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Top 10 Amazing Must-have Travel Essentials For Women


Want to make your trips more enjoyable? How about starting with a checklist of travel essentials for women for a hassle-free vacation?

Packing for trips can be a tedious task most of the time, especially for women. Above that, you are visiting a place for the very first time; it could be even more exhausting. Booking your tickets months before traveling puts you at ease. As a woman, ensuring you have the necessary travel essentials for women is also one of the best moves.

To make sure you do not miss out on anything important, we have curated a list of ’10 must-have travel essentials for women’ for you to go through.

10 Must-have Travel Essentials For Women


1. Makeup Bag With Multiple Pouches

Who does not know what makeup means to women? Women cannot exist without makeup, especially when traveling outdoors. Also, looking good when exploring unique destinations is a basic need for women.

Carrying a high quality, multi-pouch makeup bag for the same reason is a great idea. It will help you store all the makeup products, toiletry items, moisturizers, and other such travel essentials in one place. Also, items in such makeup bags are easy to access and kept in a sorted way.

Note: Remember to carry only those toiletry items in your toiletry bag that are not readily available at the destination. It is easy to find things like shampoo, conditioners, soaps, and moisturizers almost everywhere you go. You may have a hard time only if it is a small island or not a well-developed area.

Your essential toiletry list can include refillable bottles for face wash and moisturizers, tweezers, paper towels, sunscreen, nail clippers, and deodorants.


2. Lots of Clothing

It is always better to carry a lot of clothes for any trip.  At least clothing that will last so that you do not have to stress over shopping and other expenses. This is because all you want to have is a relaxing holiday (unless you are a shopaholic).

The type of clothes you need also depends on the places you are visiting. Whether you go hiking, hit a beach, or attend a function,  having suitable attire for all occasions is a must.

  • For places with hot climates, carry a few dresses, hats, swimwear, shorts, and tank tops. You could also carry T-shirts that match easily with plain bottoms.
  • If you’re visiting a cold place, keep long-sleeved and thermal shirts handy. Also carry swollen socks, leggings, snow boots, a heavy coat, thick pants, and a winter hat. All of this would be sufficient enough to keep you cozy.
  • If you visit a place known to have a temperate climate, carry tank tops, shirts, and jackets. A pair of socks and hiking boots would also help. Also, bring a few dresses that match well with leggings.

However, going to visit a  place like Thailand or Dubai, you need not stuff your bags with clothes. Shopping at such destinations is not very expensive and missing out on important stuff would not bother you.

3. Durable Footwear

Just like clothes, carrying a variety of footwear ensures your comfort amidst exploring different attractions. Footwear is also one of the travel essentials for women that you need to take care of.

Footwear occupies a lot of space in the luggage. It often becomes difficult to decide which footwear to carry and which not take. Ideally, it would help if you were doing good in three or four pairs of footwear.

Make sure to carry a good pair of flip-flops as they are not just comfortable but light-weight too. Apart from that, you might want to check out some trainers if you are a serious hiker. Add matching heels with your outfits to stand out at clubs.

Want to know about some unique destinations where you could spend your next vacation? This ‘Travel Advice ‘ is undoubtedly going to help you.


4. Sim Card With a High-Speed Internet and Power Bank

Having access to the internet during traveling, especially during foreign trips, is like a blessing. Also, during our vacation, we love staying connected with our close ones, even if they are doing well.

And how can one forget to post vivid pictures on social media? From capturing beautiful selfies to share with friends to navigating roads ( thanks to Google Maps), a stable and high-speed internet connection is needed. So, it is a priority in the list of travel essentials for women.

Buy a 4G sim card with good internet connectivity to take care of all such things. It will also help you stay updated with the latest happenings while you are away from your home.

Everyone loves clicking pictures time and again and posting them on social media. You would also be using Google maps to find your way through places. All of this might drain the battery of your device earlier than you would have estimated. You cannot plug-in a charger everywhere.

So better get yourself a compact power bank with a sufficient battery life capacity. This will ensure that you have a good time without worrying about your phone’s or tablet’s battery life.

5. Menstrual Cup

You plan everything well and make sure you have all essentials. Even then, there is a high chance of you getting or already facing periods. Menstrual cups are comfortable, eco-friendly, and occupy less space in a travel bag than sanitary napkins.

When you are traveling to remote places, menstrual cups are all the more helpful. So, carrying a menstrual cup is a must and is vital among all travel essentials for women.

6. A Good, Durable Backpack

Whether you are going on a trek, hike, or simply exploring amazing places, you need a durable and lightweight backpack. It should also contain the basic travel essentials for women.

Choose your carry on bag such that the items are easily accessible and protected in the backpack from lousy weather.
Investing in a light backpack would help you in all such trips where you want to be free from the burden.

Click here to go through some cool and durable backpacks that you might like to buy for your next trip.

7. Pepper Spray or a Personal Safety Alarm

This is something usually not taken care of and not included a lot in travel essentials for women. It would help if you tried to avoid surroundings or situations that are not safe.

But still, it is better to be equipped with something to protect you at all times. So, it is strongly recommended to carry pepper spray with you when a situation is unpredictable.

However, in certain countries where pepper spray is illegal and is often not allowed even in their luggage. In that case, keeping a personal safety alarm is a great option. It is compact and makes a sharp, loud noise when pressed in an emergency.

8. Something to Reading

If you are going on an extended holiday, you might feel a little bored when you are free during the day. That is when you would feel like spending some time reading books and listening to soothing music.

Adding an Amazon Kindle to your list of travel essentials for women is something you would not regret. Kindle would not occupy a lot of space than magazines and books and help you enjoy your journey.

It has access to hundreds of e-books in a variety of genres. Researching more devices on the internet. It will help compare the price of Kindle with IPad or other tablets.

Making a note of all travel essentials for women you would need for a smooth and enjoyable vacation is excellent. But you might also want to surf the internet more to know about things that you should not carry unnecessarily. To learn more, click here.

9. Dry Shampoo

Indeed, women hate and cannot withstand damp hair at all. Whether you are traveling or already having fun at your favorite destination, washing your hair is a tedious job for women. It is impossible to wash your hair each time it feels sticky and irritating.

This is exactly what makes dry shampoo a must to carry along with other travel essentials for women. It has proven to be useful for many travelers, especially women, on bad hair days and is not very costly.

10. First Aid Kit

You will surely take care of yourself and your family during the trip. But you would not want to run around searching for a medical shop nearby; in case any emergency arises. First Aid Kit is one of the primary travel essentials for female travelers during any journey, especially during international trips.

Make sure to carry the essential medications that you need. You may carry band-aids, water bottles, and tablets for nausea, headache, and similar problems that you might have faced before. This will help you keep yourself comfortable while traveling.

This was our list of 10 must-have travel essentials for women specially curated for you. We have tried to cover all travel items from makeup bags, backpacks, footwear, clothing, kindle, and sim card to first-aid. Happy holidays!




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