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14 Best Things To Do In Como Italy Next Year

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A high-quality list of things to do in Como Italy.

Como is a province and city in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, just 50-60 kilometers from Milan.

Como lies in proximity to the Lake Como and the Alps and is, therefore, a popular tourist getaway, usually in the months of summer.

The city’s heritage can be seen in the Roman style Villas and Cathedrals, which are an essential part of the town.

Things To Do In Como Italy:

  1. Lake Como:

    A lake of glacial origin and is the third-largest lake in Italy and the fifth deepest in Europe; the lake has been a popular tourist destination for people since Roman times.

    Many artistic and cultural themes are located along the lake, being the Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni, and Villa Carlotta. The creek flows in a characteristic ‘Y’ shape, that forms the ‘Larian Triangle.’

    Lake Como is a popular destination for sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. The small towns lying around the lake are connected by ferry and boat services. It is one of the most popular places to be when in Como Italy.

    Como Italy

  2. Basilica di Sant’Abbondio:

    This Roman Catholic Basilica was built in the 11th Century. It was made by the Benedictines, who gave it the Romanesque style features.

    Built on the commands of St. Amantius of Como, it is located a little out of the city center but one of the worth visit places in Como Italy.

    Two notable Bell Towers feature in the Church, rising at the ends of the outer aisles. A blue and gold decorative ceiling lines the altar of the Church, which has a series of beautiful colored frescoes of religious figures.

    Como Italy

  3. Villa Carlotta:

    Built initially as a Roman upper-class country-house, the Villa Carlotta today houses a museum and a botanical garden in the commune of Tremezzo in Como Italy.

    Since the death of the original owners till the commencement of WWI, the Villa has changed ownership from various hands. Namely, Giovanni Sommariva, an Italian banker and politician, Princess Marianna, wife of the Prince of Prussia and a German aristocrat, before it was turned to a charitable trust dedicated to its care.

    The Villa features a 20 acres Italian garden that houses cedars, palms, redwoods, camellia trees, and a bamboo garden. The museum consists of artworks and sculptures from renowned artists.

    Como Italy

  4. Bellagio:

    A commune in the Province of Como Lombardy, it is located on the base of the inverted ‘Y’ that is the Larian Triangle. It looks north to the lake and behind it is the Alps.

    The land of Bellagio is home to churches like Basilica of St. James, Church of Giorgio and San Martino, etc. There are also many villas on the banks of the lakes, Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi d’Este, which are surrounded by parks and gardens.

    The Bellagio municipality in Como Italy is also a prominent destination for rowing, trekking, and cycling, with many facilities there to assist you. The traditional Bellagino cuisine includes the Toch, taken with red wine and a dessert, miasma.

    Como Italy

  5. Como Cathedral:

    It is the principal Roman Catholic Cathedral of the city of Como and the seat of the Bishop of Como Italy. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and its construction started in 1396. It is described as the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy.

    Como Cathedral features the statues of Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger, two prominent figures of the ancient Roman Empire.

    The interior of the Chruch features beautiful and lavish decorations, one of the main attractions being the central dome, which boasts of a shiny gold artwork.

    Como Italy

  6. Brunate:

    Brunate is a town in the province of Como Italy, located at an elevated level, on the hills, overlooking the city of Como lying on the shores of the lake.

    Brunate is linked to Como by a steep, narrow winding road, served by the Como to Brunate funicular railway. Open to both tourists and locals, it has been operated since 1894, the line is 1,084 meters long.

    The top of the hill town serves a magnificent view of Lake Como & the village of Cernobbio.

    Como Italy

  7. Villa del Balbianello:

    A Villa, located in the commune of Lenno in Como, this exotic Villa has existed for a long time in Como, Italy. Like the other Villas in Como, the Villa Balbianello has also changed hands from various owners.

    American business Butler Ames purchased the Villa and renovated it with a beautiful sprawling garden. Count Guido Monzino installed several artifacts, oriental carpets, and 18th Century French boiserie and furniture into the Villa.

    The Villa is also a sought out location for weddings by wealthy individuals, the Bollywood couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Kapoor got wed here in 2018. The Villa has also been featured in Casino Royale, the brilliant James Bond film.

