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13 Great Ideas for A Romantic Text


And how do you craft the perfect message for the perfect person? Here are some amazing ideas to help you with that perfect romantic text.

One message can take their breath away. I’m sure in today’s digital age everybody knows the importance of texting. It is by far the most efficient way to communicate one’s message. And what’s the key to a great relationship? Communication.

And so especially in current times, all we have to express our feelings to the other in a romantic text. It certainly doesn’t fix the long distance but it certainly helps make things a little better. But messaging is something everyone does. You’re texting all kinds of people all day every day. Be it family, friends, work, or your significant other.

But here’s where it gets hard. You’re texting multiple people all day, every day. So how do you make your loved one feel special? How do you make sure that this text stands out from all the other ones? How do you differentiate between just a regular text and a romantic text?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. Here are the 12 great ideas for a romantic text from you to your partner.

12 Great Ideas for a Romantic Text

1. Quotes from her favorite movie or book

Well, it’s her favorite for a reason. It’s her favorite because she imagines that one day, she’ll get to experience the same. No, we can’t all carry a boombox and stand in one’s backyard as a romantic gesture. Especially now. But we can say the same things that the lead actor says to the actress.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re copying them, you mean the same things. It’s just a gesture. Trust me, it’ll get her heart fluttering. Not only because now her favorite scene has turned into her reality and she’s the main love interest but also because she’ll think it was very sweet that you remembered her favorite movie and you feel the same way about her, as the actor did about the actress in their role.

This romantic text doesn’t only work on already existing relationships but also works if you want to impress your crush.

2. A voice message of you singing a verse from her favorite or your ‘couple song’

Girls love hearing their man’s voice. We love voice messages. Especially when we’ve been apart for so long, it’s what keeps them determined and what keeps them going.

If you want to make your girl feel special via a romantic text, try sending her a voice message recording of you singing her favorite or your couple song. It’ll remind her of those cherished memories that the two of you share.

It might even tear her up, but it’s okay. Because those are happy tears. Tears because she misses you and probably because she can’t believe how lucky she is to have you.

3. Lists

And for those of you who are headed in the completely wrong direction, no I do not mean a grocery list.

I mean lists of romantic things. Here are ten reasons why I love you. Here are 15 reasons why I can’t live without you. Here are the things about you that make you so unique. These kinds of lists.

The kind that will make her feel very special and adored and loved. The kind that’ll help her overcome her insecurities and love herself the same way you do. This is one of the best ideas for a romantic text.

4. A paragraph about the future you picture with her

Is that wedding bells I hear?

Write about the trips you want to take with her, write about how she’ll be a vision in white on your wedding date. Heck even write about the dates you have planned together for when the pandemic is over. This will let her know that you’re thinking of her and are already waiting to see her again and spend time with her.

Trust me you’re on her mind all day long and all she can think about is all the things that she wants to do with you. Being forced to keep this distance will only remind her even more of just how valuable you and her time with you is. This romantic text will only advance those feelings even more.

5. Write a Poem

Even if they say that they find it cheesy. A romantic text can’t get much better than a classic poem. If you aren’t exactly Edgar Allen Poe, then you can even use references to try and understand how it works.

They don’t have to rhyme, there is no word limit. Pro tip? Use a thesaurus to look for more enticing words. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Every girl loves a good poem and falls head over heels when it’s about her. Write about anything you want. Your memories together, your story, your future, how much she means to you, the options for topics are endless.

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6. A photo-story

Sometimes just words aren’t enough. And hey this time it doesn’t even matter if you’re no good with the craft. Because it’s all digital. Pick the important moments of relationship milestones from your memories with her and put them in order. Then write one line about that particular moment and why it was special to you. In the end, just send them to her in order.

And there you have it. Your relationship told through a photo-story. Reminiscing over your memories together will make her very happy. Knowing that you remember all that the two of you have been through together will too.

This romantic text is also the perfect way for you to recollect those moments and remember what happened when in case of any upcoming anniversaries.

7. A video/photo montage of your relationship

You can choose to send out this romantic text in any format you want. You can either make a collage of photos or a video montage of photos and videos that the two of you have together.

