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12 Ridiculous Things That Teenagers Do

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Divya Raghav is an enthusiastic blogger and speaker. She is constantly looking for new interests to explore into. Buy her chicken and/or coffee and she'll gladly be your friend for life. She currently lives in Bangalore, India.

Admit it, we all have been through or are going through the teenage phase- the one in which the ridiculous things occur! It’s that one phase when we’re confused as to whether we’re kids or adults, the phase when we’re always curious to do everything possible and sometimes end up doing the most absurd of things that turn out to become memorable incidents in the end.

Here’s a list of things that we’ve all done as teenagers.

1. Putting Empty Things Into The Refrigerator

A young woman taking food out of the refrigerator
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We’ve all been there and done that. As teenagers, we’re always busy with various things in our minds. We also mostly always only stick to thinking and not doing. We tend to become the most passive of people.

Getting ourselves to the refrigerator itself is a big task, let alone opening it and scanning for food. When we find food, we usually eat it right there and leave empty packages inside the refrigerator: a milk carton, a chocolate wrapper, or a biscuits package. We’re lazy to throw it away. Enough said.

3. Crushes, Dating, and Drama

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We’ve all met that one girl or boy that gives us butterflies in the stomach the moment we see them. They make it seem like the world has stopped, you see flowers all around you, and romantic music starts playing. Yes, that’s right. We’ve all had at least one crush at some point in our lives.

Our hormones start pumping up and getting us excited for no apparent reason, bringing us to blush at the mere sight of THE CRUSH. We’ve sometimes been lucky enough to get into a relationship with the crush and all the drama that follows. ADMIT IT.

4. Wardrobe Malfunctions

We’ve all been through that one day when you unintentionally dress up really bad and end up looking almost as ridiculous as a clown. There are also some days when you don’t particularly want to spend time dressing up, so you put on whatever your hands first reach. Yes, that can be disastrous, sometimes. Not to mention embarrassing.

5. New Music Addictions

Young woman lying on the bed and enjoying music.
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You suddenly start exploring the vast world of music, and you end up being completely mesmerized by the various bands and artists you listen to. It suddenly feels like music is almost your newfound soulmate, like the only thing that understands you. You also sometimes get yelled at by your neighbors or parents for blasting out loud music.

6. Talking to Strangers, Online or Offline

Remember how our parents asked us not to talk to strangers? Nope, we don’t remember, or we’d like to not place. You start talking to multiple strangers. You suddenly feel no more like the introvert you used to be(if you were one, that is).

You suddenly now want to talk to as many people as you can and ask them about their life stories( okay, no, not really). Lastly, you just want to expand your social circle all of a sudden.

7. Lying about Your Whereabouts to Your Parents

You’re going to hang out with that little John that your parents asked you not to hang out with, but no, you’re going to meet him again, but you’re going to lie to your parents that you’re at Karen’s house learning how to do some math. Yes, we’ve all done that.

8. Trying to maintain a journal

We’ve all seen a friend maintain a journal about her life every day, or we’ve watched movies based on real-life journals that inspire us to start writing one, too. We start writing one, no problem. We start fine, but in a few days (or hours or minutes), we abandon the journal and get too lazy to continue writing that.

9. Emotions

Portrayal of different emotions
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We’ve had those days (or nights) when we’re just rolled up into a ball on our beds, lying there thinking about the purpose of our lives. Then you realize you haven’t done anything worthwhile yet, and you start crying about the most random of things.

Dark chocolate or white chocolate sometimes helps you get through your emotional phase. Don’t fret. After some time, you’ll be back to square one.

10. Trying food whose names you can’t pronounce

You’re always up to trying new things and exploring the same every day. Every time you walk into a restaurant, you wish to get a little adventurous. You order food that you’ve probably never heard of before or can’t pronounce.

If you don’t do this, it is time for you to start. You end up getting acquainted with a few nice dishes sometimes. It’s always fun and good to explore.

11. Gossip

Oh, us teenagers! Admit it. You always want to know what’s hot in town. You always want to know what Peter is up to and who Sam is dating right now. Being critical of someone based on their appearances and passing judgment about the same is also inevitable.

12. Addictions

A portrait representing different types of addictions.
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There are many things we try out of curiosity, but some of them we get hooked on. It could be addictions to coffee, reading, music, or even drugs and alcohol and the like. Not all habits are healthy, and we must use our discretion for the same.

All in all, these are some things that all of us face, mostly when we’re teenagers. The teenage years are undoubtedly one of the best years of our lives, and we must make the most out of them in a healthy fashion!


dpDivya is an enthusiastic blogger and speaker. She is constantly looking for new interests to explore. She currently lives in Bangalore, India.

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