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14 Amazing Things Adults Can Learn from Kids


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Yes, adults can learn from kids! It may sound funny to many, yet it is possible.

The word “Adult” expresses age, experience, strength, and dominance. In each home or society, an adult handles the kids, caring for their hygiene, shelter, food, and other needs.

An adult knows the best for kids, all coming from their knowledge and experience.

When kids are around, they smile, they laugh, kids may play with a particular toy or a game they love. And when we look at them, we forget our worries and smile with them.

We love joining them in their play, and at the end of it, we are full of energy and refreshed. Kids undoubtedly have a pure heart and a world of innocence.

We may believe as adults, all we can do is give children our love, affection, and learnings from our experiences. However, we as adults have so much to learn from children in return.

If you think, why will you learn from kids as adults, and are not you old enough to know everything you need to? Let your answer be a famous saying, “Learning has no age and no limit.”

Have you ever really wondered why your face is lit up when you see a kid around? Or how a kid can easily cheer you up with his innocent and funny theories?

Kids are full of life and energy. You may try to reason here that it is because they don’t have to worry about anything. After all, they have no work to do, and all they do is play and watch cartoons.

Is that true? Maybe they do not worry because they do not know what is worrying all about. The exciting fact, right?

Now let us see what all kids have in store to teach us…

Things You as Adults Can Learn from Kids Which Will Help You Live a Meaningful Life

1. Be Curious About Everything

They are curious to know about what they see around, people they come across, and new places. Even if it is a small thing, it can generate hundreds of questions in their minds that even adults do not have the answer to.

However, they are not afraid to ask questions, unlike an adult who may remain quiet due to hesitation or fear of the other person’s reaction.

This is an excellent quality that we as adults can learn from kids. Satisfying your curiosity fearlessly is the most beneficial and satisfying for your self. Once you get the answer, it will only add to your contentment.

2. Have Fun and Live in the Present Moment

A kid can teach an adult to be fun-loving. Kids make the most of the present moment. They enjoy every moment of theirs and also include others to take part in their fun. They don’t differentiate between people.

They extend their warmth and share it with the one in front of them. This brings in more joy.

Adults generally either live in the past or the future, losing the value of the present. The future is uncertain, and the past cannot be changed, but the present is totally in our control. If one realizes this critical fact, the path of life will become smoother.

Living in the present is like being aware of each moment and realizing how precious each breath is!

3. Speak Your Heart Out

Kids speak out from their heart. Theirs are sincere words without thinking of how the other person might react.

They don’t fake things and speak out the truth. This brings in courage and vitality.

Speaking your heart out not only feels good but is a beneficial and robust move too. It relaxes you and calms each fiber of yours.

Whereas holding back will only keep you lost in your maze of thoughts and prevent you from living in the present moment. But that does not mean you open up to people who do not care about you. You need to be careful of that for sure.

4. Let Small Things Make You Happy

Small things and ordinary things excite kids and make them happy. It may be a new pen, a car ride, a hug, or a dish they like, a word of appreciation from parents or teachers.

Small is big! It’s always the little things that matter more and grow up into big things (maybe memories) over time!

Even a small act of kindness can have a significant impact on someone’s life. This is a virtue that adults can learn from kids and implement it.

Small things can be anything varying from small acts of kindness daily to a cup of tea with a loved one or a daily dose of encouragement from a friend…

5. Do Not Be Afraid to Try Out New Things

Unlike adults, kids are not afraid to learn a new thing or of having a new neighbor, or a shift of job. They have a zest for life.

There are so many trending videos on the Internet these days showing 1-year-old babies swimming in the pool happily or a little older kid playing with a snake. How is it possible that kids can do something we are not able to?

The only reasoning that can justify this is adults often refrain from trying new things due to fear of failure. But trying out new things will not only end the anxiety but expand one’s life state too.

6. Let Your Creative Side Shine Bright Like The Sun


Kids are creative at another level. They do something now and then to try something new. They are ready to fix up things, maybe an electric train, or ready to race with a friend, ride a bike, paint a wall, go in for a new job.

You adults can be creative too. Write a journal, try random doodling, or maybe just capture the beauty of nature through your lens. Perhaps you need a walk to embrace the beauty around you? It is so simple and nourishing for the soul.