That way she’ll also have this to look at every time she misses you and the time that the two of you have spent together. A recording of all of your crazy adventures together and romantic moments that you’ve shared is sure to bring a big smile to her face and warm her heart.

You can customize this to your liking by adding effects or music or any captions or texts that you might want to add. Let her know how special she is to you. Let her know that you don’t know where you’d be without her. Let her know just how much you love her. She’ll be delighted to see the effort that you put into this romantic text.

8. Write a short story

And its words that work on her, far better than visuals. You can write the story of your first meeting or the first kiss you shared, maybe even your first date as if it were in a storybook.

Well, it does feel like you’re living in a fairytale world when the two of you are together. Be her prince. When she notices that you’ve remembered details and converted the special moments that you have shared into a fairytale story, she’ll be delighted.

Every girl does fantasize about being a princess who finds her perfect prince at least once. And this is your turn to be hers. Go for it. Write that short story romantic text.

9. Tell them how much they mean to you

This romantic text idea is a shoo-in.

Write them a sweet paragraph using dreamy words. What would you say to her to keep her in love with you? To keep her from leaving? Tell her exactly that. You can’t live without her. She’s like oxygen whatever it may be.

Nothing makes a girl’s heart flutter better than a message that tells her how important she is and that she made a difference in someone’s life. Remind her that just as she can’t live without you, neither can you without her.

10. Give her updates

If the two of you are used to spending every second of every day together but are being forced to do the distance right now, then this ide of a romantic text will be perfect for you.

Just like she’s on your mind all day long, so are you on hers. And you don’t want to ask her what she’s up to every hour even if you’re curious to know. This is where you can put your phone camera to good use as well. Send her updates, and she’ll probably do the same. If you’re having breakfast send her a picture and tell her that she’d love what you’ve made.

If you’re working out, send her a selfie-and to tell her that’s it’s so you can get back in shape for her. Let her know that you’re always thinking of her. This will make her extremely happy and grateful that she has an angel like you in her life. Making it better every second, every day.

11. Short and sweet compliments

Send in short but sweet compliments to her at random intervals all day long to let her know that you miss her and are thinking of her.

Say things like she has beautiful eyes and you wish you were looking into them right now, or that you wish you could run your hands through her soft silky hair, you want to hold her tiny waist as she hugs you tight. Whatever it may be. It’ll cheer her up and remind her of your sweet memories together.

This romantic text idea will 100% brighten up her day and give her something to look forward to instead of being sour and off all day long.

12. Send her memes and Instagram posts

Haven’t you heard? Memes and posts are the new way to go when it comes to flirting.

They’re funny, flirty, and often sarcastic which makes them perfect for even when you want to find out whether a girl is into you or not, and if she isn’t you can just laugh it off because it was just a meme and nothing more.

This romantic text idea is also a perfect way to cheer your girlfriend up when she’s feeling low or off. It’ll make her laugh and put a smile on her pretty face. And she’ll always remember that you’re the reason why she’s feeling so much better than she was before.

Instagram, Facebook, and even Tumblr. Are all endless sources for memes and romantic posts to send to your significant other.

13. Make a puzzle

Feeling so bored you might just go crazy and have nothing to do? Plan a quiz or a puzzle for your girlfriend via text messages. That she can solve only to obtain a secret special message.

This is also a great idea for when you want to confess to your crush or ask her out. This will be interactive and fun and something she’ll remember forever.

You’ll have great stories to tell the grandkids if all works out as it should. This is a great way to engage the two of you in activities during this lockdown that’s driving people insane because they’re locked up and cannot find anything productive to do. Believe me, this will make her very happy and is a great idea for a romantic text.

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Remember, there are multiples ways to spice up a regular old romantic text message. Texting isn’t always limited to just plain old written messages; times have changed now. There’s so much more one can do now. Things that involve visuals, voices, music, creative thinking so much more.

There’s humor, there’s laughing and so much love. But these are just a few of some epic ideas for a romantic text. Do let us know if you have any more and what you thought about these in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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