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15 Alluring Female Archetypes

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priyanka ohri
Ms. Priyanka Ohri is a Human Developmentalist. She is pursuing a master's in Human development from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and sustains a graduation degree in home science with a specialization in Human development from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She is an empathetic listener and an articulate writer.

Female archetypes are the ones who personify the highest expression of feminine energies, qualities, thoughts, and behaviors that a woman displays.

We all have Divine feminine and masculine archetypes within us, and each of them is present on both small and large scales.

Studying different female archetypes will help a woman be aware of her identity, future aspirations, likes and dislikes, and ways to precisely utilizing her strengths and weaknesses.

15 Alluring Female Archetypes You Must Be Aware Of

Carl Jung is a psychoanalyst who has done numerous studies on archetypes. According to him, archetypes are the foundation of all our unlearned, intuitive patterns of behavior. Each archetype depicts a different type of person with definite characteristics and energy.

Everyone usually observes segments of all archetypes within themselves but often relates with one or two of them more firmly than the rest. Such knowledge about archetypes will help reflect on the qualities a person already possesses and cultivate desirable energy.

Read about 13 feminine seduction archetypes. Each archetype also has some negative qualities along with positive characteristics. It is vital to be aware of the shadow side of each archetype. 

1. The Lover or The Beloved

The lover
Photo by Hannah Cook on Unsplash

The lover, also known as the beloved, is imaginative, passionate, attractive, playful, and confident. She is attached to her sensuality, emotions, and desires to build a powerful connection.

The lover craves intimacy, exciting relationships and openly expresses herself. She possesses a passion for life and stays determined to achieve that passion.

She loves to be the center of attraction and attracts wealth and abundance for her life. Her love can be relieving, but she can use her feminine power to get what she wants.

The lover or beloved has to be careful; otherwise, her emotion can run wild. She can become less focused, and due to her fear of being alone, she could hamper her self-esteem.

The Dark Side

  • The lover can use her sexuality to manipulate others.
  • She can be a dominating woman.
  • She can attract drama in her life.
  • She lacks self-love, self-esteem and has a falsified image of the physical self.

Way To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Express your creativity through drawing and painting.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that boost your self-confidence.
  • Prepare and eat delicious food.
  • Dance.
  • Practice meditation to enjoy the present moment of life.

2. The Innocent Maiden

The innocent maiden
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

The Innocent Maiden personifies youth, enthusiasm, purity, sensitivity, introverted nature, thoughtful and empathetic, sees the world through the uncorrupted eyes of a child and desires much from life.

She stays comfortable in her skin and feels authentic in who she is and how she portrays herself to the world. She carries more inner strength than she is aware of.

The Maiden phase is usually witnessed in a woman’s life before discovering her career ambitions or entering the marriage and motherhood stage. She is yet to find her true self while enjoying the journey to reach there. And, she is fearless who breaks certain rules on her way.

The Dark Side

  • She is obedient.
  • She lacks life experiences.
  • She represents a young woman who has just started something new in her life.
  • She stays passive and unaware of her dreams.
  • She lacks self-confidence.
  • She allows herself to gain motivation from a different source rather than herself.
  • She is vulnerable to be caught in an abusive relationship.
  • She can easily get manipulated.
  • She becomes easily attached to people and things.
  • She believes in pleasing people rather than letting them go.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Become creative.
  • Make plans with loved ones.
  • Indulge in conscious decisions.

3. The Nurturing Mother

The nurturing mother
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

The Nurturing Mother is one of the most pleasurable female archetypes where she is the foremost caretaker who has a strong perspective instinct. She seeks to develop deep familiarity in her relationships and always uses kind words to soothe her loved ones. She is caring, generous, compassionate, and can look after others.

The Nurturing Mother believes in putting others’ needs before her own, loses her sense of self, and allows others to question her giving nature easily.

The mother is compared with the Earth, who nourishes everyone on her planet and gives everything to them in a large amount. Similarly, the Mother worries about her beloveds. She teaches us to trust, follow a passion, and maintain balance in our lives.

The Dark side

  • She sometimes over gives in a relationship.
  • She can become codependent.
  • She can experience a loss of self.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Nurture your loved ones.
  • Take care of your home and family.
  • Create something using your creativity and hands.
  • Spend time with Mother Earth.
  • Learn to be resourceful.
  • Don’t be afraid to put your set priorities.

4. The Queen

The Queen
Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

 The Queen is one of the autocratic female archetypes representing a woman’s strong commitment to duty, courtesy, and leadership. She stays completely confident, highly extroverted, and deeply committed to her partners.

