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10 Reasons That Favor Sex Education In Schools

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Sex education can be defined as that branch of education that aims to build and enhance the skills, behavior, nature, and precautions related to sex life, relationship, identity, human sexuality, and emotional relations. An individual needs this quality education to maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

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What Are the Issues Faced?

There has always been a long going debate between parents and schools about why or why not the students are given proper sex education in schools.

On the one hand, some parents do not want their children to know a lot about sex or sex-related activities. On the other hand, some parents are willing to let their children learn about sex education to balance their lives. But their main fear remains that schools do not hire properly skilled teachers for teaching their child about sex education.

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Some schools assume that it is a parent’s job to teach their ward about sex education or other moral life lessons. While some schools do want to give proper sex education to their students but parents are against it.

It’s hard to settle for a conclusion that suits all. The debate is endless and can go on forever. But, the one at a loss is not the school or parents. This is eventually leading to the loss of students, who are not getting proper directions and guidance on this subject.

Why Do Some Parents Refrain Their Child from Getting Proper Sex Education?

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It is believed by most of the parents that they do not want their child to know a lot about sex or sex-related activities, as this may lead them to demand more in-depth knowledge in the subject, or this may even invoke interest in them to get involved in these acts.

While some parents say, that sex education should only be given after a certain age. They believe that sex education can be taught to their ward once they enter high schools or enter into that suitable age group.

Why Is It Important to Take Sex Education Lessons in Schools?

Well, not to mention how vital and natural sex is to us. People see repeatedly that students with a clear notion about sex education are more likely to refrain from unhealthy sex-related acts than the students who have no or limited knowledge of this field of education.

Moreover, giving sex education to the students does not mean that they are being encouraged to fulfill their sexual desires. In fact, if one has the correct knowledge of what all are the consequences of their actions, they are probably going to refrain from taking up wrong the steps.

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Inculcating proper sex education at the right age should be as important as teaching algebra or chemical equations to every school going student. It will help in various ways-

1-Shaping One’s Behavior

Discussing sex-related topics with elders should not be taboo. It is as natural as bedtime stories. They eventually end-up in shaping up to one’s behavior.

Parents’ behavior and acts of morality have a substantial impact on their kids. Schools should promote students to feel free about asking or discussing on sex-related topics.

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Seeing red spots on your classmate’s uniform and talking about it behind her back, bullying her is not how one should react. These are the consequences of a lack of proper guidance from elders. People should take these changes as naturally as anything.

2- Helps to Know That You Are Normal

Some girls or boys are always hit early by puberty. They start to feel all awkward about it. They do not see their friends or others of the same age group going through the same physical or biological changes as they are.

While on the other hand, some youngsters are hit a little late by puberty. They also feel low about their bodies. They start to doubt they’re normal.

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Eventually, these factors lead them to hate their bodies. But hey! Don’t feel weird about it! You are normal!

Still, these doubt factors slowly lead to an unhealthy impact on the minds and bodies of youngsters. Sometimes, they go to the extent of doubting their gender identity or sexual orientation.

They should be taught that not all bodies are the same, but, definitely, everybody matters. Prepare them to respect who they are. Self-love and self-care should be their primary agenda at all times.

3- Hygiene Issues

Your body is your temple, treat it like one. As you keep growing older, it becomes more critical for your health to maintain the proper hygiene of your body. Sex education gives essential lessons about how people with different sexualities can keep their hygiene. Not all parents can guide their children about these measures.

Some parents find it embarrassing to discuss these details with their children. Whereas, some parents are not well aware of specific measures to take care of while teaching their child about hygiene. Schools can hire proper teachers. Those teachers have certain skills to help students to learn more and be clear about their bodies.

4- High Risk Of Infections

Lack of proper sex education or false knowledge about sex has potential harming consequences. It can deteriorate the sexual health. No matter how much elders refrain their child from sex-related topics. One will not even know, and the kid would already be involved in sexual activities.

Some youngsters also believe that oral sex or anal sex does not lead to any type of mishaps. This is definitely not true. With no knowledge or skills and proper precautions, one may invite STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) or STIs (Sexually transmitted infections). Some examples of them are listed below-

  1. AIDS

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that is responsible for spreading Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It usually spreads when a person has intercourse with another person without any protections or maybe with no proper measures. The one in two people involved might carry this virus. It can also spread if you use contaminated needles on your body.

2. Chlamydia

It is usually found in children of the age group starting from fifteen to nineteen years. It infects the bladder opening (urethra) and the uterus opening (cervix). It is transmitted during anal, vaginal, or even oral sex. Though it can be treated easily, it is left unnoticed during the initial stages due to the lack of symptoms.

