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13 Best Paying Jobs in Energy Department

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Looking for new jobs? How about the best paying jobs in energy?

Energy jobs are one of the highest paying jobs today, with good and secure opportunities for the future.

Other jobs can be replaced, but in the energy sector, it is not possible because it is related to nature, and hence the energy business will never fade. We need energies like chemical, solar, mechanical energy to survive, and hence there is a high demand for energy jobs.

You can apply for energy jobs even online, from the comfort of your home by updating your degree at LinkedIn or other sites.

In this article, we will tell you about the best paying jobs in the energy sector.

Is a career in energy jobs worth it?

Energy jobs have a secure future and are high-paying jobs. There are different jobs in the energy sector, and a few of them are the highest paying jobs.

But to take a job in the energy sector, one has to have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a specific field.

It is a constantly growing field with many opportunities in the industrial sector. The opportunities in the energy sector are limitless.

Energy engineers are known to have stable careers. You can also be an energy engineer by occupying a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

The demand for developing efficient ways to use renewable energy resources is increasing day by day, opening up opportunities for jobs.

There are a few common jobs in the energy sector that you might already be aware of. However, some positions offer a good stable future, that you might not be aware of.

So, through this guide, we will introduce you to the best paying jobs in the energy sector out there. This can help you plan out your career, so read properly.

List of best-paying jobs in energy:

1. Civil Engineers

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Civil engineers are one of the best paying jobs in the energy sector. Their work is to design and construct new power plants.

Civil engineers focus on designing, supervising, and building projects and systems in the public and private sectors. Energy departments of any company will need civil engineers for building any new power plant.

Civil engineers should be critical thinkers and have sound subject knowledge of mathematics and physics to identify and solve engineering problems.

They must also possess a certain level of creativity to present innovative solutions and improvements to technical processes.

The qualification is a bachelor’s degree, and the civil engineer energy jobs pay around $87,000.

The growth is three percent with the world experience of five to three years. The place of work or the geography has a major impact on the salary.

2. Renewable Energy Consultant

Energy Consultant is one among specialized careers. And currently, there is a high growth rate in this.

They work with clients and look after the installation of renewable energy sources.

They also carry out energy surveys and audits and advise clients on sources of renewable energy.

These include wind, solar, marine, wave, tidal, hydro, and bioenergy. They also advise on the sustainable built environment and infrastructure solutions. They are sometimes called sustainability consultants. It is indeed one of the best paying jobs in energy.

As consultants, their primary goal is to be efficient and provide environment-friendly solutions.

For a job in the renewable energy sector, this is one of the highest paying jobs with $66,500.

For qualification, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient. Energy consulting requires both hard skills and soft skills like understanding renewable energy. To become successful in this field, you will be required a lot of knowledge of the energy sector.

3. Financial analysts

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As a financial analyst, you can work for renewable energy companies and be liable assets for the money division department, track energy spending, pay representatives, and address future monetary issues.

With the help of a financial analyst, the company can build good products for energy products in the right geographical area. Economic analysts are needed for calculating investment returns, conduction an analysis of investments, and maintaining the financial status.

This is one of the good-paying jobs in energy with a salary of around $85,000.

4. Wind Farm site manager

The work of the wind farm site manager is to overlook the wind energy sites and the wind turbines. They are responsible for ensuring that the staff maintains and operates the equipment and that the wind farm produces energy as expected.

They must also ensure that electrical energy is generated from wind power, known as wind energy harvesting. The typical salary is $111,000,

Wind farm site managers are also accountable for ensuring that protection protocols are accompanied and that commercial enterprise information is well maintained. They may additionally be required for hiring personnel for precise roles and responsibilities.

5. Petroleum engineer

By: Ali Ghalambor/Flickr @Copyright 2013

Petroleum engineers are wanted nowadays because of the rising demands. This is also one of the good-paying jobs in energy.

The petroleum engineer helps in the oil and gas industry and helps to find use in that industry. It also includes designing, building, and constructing more efficient ways to extract, refine, or discover new oil and gas resources.

Petroleum engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably petroleum engineering. However, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or chemical engineering can meet your employer’s requirements.

Employers also value work experience, so a collaborative education program where students earn credits and gain work experience is also valuable. The salary is high, with an average salary of about $137,000.

6. Environmental engineering technician

Environmental engineering technicians carry out laboratory and area assessments to display the surroundings and look into pollution assets and those affecting health.

Environmental technicians have roles to play both on-field and off-field. They have to oversee renewable installations. And also to look after minimal pollution causing facilities.

