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10 Tech Gadgets That Make Your Home Smarter

Robotic floor cleaner
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With the rise of smart homes in today’s world, various tech gadgets can easily integrate with your smart personal assistant and turn your ordinary home into a smart one. This article will talk about ten such gadgets which can make your home a lot smarter in no time.

  1. Smart blinds

Opening and closing your window shades for your home office or library can be a bother. It can take up a lot of time and effort if the windows are positioned weirdly. But with smart blinds, you will never have to worry about operating your blinds manually. You will be able to open and close them using your Smartphone by clicking a button, or through scheduled automation. No distractions, no hassles!

2. Robotic floor cleaner

Gone are the days when you had to vacuum around your home. This is the era of robotic floor cleaners. You can easily control it by installing an app on your Smartphone. Set the timer and area, and let the machine do all the jobs automatically in no time. You will be able to see it in action and control it from a distance.

3. Kitchen thermometer

Does your turkey often get overcooked? Feel like you have to stare at the me at constantly to get that perfect texture? Not anymore. With a kitchen thermometer, you can put the meat in the oven and complete your other tasks. The app integrated with the smart thermometer will let you know when the food is ready.

4. Smart lock

You will no longer have to check your house lock twice or thrice every time you go out. The smart lock is an efficient and worry-free solution for you. These locks will integrate with an app in your Smartphone, and that will act as a key.

5. Automatic pet feeder

Now you can watch your pet, talk to them and even feed them when you are not home. The smart treat dispenser comes with a camera and microphone. You can operate it easily with the dedicated app on your Smartphone. You will no longer have to worry about your pets when you are out.

6. Smart vent

The traditional heating and cooling system don’t often work well together. You might have one room that remains too hot, while another is too cold to handle. Smart vents and air conditioning come with a sensor. They communicate with one another and maintain a comfortable and optimal temperature inside the property.

7. Rapid beverage cooler

Often we have parties where our beverages are not cool enough. The rapid cooler will help to cool the liquids in no time.

8. Wireless Bluetooth speaker

This one has been in the market for a few years now and is a must-have for music lovers. You can connect it with any Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy music anywhere.

9. Robotic lawn mower

Do you spend your Sundays mowing the lawns? With a robotic lawnmower, you will not have to worry about it anymore. Set a timer, and the work will be done automatically.

10. Robotic window cleaner

Dirty and dusty windows can ruin the overall looks of your interiors. With robotic window cleaners integrated with an app on your Smartphone, you can enjoy automatic and efficient glass cleaning.

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