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101 Guide on How To Edit Videos on Android

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Here’s a quick guide on how to edit videos on Android. 

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One of the most common questions among various platforms is “how to edit videos on Android.” So, today let’s answer that.

As we live in a social media-influenced world, videos have become an important and powerful digital tool.

Visual representations indeed have a long-lasting influence, and one of the most obvious examples is the trending and high demand for videos.

Videos are important for a variety of reasons, ranging from personal use to small online-based businesses. In today’s time, people depend a lot on videos for various purposes.

Among all of the digital tools, videos are the one that receives the most attention and benefits.

Benefits of Using Videos

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There are multiple benefits of using a video on social media platforms. Following are some of the benefits of using videos:

A. Influence that lasts a long time:

As videos have become more popular, lengthier text and visuals have taken a back place. Social media influencers, small companies, and other social media users rely heavily on videos.

The impact of visual representation on your mind is long-lasting. As a result, it’s a great digital tool that may be utilized for promotion because it catches your attention faster than any other tool or strategy.

B. Enhanced Reach:

Videos are now available on all social media channels. Thousands of videos are uploaded on social media every day, and millions of people watch and share them.

If your videos are well-made and appealing, they have a better chance of reaching out to your target audience sooner. As a result, pertinent points, effective video editing, and many other factors contribute to a quicker reach.

C. Aids in Increasing Google Ranking:

Videos aid in increasing Google ranking. By linking videos to your blogs or websites, you can boost the visibility of your work.

Because a video has a longer interaction period, the possibilities are higher. Using appropriate keywords is one of the added benefits that works wonders.

Do Androids have a video editor?

The majority of Android phones have basic video editing features built-in. Whether it’s a newly taken video or one that already exists on your Android device, you can trim a video, cut videos, add music, add filters or special effects, and even write directly from the Gallery App.

The feature availability varies from android device to device. On an Android phone, you may edit your video in a variety of ways. You can edit videos using basic edit functions from Gallery App or download third-party apps.

How to edit videos on an Android phone?

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Let’s now check the steps on how to edit videos on Android phone

A. Edit video on Android Phone

Here are the steps on how to edit videos on an android phone:

Step 1: From the Gallery App, select the video that you want to edit.

Step 2: Tap the edit option. The edit icon varies from phone to phone. You can find either a scissor icon or a pencil icon.

Step 3: You can find various options and select the desired options that your wish to use.

Trim– You can trim videos by selecting the trim option. Adjust the start and endpoints on the video timeline and then confirm it. You can save the trimmed video, or you can further make changes as per your requirement.

Filter: Add in the desired filter from the filter options.

Effects: You can add special effects to your video.

Step 4: After making the necessary changes, you can select the Save option. Your new video will be saved as a separate copy.

Here, you can refer to this video to edit videos on Android (Samsung) phones.

B. How to edit videos on Android Devices using Google Photos App:

Google Photos is one of the standard features included with most Android devices. It not only lets you store your photos and movies, but it also lets you edit them. This app is also easily accessible through the Google Play store.

Follow the instructions below to know how to edit videos on Android devices using Google Photos app:

Step 1: Look for the video you wish to modify in the Google Photos app.

Step 2: Select the option to edit (Three vertical lines with marks on them).

Step 3: You can find various edit options under the edit icon. Choose as per your requirement. In case you want to:

Trim: If you want to trim a video, you can adjust it by adjusting the trim handles and selecting the required portion of your video. After this, tap the “Save Copy” option.

Export frame: You can export the frame from your video simply by selecting the Export frame option.

Effects: If you wish to add additional effects to your video, you can select the “Adjust” option. You can find multiple options for your edits, like Vignette and brightness adjustments. Edit video as per your need and then select the “Done” option.

Filter: To add in a filter, select the filter option. Then tap on your desired filters and save them.

Rotate: You can rotate your video as per your requirement. Also, you can crop your video and adjust it according to your required aspect ratio. After making necessary changes, select to save a copy.

Step 4: Your edited video will be saved to your Gallery.

Here, you can refer to this video to edit videos on Android using Google Photos.

C. Edit videos on Android using Video Editor App:

There are a plethora of apps available for editing videos in the google play store. There are paid and free apps available on the play store. You can download and use the apps of your choice.

With the advancement of video needs, more and more features are being introduced, so the majority of the video editing apps are backed with full-featured editing capabilities. Every video editing app function varies from app to app. But it has almost all of the basic editing options.

Below is a Youtube video reference on how to edit videos on Android, and it also includes some amazing video editors:

D. How to edit videos on Android Tablet

Step 1: You cannot change the resolution of your video on a tablet.

Step 2: From the Gallery, choose the video that you want to work on.

Step 3: Select the small icon from the menu icon. The icon option varies from device to device.

Step 4: Adjust the trim handles and mark your start and endpoints. You can preview your selection. It would be best if you kept the content duration for at least one second.

Step 5: Select the “Save” option from the upper right corner.

Here, you can refer to this video to learn how to edit videos on an Android tablet.

Best Video Editors from Google Play Store

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As already mentioned, you can find a lot of video editors or video editing apps over the google play store. It generally has all the features that are required for editing. Video editing features include merge clips, crop video, trim video, adding stickers, enhancing texture, and many more.

Here are some of the best video editing apps and references on how to edit videos on Android devices:

1. Inshot

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It is a comprehensive video editor. It can edit both images and videos and even enables a feature to make a collage. It is a free app but contains some paid features. It has an editing toolbar with many editing options.

It helps to add and merge multiple clips, trim videos, adjust its screen ratio, and many more.

Here, you can refer to this video to know how to edit videos on Android using Inshot.

2. Vita

It is a comprehensive video editor. It has lots of advanced tools that will make your editing stand out. It has premium templates that can enhance your video without even editing it.

It has multiple transitions and animations, adds texts and stickers, alters video speed, adjusts screen ratio, adds multiple clips, trims, and cuts videos.

Tap the Export icon, available at the top right corner, and you can save and share it directly to your social media page.

Here, you can refer to this video to know how to edit videos on Android using Vita.

3. FilmoraGo

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It is a completely free and comprehensive video editor. It is an editor packed with lots of powerful tools. You have a wide range of editing options like sound effects, various font styles, trim and crop videos, motion graphics stickers, and many more.

You can create high-quality videos and share them on various social media platforms with a tap of a button.

Here, you can refer to this video to know how to edit videos on Android using FilmoraGo.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

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Earlier, there was another product of Adobe named adobe premiere clip which Adobe Premiere Rush replaced. This is a free tool that can be used both on android devices and desktops.

Rush offers various editing tools, and it includes a wide range of inbuilt templates, enhanced color, animated titles, voice-overs add audios, and edit screen ratio as per any social media platform.

Here, you can refer to this video to edit videos on Android using Adobe Premiere Rush.

5. YouCut

YouCut editor is compatible with both mobile devices and desktops. It has an amazing feature that doesn’t leave any watermark on the video.

It supports various video formats, offers high-quality and smooth video merger options, and offers featured music. It has a good converter and compressor options. This application also has a dark mode.

Here, you can refer to this video to know how to edit videos on Android using YouCut.

6. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

The VN editor supports all devices. It may be used on both PCs and mobile phones. It supports voice recording, automatically saves drafts, has curve shifting effect, reverse functions, various animation and filters, and exports high definition clips; Watermarks are not included, and numerous elements help your content stand out from the crowd.

Here, you can refer to this video to edit videos on Android using the VN editor.

So, that’s all on how to edit videos on Android. You are all good to go now.




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