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12 Types Of Guys At The Gym – From A Girl’s Perspective


The gym is one of the favorite places for people of all age groups in this contemporary world. People come here not only to maintain good health and physique but also to socialize and other reasons beyond our imagination.

As a girl who prefers to keep to her self and go to the gym for the sole purpose of exercising, I tend to observe a lot of people who I come across at the gym, and their behaviors are so distinct and exciting, especially the guys at the gym. I’m not saying that girls are any different, but writing about them is a different topic altogether, so here I will just be focusing on the different types of guys at the gym who have hilarious attitudes that are just to hard to ignore.

12 Types Of Guys At The Gym:

1. Selfie Lover

This is the first type of guy at the gym I see every single day at every single time slot. The majority of them are ranging from late teens to mid-twenties. These men can be seen flexing in front of the mirror with a phone in their hand. Even if you accidentally stumble on their social media account, you will find every fifth picture to be annoyingly a gym selfie with thousands of hashtags promoting their “GAINS.” Recently the trend has shifted more from selfies to videography at a very commonly known application throughout the world as Tik-Tok. I’ve seen so many guys been thrown out of the gym by the trainer for this, yet they don’t give up. Kudos to their dedication.

2. Flex-It Off

Oooh… The Flexies! These types of guys at the gym are the self-declared Jaun Claud. They seem to own absolutely no t-shirts, or if any, it’s undoubtedly two sizes smaller, their shirts seem to be shouting for air. Right, most of them have a rock-solid body that does deserve attention, but then there are some, who from their very second day, start with the not required show off.

Their posture is like they are in the middle of a photoshoot, and much like Mr. Selfie, their favorite spot to is in front of the mirror, admiring themselves. They sometimes remind me of the ‘Prince’ idea in all the Disney movies. Well, to be fair, it’s our body, and everybody is beautiful enough to be flaunted. But then, no rights to you for judging my rolls too!

3. Protein Shake Someone?

Here come the health-conscious ones. These are the types of guys at the gym who never enter without their bottles of supplement drinks. You won’t see them exercise as much as slurping on their protein shakes.  They are also very concerned about their diet, eating 12 eggs post work out! How do I know it? Well, they mostly are very proud people, who love to tell the world about their fitness secret and are often found discussing their diet plans with their trainer every week.

4. Overtly Sweaty

If you have never come across these types of guys at the gym, then you are so fortunate because every time this man leaves a machine, all you’ll find is a machine drenched in his sweat. These guys at the gym perspire like a malfunctioned shower, always dripping their sweat everywhhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuqC-gaUfyIere. God forbid if you were absent-minded and sat where they were sitting, you’ll be in a very unpleasant pool party. So, watch where they sit and always carry a towel with you.

5. Orgasmer

These are the funniest types of guys at the gym. I like to call them The Groaners. You could be working out at any corner of the gym, listening to your music at the loudest volume, but you could still hear these guys at the gym making the weirdest noises, pulling very basic weights. Their voices are super hilarious yet a bit embarrassing to hear, you could be distracted from a mile away. Sometimes they make me wonder, Are they doing it intentionally? What do you think?

6. The Creep

Here comes the creepy stalker man. These types of guys at the gym come in all shapes and sizes and can be of any age group. He could be old enough to your father or young enough to be your younger sibling, but it doesn’t keep them from not doing whatever they are continually doing, and you just can’t seem to ignore. Let me explain it to you, Have you ever had the feeling like someone is watching you, and you turn around just to find this guy creepily smiling at you. No matter how much you try to ignore them, they will find a way to talk to you, try to exchange phone numbers, and if you ever skip a day, they will be after your life to know why you weren’t there.

7. Here To Gossip

Don’t know about you but as I mentioned earlier, I just go to the gym, work out and come back home because my gym costs a lot, and I try to make the most of it, but I guess some people confuse it with some kind of social gathering or just have way too much money. Women are wrongly judged and labeled by the society as the talkative gender, always engaging in unnecessary discussions, well, let me break it to you, MEN DO GOSSIP!

If you don’t believe me come and look at the guys at the gym I go to. You can find them talking while running on a treadmill, talking while doing push-ups, talking on the phone, and even hear voices when you pass through their locker rooms. Oh dear men, can we maintain some decorum?

8. Fashionista

These types of men are probably my favorite type of guys at the gym. I mean, have you ever looked at their shoes? It makes me think, what am I wearing to the gym? To a lot of people, it is the last thing that matters to them when they think of the gym, but it is not a crime to look good while working out too. Their clothes speak volumes about them and are always up to date with the international fashion statement. Oh, did I mention the shoes?

9. Trainer Not Trainer

The most supporting guys at the gym who know just everything, are also the trainer’s best friends as they sometimes cover up for them. These men will help you no matter you need it or not, motivate you, and sometimes just be a little too around. They love giving free advice; well, love giving free advice more than applying some on themselves. You might find the hovering around other people than exercising. If you think enough, they might become the next sensational motivational speaker.

10. Gym Buddies

Now, these types of guys at the gym never come alone. They always have the best pal along with them, a gym buddy with whom they are way too much in sync. This could be their girlfriend or just another male friend who is as crazy about the gym as they are. And here I am still begging my friends to come along as I believe working out together is a great way of motivation. But keeping it aside, these guys can be a little intimidating and make you feel like why do I exist in this place. They have a rocking body with never-ending energies. Even after working out for two hours or more, they just look more ripped and shiny.

11. Competitor

Some people have a lot of strength and can handle too much weight, and then some just want to compete with them and take weights more massive than they can handle. These types of guys at the gym remind of my classmates back at school who would participate in just every competition just to prove themselves to I don’t know who. Similarly, these men run the extra mile, do a spare set, and sometimes can be found using machines upside down. If you belong to these types of guys at the gym, then man takes it easy because nobody cares, besides you might end up hurting yourself someday.

12. Sing-Alongs

Yet another ridiculously funny type of guys at the gym are the singers. These men are like walking music libraries as they seem to know almost all the songs in the world. Not do they just know them but have a deep need of singing along with them, it’s still tolerable when they sing along the songs that are played at the gym, but if they have their headphones, you will notice some strange man singing in weird noises to music only he is listening.

Even though they sound terrible (no exceptions, trust me), they just can’t help to control themselves. Also, most of them like to play the DJ at the gym by playing their playlists for everyone, which might or might not be your jam, but if you have forgotten to carry your headsets, you’ve got to live with it.

Here was a list of guys at the gym that I have noticed, I’m not generalizing them. The only purpose of this article is to share a laugh, if you don’t belong to any of these categories then do let us know how and if you do, then be proud of yourself because none of us is perfect. Let us know in the comments below about the types of guys at the gym where you go.


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