10 Easy Methods for Black Magic Removal

Do you want to know the methods for black magic removal? We got you covered.

Black magic is confusing, and one of the exciting topics of all time. Many of you might have seen such creepy kinds of stuff of black magic in supernatural movies. It is a kind of magic to control some events. Sometimes it is done for a useful purpose. But most of the people use this black magic for bad things due to their selfish mind.

In this article, you will get answers to all your doubts about black magic. Here are the most effective methods for the removal of black magic and symptoms as well. Let you know from the symptoms.


Black magic is the negative and powerful energy that can collapse a person from inside and outside as well. Many of the people don’t know that they are also a victim of black magic. All our problems are not spontaneous; some cunning people around you can induce some. Don’t panic, and I am here with the symptoms of black magic.

The negativity of black magic can disturb your mind and soul balance. As a result, the person will be reacting abnormally, both physically and mentally. You can’t enjoy the pleasure of happiness even you have a lot of joy.

Your heartbeat will be at an unusual pace and breathing difficulties as well. Also, some strange diseases may frequently occur in your body without any symptoms. Constant fever with body pain is also a symptom of black magic.

You will have pains in both legs and spines. Your growth is disturbed by the feeling of anxiety and heaviness. In women, black magic has a severe effect on their health. It may procrastinate their periods time.

These are the significant symptoms that can give you an overview of a black magic victim.

10 Most Effective Methods for Black Magic Removal

If you are a victim of black magic, don’t worry. Here are the effective methods for black magic removal. You can also use some of the methods to shield yourself from black magic and to repel the magic as well.

1. Lemon’s a shield

Lemon helps you to keep away the negative energy. You might have seen your grandmother washing objects like amulets and jewelry with lemon. It was done to sweep away the negative vibrations from the objects.

If black magic affects your family relationship, you are suggested to share a lemon pie with your family members. This will wipe out all bad vibrations and improves the bond. Use the lemon juice to draw sigils on all surfaces to create a positive atmosphere around you.

To get rid of the black magic curse, follow this method. You have to hold a lemon in the left hand and metal pin in the right hand. In the clockwise direction, slowly turn the lemon in the counterclockwise direction, stopping and touching the lemon on the forehead. Do this three times in a row.

Then bury the pin and lemon, a distance away from home. This is one of the best and simple methods for black magic removal.

You can also use lemon to get rid of the person who causes you the ill will in your life. Just write the name of the person in lemon and keep it in a freezer. This is one of the best protection spells from dark forces.

2. Use Yellow Mustard

If you feel any disconnection from the light source, then your remedy must be yellow mustard. It will help you to survive such effects of black magic and help you not to get affected by those as well.

Black magic will make a person down by disconnecting the person’s soul from the light source. Mustard will flow positive energy in your body. This can motivate a person to enjoy a normal life without getting affected by black magic. Mustard is one of the effective methods for the removal of such black magic effect.

Here is the method for the proper usage of the spell. You have to prepare an incense with yellow mustard, camphor, and cow ghee. Burn a cow dung cake and put the incense in that flame. Then spread this flame in all corners of your house.

Continue this routine for 21 days to wipe away all the negative energy away from you and your surroundings.

3. Black Tourmaline Amulet

An amulet is also called Talisman, which means an object that protects a person from trouble. It means an object, either natural or human-made, which has some powers. The amulet can be any object like pendant or stone rings. They will give protection to its possessor from bad energy.

One of the amulets is a black tourmaline amulet. You can have black tourmaline in pendant and rings as well. They are one of the most effective methods for black magic removal. Black tourmaline is considered to be one of the most potent protectors among crystals.

Black tourmaline is a member of the tourmaline family repels and grounds the negative energies and physic attack. It will cleanse and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations. Rubbing black tourmaline with wool cloth draws out all the negative energies.

You can also keep raw black tourmaline in front of your house and any part of your home as well. Even you can have the crystal in your bedroom if you are feeling the dark energy there. It will get you pleasant dreams and destroys terrible dreams.

4. Using Datura Plant

This is one of the popular tantric methods for black magic removal. Datura is an ornamental plant with beautiful flowers. This herb will give you the cure. Here are the methods for this tantric.

You have to use these herb leaves or roots to infuse energy into the tool or objects you use. It is also used to create a black dye. Draw lines in your home with such colors to keep the evil away from your sight.

5. Salt Bath Cure

The most crucial element for black magic removal is salt. Salt will absorb all the negative energy around you. If you feel a sharp disturbance in your mind and body without proper reasons, then take a salt bath.

