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10 Reasons Why Breakups Are More Than a Mere Tragedy

By Banana Oil/ Shutterstock
By Banana Oil/ Shutterstock

Breakup No matter how easy the term for calling an end is, it’s just not that easy to carry. Everyone gets to read this  heart-wrenching chapter in the course of their love book atleast once. And this is when the world around seems to stop and life sticks to a seemingly irreparable loss. But time never fails to prove itself as the best healer and you sail and move-on with it. A lot happens in between that makes a breakup much more significant than calling it a mere tragedy. Find out-

You realize what actually moving on is-

Easier said than done as they say, you might have been irritated by a friend who always cries for the same girl and wonder why he just can’t move on. Now being back from the same roller-coaster ride yourself, you know why it’s not easy, still you keep trying as there’s no other way out.

2. No longer a holy-cow –

Now that you know that the world isn’t as ‘straight’ as you thought and there are people who like manipulations, you no longer trust them blindly and realize the power of cross-checks and being assured.There’s nothing wrong being careful, isn’t it?

3. Know your moods and handle them better-

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Since it all has to be done by yourself , no one to message at midnight “shona, don’t be gussa..”, you get better at managing your moods. Sometimes a scoop of your favorite icecream can set it all right. 🙂 What if it doesn’t? Simple, have another!  😛


4. Enjoying your own company-

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How about shopping alone? or watching your favorite movie without compromising your share of popcorns? or trying a new haircut for a change? Experiment yourself . There’s no fun like enjoying your company, do give it a try! 😀 Afterall, you  need to love yourself enough to to make other fall in love with you. 🙂

5. Being easy –

You get more flexible with people around. Why to think so much before talking to a cute fellow around when you know it’s actually never enough to know someone. “The world isn’t a bad place to be in “. if the bad has happened when all seemed to be perfect , you never know things could go other way round this time! 😉

6.Expect less, get more-

The world has many faces and people can come up with a new shade anytime- and the breakup taught you to be ready for this! only when you expect less from people, you can surprise yourself with good.

One can never enjoy a painting with a brush in his hand. For that, you need to be a good observer not an excellent painter.”

7. Develop strong bonds-

There’s nothing like having a meaningful conversation with your dad. And the life, gets the life only with the bunch of buddies around. A breakup isn’t that bad if it makes you realize how lucky you are to have them all. 🙂

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8. Humour like never before-

Strange it may sound, but a hard-hitting breakup really helps to develop a better sense of humour. Looking into lighter side of things, helps a lot in moving on.

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9. Getting to the other side-

Once you stop victimizing yourself and take the charge, your experiences can also help hope other to cope up with the same . Now there are a lot of good advice to share. 🙂

10. Single -in a whole new way-

Being single again, this time with memories and life-time lessons means less worries and insecurities and a loads of confidence and emotional independance. Enjoy the new version of yours and never forget to value the curve on your face, more than anything! 🙂

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         “The end of any concatenation , is the beginning of new you.”




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