts often end up agreeing to things that they don’t always approve of, doing favors that they don’t want to do and often get piled up with unnecessary tasks.

Another drawback of this is that they cannot tell an annoying person to scoot off. They end up listening to tall tales and other crap told by annoying people.

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8. Awkward Silence

This is another addition to the introvert problems (as if they didn’t already have enough problems).

Introverts are scared of the awkward silence, because the silence is just awkward. First of all, they are afraid of being stuck in awkward situations (everybody is) and they absolutely loathe it when it involves people.

They dread the point where there is nothing more to talk about and then they are just there, stuck with a person they barely know, gazing at the person and surroundings awkwardly.

Yes, we all have been, done that.

9. Blather or Keep quiet

Talking too much or saying nothing at all, there is nothing in between. Introverts can be like that. But it depends on the person. Usually, introverts tend to cuddle up in their own little worlds, wrapped in their own thoughts. At times like this, they barely catch what is being said. As they spend a lot of time observing, listening and perceiving, they usually have a lot to talk about. But they tend to keep mum.

And in the contradiction to this, some introverts actually open up with a person they feel comfortable with. This happens very rarely. And on this rare occasion, they can chatter a lot on their favorite subjects (which is obvious since they seldom get comfortable with people).

Also, it is more likely that an introvert might open up on texts and get shy in person.

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10. Say Cheese!

And lastly, the most horrible of all introvert problems, clicking photos! If you are an introvert, you will relate to this.

It is so hard to even smile right when you feel a dozen eyes staring at you. Introverts often struggle with the right pose and often feel awkward clicking pictures or selfies in public.

Usually, they are comfortable with close friends and family clicking their pictures but otherwise they are really uncomfortable and shy. They will also think a lot before posting any pictures on social media.

Okay! So these were some of the introvert problems. We are already familiar with some of these upsetting (and sometimes hilarious) situations.

If you are an introvert, then you might really relate to this. I know you have faced some of these circumstances and I hope you got out of it safe and sound.

Introverts also suffer from some preconceptions and stereotyping. They are always displayed as shy, nerdy people with thick glasses, baggy clothes and a pile of books in their hands in movies.

If someone is labelled as ‘introvert’ then they are thought to be ‘good’ people who have conventional opinions, complete all their homework, do not fight, are easy to scare or manipulate and will not argue. This is not always true. The guy with green hair and piercings can also be an introvert and so can be the seemingly hostile girl in your class.

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Do comment your thoughts below in the comments section. And if you have more introvert problems to share, please feel free to express them here.



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