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14 Most Romantic Stay at Home Date Ideas

stay at home date ideas

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If you are researching spice up your love life at home, stay-at-home date ideas are your best shot. Having a romantic set-up date at home says so much about you. Your best bet to winning a woman over and keep winning her even after you have her is your efforts. It is all about efforts when it comes to women; they like sweet gestures and well-thought-out efforts.

It is not just about paying for dinner, big no, and it is the small things that matter more than the occasional big gestures. She already knows you will do something nice for her on her birthday and valentine’s day, but what about the rest of the year? So, your best shot to make your loved one happy is by searching stay at home date ideas. And here we are with the best ones.

There is more to stay-at-home date ideas than just Netflix and chill; you people have it so wrong. The number of activities that can be planned in your house to have a romantic time is very understated. Pick the ideas your partner likes out of all the stay-at-home date ideas below and make that simple but romantic gesture, these little things go a long way, and this will definitely make their day or even their week!


Stay at Home Date Ideas


  1. Play Board Games

One of our first date night ideas had to be board games. Not just board games, UNO is also a great way to go or any card game. You get to see the competitive side of your loved one.

It is an easy set up to at home, have a glass of wine (or maybe the whole bottle) and take out the games. It is super fun and a good way to relax.

  1. Bake Dessert


Cooking for just 2 in a relaxed way, helping each other make cookies or a cake. Eating raw batter and taste testing. All this is included in a romantic date, and this is a good chance to show off your baking skills: Bake brownies, cookies, cupcakes, or a whole cake. Feed chocolate to each other or whipped cream. Who doesn’t love that, am I right?

Food fights are also a good go-to sign if your partner is into being mischievous and fun.

  1. Make Craft

If you or your partner is into DIY stuff, crafting is the way to go. There is a lot of options when it comes to this stay-at-home date idea. You could make something from scratch like photo frames, small jewelry, or even DIY tie-dye t-shirts, they look cute, and you could always go out twinning in them.

You could always make this experience more fun and romantic with a little wine and cheese platter on the side. 

  1. Salon Day

Salon day is the best way to pamper your partner. Who doesn’t love a good day of pampering?

You could go each other’s facials, there are various kinds of facials and applying that to each other’s faces is a cute picture to have in mind. You could soak your feet in hot water and relax, and you could give each other massages.

Applying face masks sheets and cucumbers on your eyes and drinking cucumber water screams pamper session. Super cool, relaxed and romantic, and thoughtful. Perfect.

  1. Camping

The next idea on our stay-at-home date ideas is camping. A tiny two-person tent in the living room or a backyard if you have one. A night under the stars, you could have a little bonfire, make smores, and talk. To make it a whole experience in the wilderness, make a rule to leave all your electronics indoors.

Talk about your plans or your childhood and enjoy each other’s company. A night under the stars is as romantic as it gets, and eating smores is the perfect cherry on top.

  1. Karaoke

It’s time to take your shower concerts into the living room and show that talent in the open. You don’t need to own a whole karaoke machine for this, there are plenty of apps out there, and there is always YouTube, sing along to songs that mean something to you as a couple. Sing songs that make the other laugh out loud.

This simple idea can turn any day into a fun date and might be one of the best ones you ever had. 

  1. Blind Food Tasting

For a couple who are into food and into being adventurous, this is the perfect date who turns a simple meal into a special one. Our next idea in our list of stay-at-home date ideas is blind food tasting.  All you need to do is prepare cube-sized bites of various foods, a blindfold, and some wine to lighten up the mood even more.

You can feed each other these little bites and make them guess it. Turn this little thing into a game and keep score!

  1. Sketch or Paint

Even if you don’t know how to paint, this can be a super fun idea. You can sketch each other and laugh like crazy when you see how they painted you. Throw paint at each other to spice up things, or even there is a paint by number kit and be very serious about the project.

In the end, a romantic date of painting or sketching can easily consume many hours of your day and a good release of your creative skills to be out, and you might get to see the bossy or competitive out of you both.

  1. Game Night


Game night can mean many things, and you can play twister or plan a scavenger hunt and set up a whole treasure at the end. You could buy a huge puzzle and make your mission to complete it. Ask each other 100 questions, and there are so many games out there. You can fill your entire day with these games, and it is one of the classics say at home date ideas ever.

  1. Binge TV Together

Netflix and chill might be one of the very popular stay at home date ideas, which is for a reason.

Have a movie marathon, start a TV series together, eat a huge bowl of popcorn, and order tons of take-out food. It’s a whole day of chilling and sharing a vibe, with no stress of work or responsibilities or any of the day-to-day stress of life.

It is just you, your partner, good television, and tons of food. A perfect date idea and also a must in our busy lives schedule, we all deserve it.

  1. Bubble Bath


Our next handpicked idea from our stay-at-home date ideas is having a bubble bath together, obviously. All you need is some scented aroma candles, some flower petals, chill some wine and some good bath salts, and you are good to go.

It doesn’t just sound romantic, and there are many scientifically proven health benefits when it comes to taking a bath. It improves your heart health and helps you breathe better. It even helps you relax your muscles or joints or, most importantly, your nervous system.

Taking a bubble bath is not just being intimate with your loved ones and making them happy. It is about caring about them and their mental health, and it is pampering them because they deserve this. And the biggest thing, after a bath, the sleep that follows it, you will be knocked out for 10 hours, that is how much relaxing a bubble bath can be.

  1. Write Letters to Each Other

This is the most romantic idea for a date at home. Professing your love in a letter like the old days, away from all the texting. Writing each other letters can be for them to read at that moment, for a year later, or at a specific time that means something to you as a couple, or you can make it into a time capsule and bury it into the ground.

Make it big letters, as cheesy as possible. Write everything you would want them to know, all your secrets and all the feelings you never had a chance to say.

  1. Looking at Stars


Laying down beside your partner and stargazing is always the most romantic scene in the movies. And it is very easy to pull it off in your home too. Laying down under the sky full of stars and talking about things that matter to you, making promises, and sharing your feelings. It is the best way to know how much you love them, and the romantic setting is a sky full of stars; it is perfect.

  1. Decorate Mugs for Each Other

At the end of this simple date, you will have gifts for each other, and it doesn’t get better than getting gifts. All you need is plain colored mugs, some acrylic paint, and brushes. You can personalize these everyday mugs for your partner. It would turn into a meaningful gift at the end, which they will love every day.


These are some of our handpicked suggestions for our stay-at-home date ideas. A day of romance with your partner in your cozy home is a must for every couple. 



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