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The 100 Things You Have To Do Before You Die, because You Only Live One!


Life is the most fragile thing you have and unlike video games, you only get to live once. So, you should experience every possible thing and make sure to make the most of it.

Here is a list of 100 things you have to do before you die as a check list you can refer to.

1. Aurora

A light mostly visible in high latitudinal areas like the northern or the southern poles, caused by the disturbance created by the solar wind.

2. Swim With The Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the cutest animals existing, you can’t miss an opportunity to spend some time with them.

3. Visit The Great Wall Of China

Built more than 2000 years ago and extended by various Dynasties, The Great Wall of China is now over 6000 Kilometres long.

4. Yellowstone national Park

A complete package of wildlife, Yellowstone National Park, USA, is a different world altogether.

5. See an Iceberg

These floating pieces of Ice are undeniably a beautiful part of nature.

6. Donate Blood

Donating blood is not just spiritually pleasing but also scientifically proven to be a good habit for your health as it helps body to produce new blood cells, hence purifying your blood.

7. Learn A New Language

Escape the ordinary and increase your knowledge by learning a new language.

8. Le Mont-Saint-Michel

The breathtaking Normandy France, atop the Couesnon River, is a must among the 100 things you have to do before you die.


9. Go To A Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuaries are the best things built by humans, a place that allows the interaction between animals and humans.

10. Celebrate Holi In India

Holi is one of the most famous Festivals of India, celebrated nationwide.

11. Water Rafting

River rafting is the best outdoor activity to engage in and one of the must in the 100 things you have to do before you die.


12. Visit The Wonders Of The World

Visit all the wonders of the world before they lose their shine due to the climatic change.

13. Go Camping

Another interesting outdoor activity is trekking and camping.

14. New Year’s Eve At The Time Square

New Year is celebrated worldwide with a promise to make the best of the coming year and bidding farewell to the one ending with our family and friends. This time plan a trip with the people you love and celebrate it at the Times Square New York.

15. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is Museum with life-like wax sculptures, founded by Marie Tussaud.

16. Build A Start-Up

Being an entrepreneur is not a thing that requires some supernatural powers but just an idea, plan on how to sell that idea and trust on yourself.

17. Spiti Valley

One of the most non polluted place to exist is the Spiti Valley in India with the sky so clear at night that you can see the Milky Way through naked eyes.

18. Work For An NGO

Take out sometime and do something for someone else.

19. Pink Lakes

Earth is home to many wonderful places that often go unexplored. One of such places are the Pink Lakes.

20. Adopt A Pet

Adopting a pet is like having a child, a new family member. Its psychologically proven that adopting a pet can reduce depression.

21. Gelato At Rome

Gelato is a specialty of Rome, what makes them different than Ice cream is its richness, the dense texture.

22. La Tomatina

If you have seen Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, then you know what La Tomatina is, it’s the famous Tomato Festival Of Spain.

23. Go Bird Watching

Just like the wildlife sanctuary, there are a number of famous bird sanctuaries that allow the watchers to see exotic birds from around the world.

24. Eat Underwater

There are more that 5 restaurants built underwater that allows you to enjoy your food while surrounded by the marine life.

25. Dance In The Rain

This is one of the easiest things from the 100 things you have to do before you die. Dance, share a kiss or just simply spend time with someone you love in the rain.

26. Go Naked On The Beach

Go skinny dipping on beaches like Little Beach, Hawaii that restrict clothing.

27. Singapore Flyer

Singapore is one of the most beautiful and cleanest place in the entire world and there is no better way to see the entire Country than a 30 minutes ride at the world’s second highest Ferris Wheel

28. Learn To Drive

Life is to short to depend on someone else for your commute, so learn to drive yourself.

29. Blue Lagoon Iceland

Iceland is like an Ice Castle, a different world altogether, something that seems to have come out straight from a movie, one of their popular destinations is the Blue Lagoon.


30. Time Square At Night

Time Square at night is the most busiest road in New York, with people partying all night.

31. Get A Tattoo

Getting inked is more or less like a task something everyone should try at least once, but remember it can e pretty addictive.

32. Visit The Disney World

No matter what age you turn, Walt Disney World, especially the one in Florida is every persons dream, making it important in the 100 things you have to do before you die.

33. Message In A Bottle

Movies have made this trend popular where you leave a note in a bottle for stranger to find it. People also tie notes to a balloon and let it go.

34. Learn Sign Language

Sign Language is like an innate ability that often goes unnoticed, we do it everyday without even realizing it. Learning it in detail also works as a mental workout.

35. Cherry Blossom, Japan

Japan is famous for many things but it’s cherry blossom tops the list. It is celebrated as a festival with people joining it from around the world.

36. Try Paragliding

Paragliding is an outdoor activity that one must try. Even if you’re not an adventure freak, this sport will make you one.

37. Mystery Of Egyptian Monuments

Egyptian History runs as long as you can imagine with the most controversy theories. Go and Explore them yourself.

38. Spectate A Match

Watching football match, cricket or baseball from home is so cliche. Go out with your friends and watch the game live. Trust me it is a completely different atmosphere.

39. Ride A Horse

If you ever get a chance do ride a horse, it is truly exciting.


40. Mumbai Stroll At Night

Mumbai is one of the most busiest cities in India, but it comes to life at night, with roads as busy as always, street food at every corner and people partying their hearts out.

41. Explore A Sexual Fantasy

Most of us have a sexual fantasy, don’t forget to check it off the list.

42. Caribbean Cruise

Plan a perfect royal vacation with the Royal Caribbean Cruise in Norway.

