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10 Greatest Villains in Comic History


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No superhero is complete without a supervillain; a gallery of adversaries is what makes a superhero. They are ambitious, evil and determined whatever the circumstances may be. With more diversification than heroes in every criterion, villains are an essential and inseparable part of any heroic comic. Therefore, here is the list of the 10 greatest villains in comic history:

10.Black Adam           Black Adam

Born in Egypt, the young prince Teth-Adam was bestowed with six Egyptian gods’ power by a wizard Shazam. However, things turned bad as Blaze (the daughter of Shazam) corrupted the Mighty Adam making the wizard take back his powers, which he later grants to Captain Marvel. When the family of Adam was killed, he committed genocide over the nation of Baliya. After starting a war against world’s heroes, he defeated every superhero who dares to cross his way. Sometimes presented as an anti-hero, he is a major antagonist of Shazam (Captain Marvel).



Doomsday is a genetically engineered Kryptonian monster. Ruthless and mindless in nature he is the nearly unstoppable supervillain in DC Universe. Being of krypton origin his powers equally match up thereupon of Superman, making him the only one in the comic history to beat him to his death. He can adapt himself for any condition and attack that harms him moreover the protruding bones of his body can pierce the Kryptonian skin. The capabilities to regenerate and resurrect himself from death makes him an even tougher one to hold off.



Loki, the Norse god of mischief, is a master of sorcery and is one of the most renowned supervillains in Marvel. A free birth, a frost giant, raised in Asgard, allows him to acquire some Asgardian attributes of super strength and durability. Aggrieved from his disregard against Thor, he always desires to kill him, meanwhile attempts every possible way to dominate the Asgard. He is the reason behind Ragnarok event and is the threat for which the Avengers teamed up for the first time and from that point of time has been a recurring trouble for the Earth’s mightiest heroes.



Belonging to a race of alien symbiote, Venom offers great powers to its host in return to feeding on their emotions by making a physical and mental bond with them. The symbiote first bonded with Spiderman, who realized that the parasite is eventually taking control over him, and he then opts to be separated from it with the assistance of Reed Richards. On bonding with Eddie Brock, his hatred against Spider-man corrupts the symbiote, making it more violent and bloodthirsty. It always seeks for a stronger host and abandons the previous owner if proven unworthy of it. The Venom inherited Spider man’s fast reflexes’ abilities, wall-crawling and spider-sense that gave Eddie (as Venom) an edge over Spiderman. Having weakness against sound and flames is the sort of thing you never want to mess with.



Also known as, the Devourer of planets, Galactus possesses enormous comic power and is a somewhat god-like persona in Marvel Universe. Whatever the other villains dream of, either conquering or destroying is merely a meal for Galactus; he eats the planet to rejuvenate his powers. He absorbs the life force of the planet and maintains the cosmic balance of the universe. Although Galactus has no rivalry with any hero, but Fantastic 4 with the aid of Silver Surfer confronted him to save the Earth from being consumed by him. He also raged a war with Asgard to acquire the Galactus Seed to satisfy his cosmic hunger but failed. Apart from his telekinetic and telepathic powers, he can also transform, restructure, and create inter-dimensional portals. With ultimate strength, his teleportation and size alteration powers also contribute in his terrifying image.

5.Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom

The ruler of Latveria, Victor Von Doom is credited to be the smartest man in the marvel universe. Doom is hell-bent on conquering the entire world and rebuilding it in his image, believing that the world would be better under his rule. As a Latverian ruler, his diplomatic immunity can’t let you hold him off even if you defeat him. Doom is equipped with highly sturdy and advanced armor making him invulnerable. He is conjointly the designer of specialized robots known as the Doombots. Being an egotist, his ingenuity and powers are overshadowed by the strong desire to defeat Reed Richards.



The mutant god, ‘En Sabah Nur’ is the first mutant ever born on Earth and since that time he is causing trouble to anyone who dares to cross his way (ask Kang the Conqueror). During his time in a Celestial ship, he became immortal, coming in contact with a techno-organic virus hee only believes in the survival of the fittest, so he doesn’t care if you are a human or a mutant, if you are weak, you’re better dead. In the ‘Age of Apocalypse’, he raged a war with X-Men in order to conquer the world, by doing so he killed millions of humans in a campaign called ‘culling’. His biggest feat is that he’s able to create mutants out of normal humans (ask Mr. Sinister) and can turn a mutant into one of his servants (ask Angel or Gambit).



One of the most powerful DC Universe characters, Darkseid, is an Apokolips’ evil ruler, probably the greatest threat to the Justice League. His goal is to destroy every free will from the universe to complete his ‘Anti-Life Equation’, a formula that would combine all minds in the universe into one, thus granting Darkseid the sole superiority over the entire universe. To protect the Earth from Darkseid invasion, Justice League came into existence. In a fierce fight with Darkseid and his army, Cyborg lost his half body and the Justice League suffered a lot of damages but somehow they managed to thwart his evil plans. Darkseid is the one whose ambition extends beyond simply conquering the world; he not only wants to rule the humanity but also wants to control every living entity in the universe.



Obsessed and in love with the idea of death, this mad titan massacred his entire race, making him the sole survivor of his race. He is probably a prime threat to the Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes since he decided to destroy Earth’s life. His hunger for power drives him into a quest to possess the Infinity Gauntlet that has power enough to distort space, time, and reality. He commands an army named Chitauri and has the foremost motive to court death by wiping out every aspect of life from the universe.



A deck of cards is incomplete without a Joker. Thus, how could we conclude this list without him? Joker, the clown prince of crime, is the arch-enemy of Batman and is no-doubt the most popular villain ever created. He is a genius-level intellect, a master level strategist, and above of all, a maniac. He kills people for fun in an utmost brutal way possible; as he beat Jason Todd (the second Robin) to his death with a crowbar. Murdered Sarah Essen (James Gordon’s wife) and shot Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) to her paralysis. With no agenda, no world domination, no world destruction, no grudge his only aim is to bring anarchy. For all such reasons, Joker is feared by heroes and villains alike, since no force has any effect on the clown. Being the counterpart of Batman in every aspect, Joker is indisputably the worst-case scenario of an evil one can dream of.

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