3. HPV

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Human papillomavirus is the most transmitted sexual infection in the United States. There are more than a hundred viruses of this kind, which is actually very risky. They usually are transmitted when you have unprotected intercourse with someone.

According to research, most of the women who have this virus show no symptoms at all. Or may develop symptoms after a year or so.

4. Genital Herpes

HSV (herpes simplex virus) is the virus that is known to affect skin, genitals, or the other body parts. It does not transfer by getting into contact with anything other than body parts.

If you come into contact with another person’s body that is already carrying this virus, then the chances are that you may also have transferred the same virus to your body. Though people don’t show any symptoms of this virus, yet, sometimes one may find blisters around the genital area, mouth, or anus.

5. Gonorrhea

Bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoeae is the root cause of gonorrhea. A pregnant lady can transmit it to the baby. It is also transmitted via oral, anal, or vaginal sex.

Also, it is contagious. If specific measures are not taken in time, then this can threaten your life.

The list of STDs and STIs is endless and can go on forever. There is a wide variety of them that keeps on multiplying at a rapid speed.

5- Condom Is Not the Solution to Everything

Only because teenagers know what condoms are for, doesn’t really mean that they know about the shortcomings of condoms. Youngsters, take condoms as a lifeguard that guarantees hundred percent life safety while this is not true in the case of condoms. They have their own shortcomings, which every user should have a clear notion of.

‘Using two condoms together gives dual safety’ is the worst rumor ever about condoms. Condoms can easily burst if two are used together. Moreover, after every intercourse, the condom should be dumped, and a new condom should be used for next time. Otherwise, the chances of catching infections become higher.

Sex education can provide students with proper knowledge and facts on such topics. Parents won’t feel comfortable about discussing condoms with their kids. Schools can hire experts for such guidance.

6- Just Don’t’ Teach Them to Say No

Teaching your kids about how to say ‘no’ every time they come across any such situation is not the right thing to do. Instead, teach them the drawbacks and consequences of their actions. Give them facts and pointers on how can their single wrong step lead to adverse outcomes.

7- They Should Grow Up to Be Gentlemen and Women

Growing up is a natural process that neither of us has control over. What one can control is the way they grow up. Not all students of a group grow up to be alike. Some grow up to be gentle in nature, while some may grow up to be dominating or uncivil.

If growing up is so natural, then it can be beautiful as well. The environment in which one is brought up has a major impact on one’s mental growth. What they see is what they inculcate.

If sex education remains a taboo, then we can not expect the young generation to grow up with healthy knowledge on the very topic. Schools should normalize the discussion on sex-related issues.

Providing proper guidance to youngsters, taking good care of one’s child, making sure of the way one behaves in front of his/her child and not making sex a taboo, are some of the certain measures one should always keep in mind. It’s not always the school’s duty to nourish students.

Parents also should make sure if they are passing on proper guidance and moral support to their kids.

8- Avoiding Unexpected Pregnancies

Sex and relationship bring the worse sides of life as well.

An unexpected pregnancy is becoming common. Many can experience a life-altering result. often result. It’s no cakewalk that could easily be resolved by getting an abortion or taking some birth control pills.

It sometimes leaves a negative impact on one’s mind and body. It is not easy to overcome these dark phases of life.

Proper sex education can guide youngsters by giving adequate guidance on how one can avoid unexpected pregnancy. It can help them understand what all are the types of equipment that are to be used, the certain measures to be kept in mind, and most obvious how to deal with these situations.

9- Knowing When to Raise One’s Voice

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Sex education also helps young people understand themselves in a better and broader way. These teachings are healthy and vital as it helps students know when is someone coming to them with wrong intentions towards bodies.

Students should be well aware that their voices would be heard, and proper measures would be taken. No matter who is the person they are raising their voice against.

10- Skilled Sex Education Teacher

Puberty is the time when one faces the most bizarre and imbalanced feelings. Youngsters need moral as well as emotional support during puberty times. They do not feel free to talk to anyone or everyone about their feelings.

If they ever try to share their emotions with you, make sure you are there for them. Reach out to them, listen to them when they come to you. Never tell them to avoid any situation that is bothering them.

Make them believe that they will always be supported and given respect if they know that a specific person like a sex therapist or a sex education teacher, is assigned for a particular task. They might feel free to talk to them about their mixed emotions and weird feelings. Every school must have a proper sex education teacher for times like these.

The guide should be someone who has proper knowledge about the subject. Not every parent is educated enough; not every parent has proper skills to guide their child about sex education. Schools can hire teachers for their students who are properly experienced and skilled. These teachers can openly and tactfully pass on accurate information to students based on medical research and facts.

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