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How To Get Over a Crush: Here are 10 Best Ways

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Wondering how to get over a crush? Are you also woozy with the hope of a future with your crush? Do you get butterflies in your stomach every time your crush talks to you or passes by you? Is your day spent thinking only about her? Has it started affecting you so much that you want to get over your romantic partner right away? Or does it bother you that your crush has started dating someone else?


Here is How to Get over a Crush

Moving on might sound difficult to the object of your affection, but you can leave your crush behind if you are adamant about it. But remember that it is perfectly normal to have a crush on someone; after all, you can’t control your hormones! Put your worries to rest, as we will tell you 10 effective ways to get over a crush.

1. Focus on other important things

Here is one of the best ways to get over a crush. Start focusing on other paramount things, such as your academics, which will help keep your mind off your crush. Make a plan to achieve your dream job. Become a career-oriented person. If you divert your focus to something important, you will definitely tend to think much less about your crush.

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Divert your mind, consider other important things in your life, and soon you will get over this. It is a common phase of life, and many among us face this. It may seem impossible for you to get over it at such times of trouble, but in reality, it is not.  

2. Accept your feelings


You are not going through anything abnormal. It happens to everyone at this young, tender age. Just accept that you are developing feelings and don’t feel sad about it. You can even write down your emotional turmoil in your diary. It might seem like a difficult task to find the light at the end of the tunnel, but sooner or later, you will!

If you want, you can share your feelings with your close friends or family members. They, too, will share their stories about their crush and how they overcame such feelings. You are not alone in this. Please keep your eyes on new opportunities and grab them in the first instance.

There is nothing bad or shameful about having a crush on someone. Acceptance is needed. Accept your feelings and try to get over them. Don’t keep yourself in denial. Accepting is the first step you can take to get over your crush.

3. Distance yourself from your crush

Distancing yourself from your crush and limiting contact with your crush physically or mentally is of paramount importance.


  • If your crush is a close friend, try to avoid him and focus on your studies or work. Spend less time with your crush, at least at this moment, or cut yourself from your crush’s social media. If you really can’t circumvent, then talk to them and explain your predicament.
  • If you can avoid the person physically, then don’t think about them way too much. You can daydream about beautiful things or your future job but distract your mind from thinking about that person.
  • A particular amount of time spent away will always be helpful to you. This will allow you to stop thinking about it and move on with other aspects of your life that are more important.

4. Develop a Hobby and enjoy it!

In case you already have a hobby, work on it. If you don’t have one, then develop one. If you have a passion for dancing, join a dance class; if you love singing, join a Music Club or explore the writer. Do whatever you like to do but get your life assembled and focused.

This is the best plan; not only will you get over your crush, but you will also hone some exceptional hobbies. When your heart and mind are engaged in other processes, it becomes easy to forget your crush.

5.Appreciate your worth and spend time with real friends 

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Let your friends know about your situation and get their help. Appreciate your inner beauty and spend time with your friends. Trust me, and it will help you get over your crush and fetch you some quality time with your friends. You can even go for an outing or check in your favorite restaurant. This way, you will get sidetracked and relish the time too.

Your friends are the people who truly care for you. They will always be there to help you with all the difficult phases of life. Time spent with them will always be memorable and the best. This will also help you to get over your crush.

6. Meet new people and give them a chance


That sounds like a great idea! Make new friends but stay away from romantic relationships. Get along with new people. This way, you get to make yourself busy with others. Try broadening your social horizons. It can even help you boost your confidence, and maybe you will find someone better for yourself.

You can either join a new club or society or meet people through social networking sites; however, be careful with the fraud. Explore your options and move on.

7. Stay fit and Workout

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Eat healthily, stay healthy. Get your body in motion. Exercise daily. You can even join yoga classes. Avoid junk food and have fresh fruits or green vegetables. If you are feeling too lazy to work out, then check out this article and persuade yourself.

8. Get a Makeover

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It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy; get a makeover. Have you had the same hairstyle for quite a long time? Does your wardrobe feel a bit stale these days? If “yes,” then it is a clear sign that you need a makeover immediately. This way, your center of attention would be you.

9. Get organized

Instead of devoting your mental capital to your crush, get organized. If you haven’t cleaned your car, garage, or room for a long time, then get on it! Trust me, and it does wonders! Cleaning is a meditative process and can keep you at ease.

10. Practice positive self-talk

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Always speak good about yourself. You can try the “mirror method” too. Look at yourself in the mirror and say whatever you want to say. Repeat such words, “He isn’t worth it,” or “I’ll find someone better.” Don’t think that it’s your fault that your crush doesn’t like you; rather, it’s their loss. You will find someone better who is indeed worth your time.

Maintain your self-respect. Staying away from social media accounts can also help you to get over your crush. This is a short-term phase. If your crush is your good friend, avoid expressing your feelings as it could ruin your friendship forever. Soon, you will get over your crush, and you would be glad that you preserved your friendship as well.

We hope you got an answer to how to get over a crush.  

Nothing is more important than your mental health. It is ok to take part in the grieving process. If it is too hard for you, try talking to a therapist or counselor. This is the best place you will get solutions to the current problems you are facing.

Now, stop stressing yourself out. Life has many more important things to concentrate on.


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