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10 Reasons Why Desi’s Get High On Rain

A happy young woman holding an umbrella and enjoying rain
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Rain. It is one of the most important natural phenomena which the Earth needs, to stay alive.

For all the agricultural countries, it is a basic requirement. When the sky is full of black clouds, and then when the first drop falls from the sky, the farmers peek out of their windows with a wide smile on their faces.

They leave their work and rush outside to feel the droplets on their skin. The children join in to play and dance in the rain when the drops fall in huge numbers. The relationship between rain and Desi’s has been there for ages because India is agricultural land. So “Rain Rain come often” is the thought on top minds of Desi’s.

Let’s look into 10 different reasons why Desi’s get high on rain

1) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Mesmerizing smell and warmth of rain”

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Just when the rain touches the mud, it sure grabs your attention from whatever you are doing for a while. The raindrops from the sky feel like a cold and comfy hug on a hot and humid day. It brings such relief mentally as if the black clouds vanishing has changed our lives too.

The smell of the raindrops sometimes makes shivers run down our spines. It has such a good fragrance mixed with wet mud. It hypnotizes us for a while. The smell of rain and how it makes us feel is highly intoxicating, just as the smell of cigars in Las Vegas casinos are, both justifying the expression “At the moment.”

2) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Nostalgia from childhood days”

By Evgeny Atamanenko/ Shutterstock

We all had that moment when we lost our cool and got raged about how bad the Indian road and transportation system is. Well, what place can it be where you can get stuck up for hours together yet are amazed by millions of lives around you, where each one has a crazy story to yell out.

If you have been in India and have faced floods and heavy showers of rain in the monsoon season, there are a few things we have all done. Like intentionally jumping into a puddle or playing football in a muddy playground.

We even set sail our paper boats in the accumulated rainwater from our house window and also got drenched in the rain, completely ignoring how our parents would scold us.

3) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Hot beverage complementing rain”

By A3pfamily/ Shutterstock

What is rain without a hot cup of tea (Chai!) or a hot cup of coffee with some fries (Pakodas!)?  Especially all the tea fans out there, no one gets bored of the chai. It is like rainy days are incomplete without chai in a matki, preferably. That one sip of chai while inhaling the smell of rain and wet ground is hard to explain how good it is.

4) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Demand for leisure”

Who doesn’t want a free holiday to get cozy with their spouse/lovers or spend time with family on a rainy day? Be it Xbox day or your kid’s favorite show on the television. You get the whole family together that day.

Such holidays on rainy days are for relaxation. Some just want to stay in and play a musical instrument, watch some movies, binge watch some TV shows, or just have loads of good food and have a long sleep. It becomes like a no workday, though you are lucky if you have some time to relax at home despite your work life.

5) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Romance spreads with the wind”

By Antonio Guillem/ Shutterstock

Many of us find the rainy season a romantic season, not too cold, not too hot. There is a deep connection between lovers and rain. Irrespective of what age an individual is, they will always look out for the one they love and wish to be cuddle with them. They will write a poem for them or just spend their time staring at their faces. We don’t know what it is and why it is, but Romance has something to do with rain. The beautiful Hindi song “Iktara” also ends in the shower when the couple unites, and we feel it in our hearts.

6) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Travelling plans”

“Long drive pe chal” !! Yes, rainy days make us want to go out for a long drive or just a short ride to a nearby café. Rainy days have their weird ways to make people explore and enjoy life.

Till your brakes are working, the weather is not too bad, and you do not run out of either money or fuel, it is going to be an awesome ride in the rain. While on the road, try extending your arms in the shower and feel it.

Going to a beach on a rainy day is also not a bad idea. Just ensure that you are safe. Highways are the best way to ride on and avoid the traffic 🙂

7) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Chance for making excuses”

Are you trying to ditch unwanted parties? Oh yes! Fall sick! You are to be forced to the party no matter what excuse you give. But wait a minute, which can cause a poor sick soul to attend the event where the person cannot keep it together.

Even if you want to get out of any plans, this excuse being a rainy day is such a savior! You can even call in sick for school, tuition classes, or work, and instead, just relax at home.

8) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Calls after calls”

Gossip about your nasty ex, cranky present, and world’s luckiest future partner with a cup of coffee or tea. People use this opportunity to call up family and friends, for which there is no time otherwise.

9) Why Desi’s get high on rain? “Time for some music”

By New Africa/ Shutterstock

FM or the radio system is on a roll with all the nice rain songs like “Tip tip barsa paani,” “Bheegi bheegi raaton mein,” and other soothing songs, perfect for such weather. FM Radio has grabbed so much attention, not to mention one of the fastest ways to reach everyone. Headlines, health tips, events or seasons, every story is ready to be shared on Akashvani. Older people prefer to just switch on the radio, tune it into some good station and relax beside the windowpane.

10) Why do Desi’s get high on rain? “Rain is bliss”

By Olena Yakobchuk/ Shutterstock

There is no one to say “Rain, Rain go away, come again another day,” but only to say Rain Rain often come so that we can find solace in your presence 🙂

For a few, the rainy season is depressing. For a few, it is like a lullaby. It is still going to rain once in a while, so relax and enjoy! Curse it or Love it.

Do let us know below what other reasons you think Desi’s get high on rain.

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