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12 Barbecue Recipes from Around the World

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Barbeques are a fun way to get together with your friends and family, which is why it is such a celebrated tradition across the globe. 

When it’s time to mix things up at your next backyard mixer next, try an international barbecue recipe that goes beyond the basics – just to spice things up a bit!

One way to wow your guests is to serve them grill recipes from around the globe rather than the familiar chicken, ribs, and burgers we find in every backyard, flame-roasting in egg style bbq smokers or on back porch gas grills. 

A good quality grill has this special ability to sear in savory flavor, using which backyard cooks from around the world have perfected their own recipes to deliver their special brand of deliciousness.

Wondering what we’re talking about? Read on as we discuss some of the best barbecue recipes from around the world curated in a handy list below.

12 Barbecue Recipes from Around the World 1

Piri Piri Chicken

This chicken is grilled on a skewer and served on warm flatbread with Portuguese Piri Piri sauce. The combination of smoky grilled meat and spicy, garlicky sauce served with warm flatbread will have your guests begging for the recipe with the unforgettable name. And yes, it is just as delicious as you are imagining it right now!

Shawarma will Charm Ya

Knock your guest off their feet with a taste of the Middle East. This is a spicy, flavorful dish of brined, grilled turkey served wrapped in warm pita bread. It’s surprisingly easy to make by beginning with brined turkey breast cutlets and using a spicy dry rub. Serve it in warm pita bread brushed with olive oil. Add grilled onions for further flavor.

Tandoori Chicken

While this traditional dish was originally cooked in clay ovens, today we can achieve the same flavor with any grill. This delish Indian dish combines a spicy dry blend on grilled chicken with cool, creamy, yogurt set off by flavorful garlic, lemon, ginger, and olive oil. A classic all the way!

Beer-Glazed Brats

Bratwurst sausage is a German tradition offering international inspiration for any backyard barbecue. Prepare this dish by first simmering the brats in a beer-rich blend with spices and brown sugar before grilling. 


The result is a flavorful glaze used to wilt red cabbage and then served together on a roll. Perfect for beer (and BBQ) lovers!

Thai Turkey Burgers

These simple sliders deliver a delicious combination of spicy meat and crisp, cool cucumber. Blend ground turkey with the spicy, savory Thai ingredients and grill until crisp outside and tender and juicy inside. Serve on warm buns with aioli mayonnaise and top with shaved cucumber and slaw.

Lemon Garlic Chicken Souvlaki

Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your mouth with Greek Lemon Garlic Chicken Souvlaki skewers. Chicken marinated in a mix of white wine, lemon, garlic, olive oil, and spices alternate on bamboo skewers with red onions. Serve it with Tzatziki sauce for a mouth-watering mix.

Grilled Squash Quesadillas 

Even vegetarians can go global with their backyard grill. All they need to do is prepare these warm and crispy quesadillas made of squash or zucchini as well as spicy Ancho chili paste, charred tomato salsa, warm, melty cheese, and grill-crisped white corn tortillas. 

You and your guests are sure to enjoy the meatless Mexican cantina flavor.

Garlicky Grilled Clam Pizza

Why should pizza-lovers miss out on the great smoky flavor of the grill? Not on our watch!

This garlicky grilled clam pizza recipe from Italy brings together grilled littleneck clams with garlic, shallots, and a white wine sauce on warm, crusty pizza to put the ‘pizza’z (see what we did there?) in your patio party.

Vietnamese-Style Steak Salad

Enjoy guilt-free grilling with a flavorful toss of fresh greens topped with marinated grilled steak strips cooked with a unique lemongrass rub with ginger, garlic, and shallots. This is backyard grilling without guilt in a low-carb, flavorful salad topped with warm, grilled steak.

Jamaican Ribs with Sticky Rum BBQ Sauce

Bring a Jamaican vacation to your backyard barbecue with this rack of ribs marinated in rum, rubbed with a spicy Jamaican jerk blend, and then slow-grilled with a rum and brown sugar sauce that will make you lick your fingers – literally!

Grilled Greek Salad

Yes, salad lovers can grill too with this great Greek favorite blending red onion, Roma tomatoes, and salty Greek cheese skewered and grilled. Serve it over Romaine halves and top it with a vinegary dressing blended with thyme, oregano, and dry white wine. 

This grilled Greek salad recipe is so good, your grill won’t miss the meat! No joke.

Tacos Carne Asada

This Carne Asada taco recipe will have your guests saying, “Ahh–sada.” 


It is a simple but delicious pick that mixes spicy char-grilled steak with pico de gallo, refreshing iceberg lettuce, shredded Monterey jack cheese, and warm corn tortillas. All with a spicy, garlicky Mojo blend with garlic, lime, cilantro, and a surprising hint of orange. It is super yummy! 

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