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11 Best High Paid Jobs In India


Want to know some of the best High Paid Jobs in India?

Money makes people go crazy. Yeah, its such a thing making all people not to say no for it. Let’s jump into the topic. India is one of the countries with a huge youth population. This makes all job seekers dive into the competitive ocean. Some may find the gem and some may not. And there is another category called students, who are looking forward to investing their money in a course to get a job.

 In both cases, the majority of people are looking for a high paid job, which gives the fruit of satisfaction for their hard work. 

Don’t worry we got you covered. Here is the list of 11 best high paid jobs in India with their requirements and responsibilities. Here we go.

Best High Paid Jobs in India

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is one of the high paid jobs in India with a bright future. But who is a Data Scientist? In this Computer era Information is Wealth. Data scientists are people who expertised in fetching data and familiar in handling unstructured data. They make a data model for the company’s shareholders to make important decisions.

To take Data Scientist as your career, you have to complete a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. To become a highly recognized Data Scientist you have to complete your master’s degree or Ph.D.

Here comes the main part, you can expect 6 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs per annum. Your salary increases with experience. Probably one of the high paid jobs in India. 

2. Commercial Pilots

Are you a emotionally stable person? Are you physically fit and have great communication skills? Then you can envision your career as a Commercial pilot. 

A commercial pilot is one of the coolest and high paid jobs in India. You can enjoy a classy lifestyle as a Commercial Pilot. You can fly across the world. 

Becoming a pilot will be one of our childhood dreams for most of us, right? So How to become a Commercial Pilot? It is the question you might ask. You have to get a Commercial Pilot Licence. And go for it.

As a Commercial Pilot, you will be paid high. The Salary scale ranges from 14 lakhs per annum to 24 lakhs per annum. The salary depends on the number of flight hours. Also, it depends upon the company we work for. Some may have guaranteed flight hours per month some may not. 

3. Surgeon

Surgeons are one of the high paid jobs in Indian with wide and variable scopes. The salary of a surgeon ranges from 4 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs per annum. Salary numbers can increase more than 5 crores per annum with experience.

 Surgeons are those who provide surgical care and treatment to the patients. A profession demanding extreme patience, good motor skill, good communication to earn patients’ trust, quick decision-making skill, and teamwork with assistants. 

To start your career as a surgeon, you should complete an MBBS and MS degree in General Surgery. After the completion of MS, you have to specialize in any field to get paid high. 

4. Lawyers

Lawyers are one of the most recognized and high paid jobs in India. Not all lawyers are paid high. Only the lawyers with a huge success rate and experience are getting paid with huge numbers. As a fresher, you can expect a pay of 5 lakhs per annum as your experience gains the numbers that can gain more than 50 lakhs per annum. Probably, one of the high paid jobs in India.

The career requires an L.L.B degree. As a lawyer, you should have strong knowledge of Indian Laws, confident speech, ability to handle a critical situation, tricky mind, and maintain customer’s trust.  

5. Charted Accountant

Charted Accountants are more like a Financial Minister of the company which they work for. A Charted Accountant maintains and audits the financial process of the company sector and has all the records of income, profit, loss, and tax payment.

For a Charted Accountant, trustworthiness is the foremost thing to be maintained. They must be good at problem solving and analytics. 

To start your career as a Charted Accountant you have to crack the CA exam conducted by Indian Charted Accountant Institute (ICAI).

Once cracking the exam, you can start your journey as a Charted Accountant with a salary of more than 6 lakhs per annum as experience increases the salary may rise up to 50 lakhs per annum. A Charted Accountant can work for different companies at the same time this makes them earn several lakhs per month. The real advantage is they can work from home.

6. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer is one of the most recognized and high paid jobs not only in India also around the world. When we come across the word CEO a fantabulous personality flashes in our mind. Yes, its Sundar Pichai – The CEO of Alphabet the highest-paid Indian in this world.

So, who is a CEO, and what is his role? A CEO is the highest-ranking executive of the company who makes important decisions at right time and the person who is responsible and answerable for the company’s success and failure. The CEO should know about every minute thing about the company and he/she is the trustworthy person of the shareholders of the company. The CEO runs the company out of the risks.

Becoming a Chief Executive Officer is not a simple thing. you have to earn the trust of board members and shareholders. The educational qualification required for a CEO is a bachelor’s degree in business or economics.

It comes with huge salary packages ranges from 3 lakhs per annum to 150 crores per annum. Undoubtedly one of the high paid jobs in India.

7. Software Engineers

Software Engineers are people who design, develop, and analyze software according to the client’s requirements. In the last few years, there was an unpredictable growth in the Software sector in India. As your work is under multinational corporations the salary numbers are huge. A fresher can expect 5 lakhs per annum. As your seniority increases the salary will increase by more than 24 lakhs per annum. Probably one of the High Paid Jobs in India.

As a Software Engineer, you should have the following skills. Strong coding background, stress management, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. If you have these skills then go for it.  

8. Merchant Navy jobs

Merchant Navy Jobs are always known for high pay packages in India but the salary packages depend upon the type of ship or the company you work for. There are enormous employment opportunities here but only Officer level posts like Marine engineer, Navigation engineer, Captain are paid high. The salary of high rank officers starts from 6 lakhs per annum to 10 lakhs per annum.

But the main problem here is the contract-based salary, if you are not sailing then you won’t have a salary. 

The job is all about carrying cargos and passengers all around the world, so one should be ready to travel around the world. To land in an officer post you must have completed a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering and should have both physical and mental fitness. If you want to be in you want to be the best of all others.

9. Graphic designers

Graphic designers are those who illustrate their intention through art form either in 2D or 3D using software like Adobe XD, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After effects, and some other 3D software. The basic skills required are creative thinking, shape, text, and color management.

To become a well-recognized Graphic Designer, one should get his/her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. 

But all graphic designers do not pay the same It depends on the client they work for and how creative they are. Has a good salary scale ranges from 8 lakhs per annum to 60 lakhs per annum which makes the job to be in the list of Best High Paid Jobs in India. 

10. Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers are people with a creative mind who gives an outstanding interface for a website or application. The Database, Front end and Back end of the website or application are developed by a Full Stack Developer. They design and develop bug-free apps that we are using now. 

A Full Stack Developer should have strong coding knowledge and should know HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Asp, Java, and Python.

Undoubtedly, Full Stack Developer is one of the high paid jobs in India. As a fresher, the number starts from 5 lakhs per annum as experience gains the numbers can go more than 20 lakhs per annum. 

11. Business Analyst

Want to enter the fastest-growing career? Then Business Analyst is the right choice. 

Business Analyst is one who helps the organization by giving the best solution to the business problems and by documentation of the business requirements of the organization. They help in improving the performance of the organization.

As a Business Analyst, you should be a good problem solver, critical thinker and you should have good communication skills and good knowledge of Business Analysing tools.

Educational requirement to become a Business Analyst is a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounts, or Business Administration.

You can expect a minimum salary of  8 lakhs per annum as a fresher. the numbers can go more than 25 lakhs per annum.

Do you know any other High Paid Jobs in India? If you know please comment below.

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