Take a daily bath with water mixed with a handful of salt. The salt in that water will absorb all the negative energy in your body. You can use salt water to clean the floor in your home. Also, place salt in all the corners of all rooms in your house.

You can also keep a glass of saltwater in every room of your house.

6. Nature’s Cure

Open up all the windows in your house and allow the fresh air to take away all the negative energy from your home. Also, the natural light will make you strengthen you mentally. They will kill the darkness and dark energy around you.

7. Black Candle Remedy

From ancient times lighting candles has been a spiritual practice, symbolizes the power of light. Black candles are lit to remove the darkness of negative energy. It destroys evil and gives a shield against them.

The black candle is one of the widely used methods for black magic removal. This candle can reverse or block the negative energy. Here is the proper way to use a black candle.

You need a mirror in the size of the black candle you have. Lit the black candle and let the mirror to face the light of the black candle and keep this overnight. Make sure the mirror is in a safe place so that nobody’s reflection is seen in that mirror, including pets.

You have to dispose of the burnt candle in the morning, bury it deep. While you are taking the mirror, you have to be careful. You should not face the mirror until it gets a salt bath. You can reuse the mirror after the salt bath, or you can dispose of it.

8. Angel Cure

One of the effective methods for black magic removal is Angel cure. You need a celestite crystal for this method. You have to clean the crystal by placing it in sunlight for about five to ten minutes.

After the cleansing work is done, hold the crystal in your hands close to your heart and chant mantras. Ensure that you keep the crystal for one full moon cycle for the cleansing process. It will help you to remove the black magic from you.

9. Remedy from Lote Tree

This is one of the widely used Arabic/Islamic methods for black magic removal. In this method of breaking the black magic curse, you have to get seven lote tree leaves. Then recite four chapters that start with Qul, known as Charr Qul.

You have to blow on the leaves and powder the two leaves. Then mix the powder in water to drink it. You can also use the powder for bathing purposes. This will cure the victim of a dark spell.

You have to do this daily. If you can’t do it daily, at least try to do every third day of the week.

10. Olive Oil Cure

Olive oil is extracted from the green-coated olive fruit. Many of you use this oil in flavoring the food items. It is also used in cosmetic items. One of the amazing benefits of olive oil is to remove black magic.

This is one of the popular methods for black magic removal in Southern Italy.  Also, help you to diagnose for black magic. To do this ritual olive oil, scissors, and water. Here is the method for black magic diagnosing.

You have to take some water in a bowl/plate and pour three drops of olive oil into the water droplet. If the oil forms a circle, then the black magic curse is caused by men. If the shape of the oil is elongated, then it is by a woman.

If the oil spreads over the entire surface, then you are not a victim of black magic. What to do if I am a victim of black magic? It is the question you might ask. Don’t worry, here is the ritual method to break the black spell.

You have to cut the circles or elongated shapes formed using the scissors. It might be challenging but keep cutting the shapes until they disappear by the melting water. Once it is done, you have to start chanting mantras.

After praying, you have to use some other oil to make crosses on the forehead, between your eyes and mouth. You have to repeat this action for seven times. Then throw away the water far from your surroundings.

These are the ten most effective methods for black magic removal. You can’t use them without the advice of a black magic specialist. Here are some tips to protect you from black magic.

Tips for Black Magic Protection

The first and foremost thing to avoid black magic is to be optimistic. You have to face all the negative thoughts boldly to prevent the effect of black magic. Also, ensure your surroundings are filled with fresh air and blessed air sunlight as well.

Fragrant smoke is used to wipe all the negative energies. You have to burn some incense daily at your home to clean the air around you. This will also spread positive vibes in the air around you.

You should avoid using broken things. Repair or replace broken items as soon as possible. The usage of broken things will pave the way for negative energies to enter your home.

The smell of orange will remind you of smiles and sunshine. So, spray orange essential oil around your home. This will clear out all the negative energy around you. Also, cheers your mood and keep you optimistic as well.

You can have small bells in each room corners and just give a ring to spread the positive energy through the bell ring. The sound waves of the bell ring will move all the bad energy out and good energy in.

To add more positive energy in your home, you have to add more mirrors in your home. This will help you to avoid negative energy and to create more positive energy as well. Also, it will cleanse your mind.

Your house doors and windows are the entrances for energy. You have to keep them purified to avoid the negative energies to enter. Use lemon juice and salt water to clean them. This will help you to prevent negative energies.

I hope this article has wiped all your doubts and fears of black magic. One should not practice these removal methods without the advice of Energy Muse experts. Please mention the process of removing black magic below.

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