43. Train Journey Through The Scottish Highlands

The Jacobite Steam Train is the most magical way of exploring West Highlands.


44. Run A Marathon

Participating in a marathon is an experience of a life time that’s the reason you should add it to your list of 100 things you have to do before you die.

45. Carnival In Rio De Janeiro

The biggest carnival in the world is more or less like a festival in Rio that happens at the beginning of the year.

46. Pool Of Jello

Fill in your pull with jello and dive right in.

47. Experience Zero Gravity

Experience like this is something that you’ll remember for life, so don’t skip this.

48. The Dead Sea

A sea where you can’t swim but float. The dead sea is popular because it’s nearly impossible to drown there.

49. Make Your Own Wine

If you’re a wine lover then you should definitely try to make it by your self at a vineyard.

50. Find Love

Experience everything, most importantly love because there is no better emotion than this.

51. Learn To Skateboard

Skateboarding is simply the most fun yet the trickiest thing to learn.

52. Oktober Fest

With nearly 6 million people participating, it is considered to be world’s largest beer festival.

53. Casino Night In LA

Las Vegas is the best place to try healthy gambling.

54. Attend A Play At Globe Theatre

Also known as the Shakespeare’s Theatre is like traveling back in time.

55. Flash Mob

There is nothing more exciting than being a part of a flash mob.

56. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Spain

Located in Barcelona, Spain is famous for it’s history also known as the infinished church.

57. Bioluminescence Sea

This sea glows because of a chemical reaction in the living organisms.

58. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an interesting sport to try so do it before you die.

59. Write A Book

Change your thoughts into words for the world to see.

60. Drive-In Cinema

Cinemas are old news, go on a date in a drive-in cinema.

61. Get Married

Go ahead and get hitched to someone you love the most.

62. Mardi Gras

Also known as the fat Tuesday, is day full of food, a day you need to add to you 100 things you have to do before you die list.

63. Fly First Class

This might sound expensive but it’s a beautiful experience worth having. 

64. Ride A Limo

Just like the last one, this experience is not to be missed.

65. Underwater Waterfall

This ocean by the Mauritius Island produces the illusion of an Underwater Waterfall.

66. Travel Solo

Traveling with someone is good but travelling solo is a completely different experience.

67. Try Different Street Food

Street food is famous around the world, it’s far more delicious than a five star restaurant food.

68. Take Up A Sport

In your life, you should give your heart to at least one sport. Good for your physical, mental and emotional health.

69. Amazon Forest

Amazon Forest is an example of how beautiful nature is.

70. Dress Up For The Comic Con

We all have a favorite fictional character and comic con allows us to be that them.

71. Fly-boarding

Hydrofly into the air while enjoying the water under you.

72. Fairy Chimneys

These Fairy Chimneys from Turkey personifies the natural phenomena of this world.

73. Tivoli, Denmark

Widely known as the Tivoli Garden in Denmark, is one of the oldest pleasure gardens in the world.

74. Paint Ball With Friends

As the heading suggests, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your friends.

75. Victoria Falls

World’s largest waterfall has to be in your 100 things you have to do before you die list.

76. Scuba Dive Into The Deep

Spend some time with the marine life with this sport.

77. Raise A Child

Raising a child is a commitment for life, don’t let go of that chance.

78. Coachella

World’s biggest art and music festival is a must. Be eccentric and be there.

79. Kayaking

Tone your body in a fun way with this outdoor sport.

80. See A Broadway Show

Love movies, try watching it live with a broadway show.

81. Stone Hedge

Famous for it’s mystery, Stonehedge in England is a spot you must visit.

82. Take A Road Trip

Road trips create the best memory with you exploring the way along the place you’re visiting.

83. Stand On The Equator

‘The middle of the world’ where the zero latitude passes through, is an Instagram moment with one foot in northern and the other in the southern hemisphere.


84. See A Movie Shooting

Watching a movie on screen is great but watching it’s shooting live is an experience you can’t miss.

85. Louvre Museum

This museum in Paris is the world’s largest museum in Art and also considered a historic monument.

86. Climb The Himalayas

Challenge yourself for this adventure and get ready to enjoy the nature at it’s purest form.

87. Learn A Musical Instrument

Music is a language that speaks to the soul, so make it one of the 100 things you have to do before you die.

88. Loi Krathong Festival Of Light

A festival of Thailand with the sky filled with light is a night worth remembering.

89. Spend A Night In A Castle

There are a number of insanely pulchritudinous castles around the world that let you spend night in like a royal.

90. Bungee Jump

Might seem scary but what’s life without some thrill.

91. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is a home to the beautiful shades of red, and is situated in Arizona.

92. Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

A ride in the hot air balloon is not just fun but also provides you a breath taking view.

93. Attend A Live Concert

If you’re a music enthusiast then you would definitely some live music.

94. Visit The Alnwick Castle

Known for Harry Potter series, Alnwick Castle has been one of the most popular shooting destination.

95. Snowboarding

Another outdoor sport to make your life a little more adventurous.

96. Kingda Ka

World’s most dangerous and longest roller coaster is a must.

97. Dye Your Hair

Life is too short to not experiment with your looks. Dye your hair once and be ready to rock it.

98. Leshan Giant Buddha

71 meters tall statue of Lord Buddha made of stone, resides in China.

99. Be A Drag Queen For A Day

The title speaks for itself. Trust me, it’s a must.

100. Go Offline among the 100 things you have to do before you die

Switch of your phone for a week and enjoy the world. And this is how we would like to conclude our 100 things you have to do before you die list.

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