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12 Free Children’s Book Online Every Kid Must Read!


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What is better than books to unleash your kid’s imagination! Children’s books online are the best gifts you can give them, for books are the gateways to step into the world beyond one’s reach!

When you pick a book, make sure you get one which give your kids a broader understanding of life and reality. Let it make your kid’s every day better and brighter and guide them through their life. However, every book has something or the other to teach your kids. It helps lay the very foundation they deserve.

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Check out these 12 free Children’s book online from the oldest to the youngest, ranging from comics and retelling of novels to translations and mysteries! Let their imagination run wild by reading these diverse books.

12 Classic Children’s Book Online You Can’t Miss Out On:

1. Gulliver’s Travels (1726)

Author: Jonathan Swift

This ancient classic novel has its kid’s version too. The main character and narrator is Gulliver himself, who is a surgeon on ships and spends much of his time travelling by sea. Many a trip has left him stranded on islands occupied by weird animals. Each trip leaves behind some message for the little readers.

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‘Gulliver’s travel’ revolves around the strange adventures that greet Gulliver in each island- at tiny people’s Lilliput, giant’s Brobdignang, floating island Laputa and land of speaking horses, Houyhnhnms. How does Gulliver survive these mishaps? Read this children’s book online here.

2. Tales From Shakespeare (1807)

Author: Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb

Shakespeare is a hard nut to crack for kids. So the Lambs decided to simplify the comedies and tragedies for kids to understand them without a guide. If you want to make your kids familiar with Shakespeare’s 20 evergreen stories, go ahead and download free here.

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3. A Christmas Carol (1843)

Author: Charles Dickens

The best children’s book online to read out to your child on Christmas eve is this beautiful novella. It holds the key to the mystery of true happiness and contentment in life. This story is about an old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who is selfish with his money. He refuses to help the poor and lives a lonesome and uneventful life.

Read the story here to find out what happens to Scrooge on a Christmas eve that has an enormous impact on his life and character. Charles Dickens reminds you of the true essence of Christmas and encourages your kids to live a selfless and a truly happy life.

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4. Moby Dick for Kids (1851)

Author: Herman Melville

Moby Dick has something to offer people of all ages. While it has a deeper meaning for adults, for kids, it is an exciting classic novel of whale hunting. Moby Dick is a huge whale, which bit off Captain Ahab’s leg on one of his sea voyages. This story takes you through Ahab’s search for Moby Dick to avenge his misfortune.

Will Captain Ahab succeed in finding and killing Moby Dick in his dangerous quest? Does taking revenge set things straight? Find it by yourself by reading this children’s book online.

5. Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852)

Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe

This book brought in great changes in America in the 19th century. It was a powerful book which spoke up against slavery and made people aware of the need to abolish it in the pre-civil war period.

In this story, you read about Uncle Tom, an African-American slave who is steadfast in his faith and how he goes through a life of suffering and pain in the name of his race. On the way to be sold, he is bought by a kind person for a good deed of his.

Read the children’s book online here to know more about Uncle Tom and the fate of his good heart. This book highlights the need for humanity and helps your kid value all people equally irrespective of their race or color and know the ugliness of race discrimination which is prevalent even today.

6. Heidi (1880)

Author: Johanna Spyri

This heart-touching story is a classic set on the romantic Swiss Alps. You can go ahead and read this story of an innocent and smart girl named heidi and soon fall in love with her yourself and yearn to live in the simplicity of a country life.

It talks about how heidi as an orphan is left to her arrogant grandfather’s care, how she soon earns his strong love by her charm and curiosity, and her firm friendship with Peter and the goats.

But this beautiful life with her grandfather ends when her aunt takes her away to the city against her will. Find out what happens to Heidi by clicking here.

This children’s book online is filled with hidden morals and lessons. Trust, true friendship, love, hope and kindness are some of the underlying themes. Your kid can vividly picture the country life and go through mixed emotions while reading this captivating story.

7. Treasure Island (1883)

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Author: R.L.Stevenson

Who loves adventure! Our main guy, Jim Hawkins, gets a mysterious map to a hidden treasure in an island. Soon, he sets off with some coincidental friends and a crew in search of this treasure.

What happens to Jim Hawkins when he realizes that his companions were pirates greedy for gold? Will he really find the buried treasure and what is it? It’s up to you to discover!

Your kids get to know different kinds of people through this classic novel. Join this exciting journey filled with humor, excitement, fun, action, suspense and thrill by clicking here.

8. Swami and Friends (1935)

Author: R.K.Narayan

Give your kids an idea about Indian family life and education in the 30s. Famous for his imaginary place, Malgudi, R.K.Narayan is an all-time favorite. Swami is a 10-year-old ordinary boy who is an average student.

The plot takes you through his school life and friends. An enjoyable read for all kids, especially when it comes to the reflection of their emotions it successfully portrays. It sharply captures the pre-independent times.

Your kid will relate to the silly and innocent things Swami and his friends do and the “big” fights they have at school. Read this children’s book online.

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9. The Little Prince (1943)

Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry

This french novella is extremely popular as a book for children. However, it has beautiful and deep answers to life too, and is treasured by all ages. The story deals with the narrator, a pilot and a small boy called little prince who comes from a different planet.

The narrator meets him when his plane crashes into a desert. The little prince reveals that he is an explorer who travels through space through which he learnt many beautiful truths and that the Earth was one of his destinations.

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Both the characters share their talent of creativity which is threatened by reason. Your kid gains much from this story which reminds one to embrace and be oneself. Love and friendship are also highlighted in this children’s book online. Check out the translated version of this amazing story here.

10. Charlotte’s Web (1952)

Author: E.B.White

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Charlotte is not a girl, but a spider. This cute story is about the strong friendship between her and a barn pig named Wilbur. When Wilbur realizes that she is a slaughter pig, Charlotte promises to save her life.

Can Charlotte save Wilbur? Find out by clicking here. The ‘Charlotte’s web’ is a journey through giggles and tears. Death and innocence are some of the themes. Kids will surely enjoy this creative story.

11. Tintin Series (20th ce)

Author: Hergé

Tintin is a delight for all kids! If you haven’t bought this fun and realistic comic story, you are missing out a lot! The trio, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock make it a thrilling, adventurous and humorous journey through various places and mysterious cases!

Tintin is a young reporter who investigates and unlocks curious mysteries with the help of the funny, alcoholic Captain and smart pet dog Snowy. See if your kids don’t ask for more. Get the free ebooks here.

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12. Asterix and Obelix (20th ce)

Author: René Goscinny

Another favorite comic series is Asterix and Obelix. While Asterix is bold, thin and small, Obelix is childish, fat, huge and funny. The two of them make up the weirdest combination of detectives solves adventures in a hilarious way.  Click here to have a fun read of the free ebooks!

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Your kids are sprouting and what they need to bloom into beautiful flowers are good vibes. If you can’t find a particular book in the shop, free books online make it easier for you to choose, access, read out to your kids and come back to it whenever you want.

So what are you waiting for? Explore other wonderful worlds in the children’s book online with a click of your finger. 

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