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Ten Killer Ways To Survive College Like A Boss

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Change is inevitable in life and sometimes it can traumatize you.College life is probably the most anticipated phase in a student’s life.You are all set for this change and for an amazing experience at college.When you are just out of school, this change can be hard to embrace.No matter how much you say you will not miss your school.You will.You will miss your teachers, friends and above all you will miss innocence.So, for you to get through college, here are 10 golden rules you must follow.

**Spoiler Alert**  It’s not as exciting as it is in the movies

10. Tolerate


Unlike school, in college you will deal with all types of people.Types you never even knew existed.So, it’s going to be hard to let that all sink in.But hey, you can’t do anything about the way people are! Take your sweet time in finding the right type of friends and don’t jump into the wrong gang of people.

9. Shut your ears to them silly rumors



So, one thing you just cannot prevent in a college is rumors.Rumors will be flying around.Rumors about the teachers, janitors, you,your friends.No one will be spared.It will be a big mistake if you go around trying to fix them.Shut your ears to them silly rumors and just let them be.

8. Make use of the library


Yes! You heard me right.The library.Books make the best companions.The solace and peace your library can offer you is beyond words.The smell of old crumpled pages is heavenly.Amidst the rush and busy atmosphere of your college, you need this library experience.Also, it can help you a lot, when it comes to academics.

7.Participate in college fests

College Festival

College fests are the best platforms to showcase your dormant talents.Don’t cuddle up in a corner.Get out.Participate in competitions and fests.Get involved and be active.These are all memories to take with you once you pass out.

6. Say NO to what you are not into

.Say No

Stephen Covey said,”You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage -pleasantly, smilingly,non-apologetically to say no to other things.And the way to do that is by having a bigger yes burning inside.” You don’t need me to say this, but a college is a place where there are a lot of forces waiting to lure you into all sort of things.Make it clear that you are not into it.Don’t be afraid to say no.It can get you a long way.Saying no can make sure, trouble is just a spot in the distance.

5. Try not to skip classes


While the prospect of not skipping classes and studying can seem daunting, it helps you take a load off your shoulders.Say no procrastination.It’s better not to delay your portions to the day before your exams.Cramming won’t get you anywhere.So, just get your work done and then get on to doing your thing! As easy as that.

4. Think twice before getting in a relationship

Relationships are fun isn’t it?But think twice or even thrice before getting in a relationship.While you can fantasize about having a college sweetheart , don’t get involved just for the sake of it or because your friends are pushing you.Be involved only if you want to.Because breakups are not fun and can affect you terribly.

3. Explore


Have you explored your college yet?This isn’t a rule per se.But it’s important.Most students pass out of their college without really embracing the college campus.Try taking a walk around the college campus during breaks and why not mark your existence there?

2Work hard

Work Hard

All the fun times apart, you need to work hard too.You need to strive to get better grades.You can do this by getting organized a bit more.Keep track of your course and syllabus and ask your professor in case of doubts.Let them know that you can have fun and get good grades too.



And finally we arrive at the most important rule.That is to enjoy.Make the most out of your life at college.When you pass out, may you be leaving with experiences, moments and memories to cherish for a lifetime.I wish you all a happy college life!

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