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11 Amazing Things About My Mother


Mothers are angels, gifted to each child in this world. I have deliberately chosen this topic for my article because I dedicate this one to my mom and all the lovely mothers in this world. We wouldn’t have come into existence without mothers. To describe the qualities of a mother in words is irksome as well as unimaginable. God gifted each child with mothers who have innumerable and inexplicable aspects. We are all the most fortunate beings in this universe since we are all born and brought up under the love and the shadow of our mothers.

 I’ve listed out 11 things that are inevitably found in every mother. 


Patience is one of the quintessential parameters of humans. My mother is a storehouse of patience. Whatever it is, whether a nebulous detailing of my attire or a trash act I saw on the road, she always finds the time and listens to me. Even if she is amidst hectic house chores, she never yells at me or wards me off when I begin narrating all the rubbish nitty-gritty.


This is one of the most important factors regarding my mom, and I admire her for it. Married at a tender age, she has devoted her entire life to the happiness of her family. She doesn’t have a priority list of her own. We are her priority. She could spend her time shopping or indulging in leisure activities with friends but NO. My mother saves a spree only after attending and solving our necessities. The truth is she never gets a free hour for herself.


My mother herself is a remedy for my mental stress, which I undergo sometimes. I’ve witnessed this several times, and thus I can speak this out with assurance. There are times when I mentally break down when I feel like I am lost in the valley of darkness, but my mother is that ray of hope, which makes me feel alive. Mothers have this property; that is, nothing is more soothing than a mother’s hug.



As a girl, I have had to encounter all sorts of nerve freezing traumas, especially because we can’t trust our contemporary world at any cost. All I want to tell you is that if I completely listen to my mom, I know I will be SAFE. No mother lurches her kid to ill ominous hands. A mother knows what is best for her child.


There was a time when I had to stay at a hostel as part of my schooling. That first week was the most difficult one for me, being away from my mother, all the more, in the midst of strangers. I can still feel the relief that I experienced when I heard her voice on the phone for the first time after a long separation. She clouts on me with her magic pouring words.


I always wonder how my life would have been like without my mother’s constant support, and she is the only one in my life who helps me rise redoubled with will power every time I fall. I completely owe my life and success to her. I am what I am today because of my mother’s love and care.



My mother is that single person in this cosmos who understands me and my true character. Everyone has their own flaws and imperfections, so I do, but she neither compares me with the girl next door nor curses me for being a bad-tempered lass. She is the only one who can handle this stubborn me.     


Usually, I don’t lend my ears to people who preach about moral conduct. But my mother is my book of words where I search for answers to all my problems.


She is the first person to whom I confessed about my first crush. You guys may find this ridiculous, but my mom is my best friend. She is more of a pal than an advising strict mother. We never try to build that wall that separates a daughter from her parents. I believe that the wall is utterly unnecessary. We talk about all the silly-pilly pieces of stuff. The best part is that I don’t have to think twice before I converse with her.


I strongly believe that luck has been a great factor behind it if I have slipped off from tragic moments of my life. This luck favours me at needy times because my mom is my lucky champ. As I said, she is an actual angel sent for me by the almighty.


A princess is incomplete in her elegance without her tiara. In my case, I am a princess who is complete only her mom. She adds hues of colours to my life.

Mothers are precious gems. We love them, and sometimes we hate them, but they will never stop loving us and showering blessings upon us.

Remember, guys, we are NOTHING WITHOUT MOTHERS.

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