Solar engineers build solar panels. Engineering technicians also install and maintain solar panels in solar farms while working with solar project developers. Anel falls under renewable energy, and it is one of the best paying jobs in energy.

They spend numerous time examining development-related building permits and public locations and investigating lawsuits associated with air quality, water quality, and meals safety.

They earn up to $70,000, which is a good-paying job in the energy field.

7. Power plant operator

The work of a power plant operator is to perform a wide variety of tasks with the utmost security. They can operate the control system, monitor gauges, perform regular checks, maintain equipment, and start or stop operations as needed. It is one of the best paying jobs in energy.

Power plant operators operate and maintain solar power plants’ power generation and distribution systems. This field of the job falls under renewable energies.

Power plants are a great way for energy storage, and it is a clean energy source and reliable.

They earn around $85,000 per year.

8. Solar energy technicians

By: UNDP Climate/Flickr @Copyright 2019

The work of solar energy technicians, also known as solar project developers, supervise the maintenance of solar energy systems and solar panels. After installing solar systems, solar technicians often perform maintenance on these systems. This falls under renewable energy jobs.

They help solar project developers who develop solar panels. Many energy companies build solar energy systems.

This is one of the good-paying jobs but requires a lot of fieldwork. They also perform routine maintenance of solar power plants in the solar sector and check and troubleshoot their problems.

The average salary in this field of renewable energy, i.e., solar energy, is around $52,000, a field where the jobs demand is going higher. This can be kept under the best paying jobs in energy.

9. Wind Turbine service technicians

As the name suggests, the field is related to wind energy and wind turbine installations. The job requires a lot of hard work and skilled workers to set up wind turbines.

The average day of the worker is spent by climbing up the turbine and checking it multiple times. They use computers to diagnose electrical malfunctions. The problems that are detected are sent to be repaired.

Wind technicians are also responsible for the administration of the site. These technicians may be responsible for one turbine to hundreds of turbines on a large wind farm. Their responsibility is to order replacement parts and ensure enough parts are in stock for the necessary repairs and daily turbine operation.

The average salary of this job in the energy industry is around is $54,000.

10. Site assessor

Last but not least, the best paying job in energy is the work of a site assessor. Their work is to inspect sites for certain environmental consultants, analyze samples, and design projects.

They usually work in local government units and are in charge of cities, municipalities, or countries, and they also check for energy-efficient buildings.

The site assessor’s average salary is $175,000, which is a good-paying job compared to the sales representative’s average salary, which is $269.14 per month; hence can come under the best paying jobs in energy.

11. Geoscientist

One of the most demanding and best paying jobs in the energy sector is that of a Geoscientist. They are needed by the natural gas and oil industry to explore and research resources.

Mainly a Geoscientist is needed in the geothermal energy sector, and for the job, one must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in geoscience.

The average salary of a geoscientist is around $91,130.

12. Solar Energy Software Developer

For the production of large-scale solar energy, certain softwares are required to maintain and run the operators. And for that purpose, software developers are in high demand.

Software engineers who have in-hand experience in terms of industrial systems development can do very well in this job.

For this job, a bachelor’s degree in any discipline of computer science is required.

13. Chemist

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Many people might not be aware of this post in the energy sector, but the oil and gas industry highly recruits chemists for the maintenance and production of lubricants and fuels.

And same goes for the renewable energy sectors, they also hire chemists to develop new biofuels.

This post needs higher education, even for an entry-level post, candidates must have a master’s degree in chemistry.

Last Words

Energy jobs are constantly growing due to one reason: the constant use of energy by everyone. And over the past century, it has been a driving force for industrial growth.

These companies are directly and indirectly involved in the distribution and production of energy. Large-scale sectors require more people to handle different departments and thereby opening up job opportunities for people.

Some of the advantages other than best paying jobs in energy are :

Using energy more efficiently is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and meet growing energy demands. Many of the benefits of energy efficiency are:

Environment: Increased efficiency can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and other pollutants and water consumption.

Economical: By improving energy efficiency, individual electricity prices can be lowered, jobs can be created, and electricity prices and volatility can be stabilized.

Benefits of the Utility System: Energy efficiency provides long-term benefits by reducing overall power demand, reducing the need to invest in new generation and transmission infrastructure.

Risk Management: Energy efficiency can also help diversify our portfolio of utility resources and provide a hedge against the uncertainty associated with fluctuating fuel prices.

Getting a job in the Energy field is somewhat easy compared to many jobs. The minimum you need is a bachelor’s degree from a good college in a course you want to work in the future.



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