    Como Italy

  8. Como Archaeological Museum:

    Located on the Piazza Medaglie, Como, if you an enthusiast of history, art, and sculpture, then this museum is a must-visit place for you.

    The first floor of the museum is dedicated to artifacts of the Egyptian and Greek dynasties. On the other level, you will find objects, sculptures, artworks, and paintings, etc., which are lined with information boards that help you to learn about the history of the local Kings and Roman Empire.

    The Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays and is connected to the Museum of Giuseppi Garibaldi.

    Como Italy

  9. Cernobbio:

    A commune in the province of Como, Cernobbio lies 2 kilometers northwest of Como and shares a border with Switzerland on the Lake Como.

    The commune holds the Villa D’Este, which contains the Ambrosetti Forum, an international economic conference, every year in September. Cernobbio also keeps the Villa Erba, which is a popular destination for movie shoots, live music performances, and gathering for wealthy people.

    There are some prominent restaurants and cafe located at the shore of the Lake where you can have a break, while you enjoy watching boats sailing and fishers fishing in the waters of Como Italy.

    Como Italy

  10. Menaggio:

    Located at the Western shore of the Lake Como, Menaggio is yet another commune in Como Italy. Known as a resort town and retreat in summer, the collective features some good restaurants and luxury resorts in the Lake.

    Menaggio is also lined with mountains that have a limestone origin and offer prolific views of the neighboring communes, pastures, and the lake. If you are a Golf enthusiast, then you can spend some time at the Menaggio Golf Club.

    Many events take place in this particular town, a prominent one being the Menaggio Guitar Festival, where talented guitarists show off their skills.

    Como Italy

  11. Il Farcito, Como:

    If you are looking ahead at a long and hectic day of traveling, exploring and walking, then you need a good meal or breakfast in you, before you proceed with your day.

    Il Farcito is one such joint located in Como, Italy. It opens up at 7:00 am, and they will happily serve you, a delicious cup of coffee to get you ready for the day.

    There are several choices for an excellent filling breakfast, you can try the traditionally made pasta, with a side of healthy salad and croissants. The price of the dishes is also known to be on the affordable side.

    Como Italy

  12. Teatro Sociale:

    Teatro Sociale is a theatre that was constructed in 1813 on the site of the ruined medieval castle, Torre Rotonda.

    The structure features a neo-classic facade, with the prominent features of the theatre being the 900 seat house divided into five tiers. The outside of the Teatro features six Corinthian column pronaos (portico/porch) that hold the neo-classical facade of the structure.

    Also, events and operas are conducted here from time to time, so if you are lucky, you can get to attend one.

    Como Italy

  13. Villa Olmo:

    Another one of the classic majestic Villas in Como Italy, the Villa Olmo, was constructed at the end of the 18th Century and has been occupied by a few Italian aristocratic families.

    As of now, the Villa, like the other Villas in Como, is managed by authorized charities and groups. The Villa features a large estate, the majority of which is covered by a beautiful garden accessible to the general public.

    The main building is reserved for exhibitions and is also available for booking of wedding receptions. The Villa Olmo provides a glorious view of the Lake Como and is a must-visit for every tourist.

    Como Italy

  14. Shop Away in Como:

    Bellagio, the commune in Como Italy, is not just known for trekking and sailing; it is also a prominent shopping center.

    Visit Azalea – Silk of Como, where you will find high-quality Italian clothing and silk products. Also, be sure to visit Bellagioseta, where you will see for yourself classy genuine leather products that you can take home as a souvenir.

    If you are fond of carrying brilliant rare scented perfumes with yourself, do give Profumeria Bellagio a visit. Also, it will make excellent gifts. Bellagio is also known for rarely curated wines that are available in tiny wine shops, shipped directly from the wineries.

    Visit Alimentari Da Caio, browse through the collection of wines, taste a few, and buy the ones you like.

    Como Italy

Como is a tiny little heaven placed as a retreat in Northern Italy.

The Lake Como, the magnificent Roman-style Villas, and Gothic style Basilicas, have given Como a cultural identity of its own.

Do visit Como if you ever intend to go to Milan or Italy!


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