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11 Ways Of How To Behave Around Your Crush


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Sometimes we wish for rule book titled How To Behave Around Your Crush which could teach us how to behave around the person we genuinely admire. Afterall he/she is indeed an important person. There are three types of people in this world. Ones who are in a relationship, ones who are single, and the ones who have crushes. Having a crush is beautiful.

Only if your crush is single as well because then you still have hope. Haha! But sometimes being around our crushes is so tough and makes us so nervous that we end doing really stupid stuff. Later, we bite our tongue and wish to have done things in a better way.

How To Behave Around Your Crush?

  1. Don’t Look Overenthusiastic About Everything Your Crush Does

It is okay to cheer up a and encourage a little. Being genuinely happy for someone makes you humble polite and loving. But being overenthusiastic about everything a person does makes you desperate and weird. Don’t get too excited and even if you are don’t show it right away. You might scare him/her away. Just breathe in and breathe out.

2. Don’t Sound Stupid Out of Excitement

It’s obvious to get excited and a little nervous when your crush talks to you. But you can’t let your brain stop working because your heart has been beating too fast. Don’t worry, he/she can’t hear your heart beating. Haha! So calm down and say something that makes some sense.

3. Wear Decent Clothes

Of course, if your crush is in the college same as yours, there is no chance your crush will ever get to see how you look when you are at your home. But if he/she lives too close to your house make sure that the clothes you are wearing if not brand new at least pleasant enough to look at. This will leave a good impression of yours.

4. Be Confident

No matter what you do, be confident about it. There is no need to be nervous or ashamed for being imperfect. No one in the world is perfect. Your crush himself/herself isn’t perfect either. No offense. Being confident always makes you a better person, not only to your crush but to everyone who knows you and adores you wholeheartedly. This is one of the important ways of how to behave around your crush.

5. Flirt A Little


Don’t just flirt right away. But if your crush tries to initiate and starts flirting with you, You don’t let it go just like that. You flirt back; there is no harm in it. Rather it’s often healthy. At least your crush will know that you are indeed interested in him/her. Then he/she might take some action forward in case you are too anxious to do that.

6. Make Eye Contact

If you are too scared to take any step forward with your crush, this is the least you can do. This is the easiest but most effective way to show affection. This is another one of the most important ways of how to behave around your crush. All you have to do is look right into the eyes of the one you are in love with. Is it really so tough?

7. Don’t Be Rude Because You Are Too Nervous

It’s okay to be a little nervous, but you can’t be rude. This might sound weird, but we do become a little rude when we are nervous around the person we admire. We often become rude even if it is completely unintentional. Make sure you don’t get too nervous to do such stupid sh*t.

8. Befriend His/Her Friends

Befriending your crush’s friend can be very beneficial. You will get to know a lot about your crush from his/her friends than from any social networking site. You might stalk you crush on every social networking site possible all day long but still not know things that you will get to know from his/her friends. Friends know everything.

9. Talk About How His/Her Day Was

It’s important to let your crush know that you genuinely care and it’s not like any infatuation that comes and goes away just like that. You should let him/her know that you are there, to help him/her out of the tough situations. Asking about their day will make them feel loved and that someone really cares and they will eventually start trusting and relying on you.

10. Share Emotions

Investing a little bit of emotion on the person special to you will never do any harm. Sharing emotion doesn’t always mean sharing the feelings you have for him/her. It’s okay to wait for a little if you feel it’s little too early. Sharing emotions may also include happiness, sadness, anger and a lot more. It always helps.

11. Never Ever Sound Like A Sadist

If you think that talking about all the tragedies of your life will help you have your crush’s attention or sympathy and that will eventually make them fall for you, you are wrong Honey. That is one of the biggest turn-offs in the world. That ‘technique’ will not work.

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