She is loyal, gives importance to her marriage, and takes it quite seriously. Therefore, contributing to be the perfect queen to her king.

She values the importance of working on herself with the support of the best mentors. She keeps growing and succeeding in life.

The Dark Side

  • She lacks the presence of her husband by her side due to the idealization of commitment.
  • She is prone to jealousy.
  • She is often unable to build a strong bond with other women.
  • She considers other women as a threat to her throne.
  • She can become judgmental.
  • She remains image-conscious.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Being a woman, invest in yourself.
  • Make thoughtful decisions.
  • Stay assisted by great advisors.

5. The Huntress

The Huntress
Image by Mark Frost from Pixabay

This female archetype describes a woman’s innermost desire to act independently, achieve great things, and consciously focus on her passion and goals. She is a figure of female dominance, achievement, freedom, and fearlessness. The Huntress owns many qualities to look up to, and she feels an unusual kinship with other women.

The Dark Side

  • She may face trouble while placing someone else into her life.
  • She can become emotionally distant.
  • She gives utmost importance to her achievements.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Expose yourself to a new goal or challenge.
  • Explore the outdoor activities, including adventure.
  • Spend time with yourself every day.
  • Interact with different people and give them a chance to be a part of your life.

6. The Wise Woman

The wise woman
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

The Wise Woman is a balanced woman who values deep knowledge, high discipline, and strategy above everything else. She is a learner who seeks to know more and always listens to her mind instead of her heart.

She has immense emotional objectivity and critical thinking. Therefore she may feel more comfortable with men than with women.

The Wise Woman is also sometimes known as the Crone. The Wise Woman is the one who has gone through a loss of fertility, external beauty, activity, and youth. But she shares her experience and knowledge with others freely during this phase. The wise woman stays aware and awake but can be introverted and attached to her intuition.

The Dark Side

  • The wise woman lacks female companions.
  • She fails to work upon her emotional intelligence.
  • She keeps acute patience for idealists.
  • She can socially isolate herself due to her introverted nature.
  • She may struggle to develop a sense of belongingness in the outer world.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Share and impart your knowledge and wisdom to others.
  • Practice meditation, reading, and journalism to build a strong connection with the Divine.
  • Grasp opportunities to connect to the outer world.

7. The Mystic

The Mystic woman
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

It is a female archetype that symbolizes a woman’s inclination towards cultivating her inner peace. She strives to find a home within herself. The mystic woman stays introspective and intuitive. She naturally inclines into her spiritual side, avoiding the limelight.

The Dark Side

  • She becomes too introverted at times, especially when it comes to express her emotions.
  • Her introverted nature could allow others to overlook her or keep her at a distance.

8. The Outlaw

This female archetype personifies alert, untamed women and has a powerful soul to challenge the status quo. She intensely believes in her intuition, stays determined by herself and her desires. The outlaw is a confident woman who demands a plethora for herself. Nevertheless, she enjoys seclusion and directs her energy on inner fulfillment.

The Dark Side

  • She can become chaotic.
  • She works unpredictably.
  • She acts as a destructive soul for others.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Spend time with herself, understanding her thoughts.
  • Set clear boundaries in her life.
  • Practice communicating with others with honesty.
  • Believe in taking a stand for what she is aware of.

9. The Scholar

The scholar
Photo by Davis Sanchez from Pexels

One of the leading female archetypes is the scholar, also known as the Sage in Jungian Psychology, a package of wisdom and knowledge. She is introspective and trusts her intuition. She remains peaceful and sincere.

She is secure and delighted in who she is and doesn’t compare herself with others. She is an educator who shares her wisdom freely with others.

The Scholar is the one who completely assimilates her shadow side by learning from her mistakes and turning wounds into wisdom.

The Dark Side

  • She becomes introverted sometimes.
  • She may feel isolated.
  • She might lack belongingness.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • By teaching others about wisdom.
  • By reading about interesting topics.
  • By embracing change in life.
  • By learning to let go of things and people and cherish what you have at present.

10. The Explorer

The explorer is one of the kinds of female archetypes that define women as beings with a vibrant soul who lives life on their own conditions. She works hard toward her goals to achieve them.

The explorer is fearless, competitive, and self-reliant. Therefore, she doesn’t need a partner to complete the motive of her life. She is an activist and takes a stand for what she believes in.

The Dark Side

  • She avoids indulging in vulnerability.
  • She easily pushes people away.
  • She can dislike other women.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • By starting a new adventure or take on a new challenge.
  • By setting goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • By raising her voice for a cause, she believes in.