Always be ready to go for something new. Nothing should hold you back.Wanna know some interesting facts about creativity?


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7. Adapt To Change Easily

The kids are, in a sense free, free of fear, free of what others would think of them, free of putting up a different self, free of holding on to the past.

They find it simple to make new friends, moving to a new house or a new place, exploring things. They are always looking forward and moving forward with fresh energy.

Adults, on the other hand, find it hard to accept change. We fear to adjust to a new environment because we have a fear of missing out on essential opportunities in the process.

We try and hold to the existing state in which we are because we are filled with uncertainty of success. The change will bring with it.

We can accept the past and create a better future instead of just worrying about it all and pressurizing ourselves.

8. Try To Forgive Others More Often

Kids do tend to fight over small issues. Sometimes with family, sometimes with their friends. But the best part about it is that they never hold back grudges after the fight.

One moment they are angry, the other moment they will come up running to you. This virtue of forgiveness is something we need to learn from them.

Forgiving is not only giving the one in front of us another chance but also relieving ourselves of unwanted thoughts.

Kids do help us understand how forgiving can lighten the burden we keep carrying on in our hearts and live peacefully. This is a priceless virtue that adults can learn from kids.

9. Do Not Pretend To Be Someone Else


Kids never look at anything and pretend they can do it; they never show they know it all even if they do!

They try and carry out things with innocence. They are the same in and out and don’t imitate others.

The majority of adults forget the essence of originality and live under pretense just to be acceptable in society. But all it does is self-harm. Living right to oneself should be the priority on ‘what we as adults can learn from kids’ list.

Appearing to be someone whom we are not and never can be is equivalent to killing our identity. Also, no matter how hard you try, you can never live under pretense for long.

It is far better to stay your original self and instead work on yourself to bring out the best in you!

10. Let Your Imagination Grow

Each day is a fresh start for kids, and they have something new to brainstorm on or to work on. They are full of ideas and willing to quench their curiosity by asking lots of questions.

But we as adults have forgotten to try it in the process of growing up. We need to become more open-minded, have a different perspective of things, and bring that imaginative side once again to rejuvenate our tired selves.

11. Laugh a Little More! Worry a Little Less!

Kids can laugh at each and everything, whether it be a toy breaking off or they tripping over something. That’s because they don’t know what crying is.

Whereas adults are more into worrying about small things, getting baffled when things go work out, or even depressed when they go through significant changes.

Adults need to learn the importance of smiling, maybe laughing at their own mistakes, and enjoy a healthy life. Smiling does not make just you feel better, but the ones around you too!

12. Sharing is Joy in True Sense

Kids have this kind of value of sharing with others. They love sharing things, whether they be small or big, with their friends, family, and loved ones because they do not identify anything as their possession.

They are open to sharing each and everything until they are told they own those things when they grow up and are taught to share wisely.

Adults seem to develop a bit of selfishness with age when all they should teach is selflessness.

13. Do Not Limit Your Dreams

Kids have big and multiple dreams. They do not limit them at all. They believe they can go as far as they want to.

Adults have the fear if not being able to achieve their dreams and so forget them very soon. They start compromising with their desires, not realizing it will only make them regret later.

Adults can learn from kids to dream once again, to live their desires once again, to fearlessly move forward towards their passion and triumph!

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14. Respect Each Life in Front of You


Kids treat everybody the same, irrespective of their gender, caste, or social status. All that matters to them is receiving the same love and affection that they are ready to give.

Adults make it all so complicated by respecting people whom they benefit from. How more selfish can it get?

There are a whole lot of endless things that adults can observe from kids and adopt them in their lives. A majority of adults feel that their childhood was the best part of their lives and will be the most cherished one too. They should understand why they think so.

That is because they were carefree, honest, full of joy, fearless, and lived life in a real way. Growing up changed a lot of that, and they left that curious kid behind.

If that kid were still alive in adults, problems like depression, fear, anxiety, nervousness, stress, and pressure would have never been present in the vast numbers they are today!

So we can conclude that it is indeed true that adults can learn from kids and that too, some of the most beautiful and important lessons of life. It is so surprising, but we have already witnessed it in some way or another.

Let us know more things that adults can learn from kids. You can also share any experience with a kid, or if there are other values that adults can learn from kids in the comment section below!

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