11. The Enchantress

This female archetype takes place in a woman’s life after her childbearing years but before menopause. The Enchantress welcomes a very different phase of her life when her children grow up or leave home, providing her an opportunity to rediscover herself in later stages of life.

She becomes matured and clear to lead herself in the new journey. She devotes herself to take care of her grandchildren.

The Dark Side

  • She can lose her sense of love once her children get occupied in their own life.
  • She sometimes feels empty and unfulfilled.
  • She could withdraw herself from life and miss out on the opportunity to rediscover herself.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Scrutinize old and new hobbies, passions, and interests.
  • Take support from friends and families at the time of need.
  • Embrace new stages of life.
  • Integrate yourself into your community.

12. The Creatrix

The creatrix
Photo by Matthieu Jungfer on Unsplash

This feminine archetype showcases women as the artist, the writer, the poet, and the storyteller. She shows dedication in revealing herself through creativity without worrying about external judgment.

She is overflowed with ideas from a deep place within. She is an honest, integrated, and purposeful person.

The Dark Side

  • The creatrix doubts herself and the inspirations she receives from the Divine.
  • She can become paranoid.
  • She can imitate other’s ideas and ventures in fear that hers are not good enough.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Discover the cause of self-doubt to heal from it.
  • Give yourself time to understand the purpose of challenges.
  • Build a connection with your soul.
  • Never entertain limiting beliefs that you are not creative.

13. The Wild Woman

The wild woman
Photo by DIEGO SANCHEZ on Unsplash

Women experience this female archetype in days, weeks, months, or life. She who confronts her dark side keeps a feminine soul and feels comfortable with her body.

The Wild Woman lives with passion, creativity, and a strong connection with her inner wisdom. Therefore, she is wild in every sense of the word.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Become aware of your weaknesses and work upon them.
  • Be aware of your deepest emotions and feelings.
  • Know yourself intimately.
  • Reveal your raw and authentic nature.

14. The Priestess

The priestess archetype defines a woman who merges with her intuition, trusts and accepts Divine guidance, and gets inspired. This female archetype allows women to live an inspired and fulfilled life.

The Priestess feels comfortable and connected to nature. She turns out to be the one with a sensitive soul which is spiritually connected to her and the Divine. She desires to gain knowledge with patience on different matters.

The Dark Side

  • The priestess may face difficulty in differentiating her ego and intuition.
  • She may feel confused and anxious while choosing between the path of society and her soul.
  • She may struggle to accept her body.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Be connected with nature.
  • Practice meditation to connect with your body.
  • Interrogate yourself if you are living the life of your choice or not.
  • Try to help other women who are struggling.

15. The Healer

The healer
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

The healer deeply nurtures and nourishes herself and others (friends, family, community). She loves unconditionally, enabling herself to create strong, genuine, and healthy relationships with others.

She explains with patience and compassion how acceptance of love and grief can transform one’s life. She supports others and stands with them during challenging times.

The Dark Side

  • She feels responsible for solving everyone’s problems.
  • She can feel neglected and drained of her resources due to her overgiving nature.
  • She can give importance to self-gratification as the driving force to offer help to others.

Ways To Assimilate This Archetype

  • Create space for yourself from the start.
  • Indulge in the art of active listening.
  • Offer support and help from the sideline rather than taking complete responsibility.
  • Be aware of your true intentions for offering help.

Women Cycle Through These Female Archetypes Everyday

We can experience all of the above-mentioned female archetypes within us at any point in life, or we could have any combination of them at any time.

Certain female archetypes are more common during peculiar times of a woman’s life. For example, when a woman is rearing her children, she is likely to assimilate the Mother archetype. When a woman is administering her business, she is likely to activate the Queen archetype. And when a woman is engaged in creating something, she will activate her Creatrix archetype.

Each woman is different from one another, possessing different ambitions, passion, and shortcomings. Some women experience all female archetypes in their life whereas some don’t. Strong identification of each archetype is vital to radiate appropriate energy in society.

But when a woman activates different female archetypes at once and uses them through every moment of the day, she will feel uncertain and undirected about herself. Some archetypes work harmoniously together, and some clash.

Remember, this is the enactment of a lifetime, and women work with these female archetypes throughout their lives as they mature, walk through their soul path and evolve.

About the author

Ms. Priyanka Ohri is a Human Developmentalist. She is pursuing a master's in Human development from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and sustains a graduation degree in home science with a specialization in Human development from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She is an empathetic listener and an articulate writer.

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