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15 Exciting Festivals in Indiana

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Are you planning to visit Indiana to celebrate the festivals in Indiana? You surely cannot miss out on this list of Indiana’s unique festivals then. The State of Indiana celebrates its rich heritage and various special events throughout the year with a lot of enthusiasm.

Indiana always has a reason to celebrate its music fests, cardinals, car shows, art fairs, cultural crafts, cultural heritage, and many more. People all over the country come along to celebrate and enjoy Indiana’s festivals and events.

To know more about the festivals in Indiana, keep reading.

15 Exciting Festivals in Indiana to Check Out

1. Festivals in Indiana: Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival

Festivals of Indiana

In 1966, Bean Blossom Festival was started by Bill Monroe. Every year, the bluegrass festival is hosted at the Bill Monroe Music Park, Indiana. The bean blossom is a music festival of African-American blues and jazz. It is an excellent place to enjoy bluegrass music.

An album was recorded named as Bean Blossom at the festival in the year 1973. Since then, every year, almost 20,000 people began to attend the Bean Blossom Festival actively. In 1979, Dry Branch Fire Squad, a well-known band performed at this festival. In 1985, this festival was considered the biggest bluegrass festival in the United States.

2. Festivals in Indiana: Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration

The Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration is a cultural event in the United States that brings out careers, education, and healthy lifestyle opportunities. Apart from this, free concerts, films and celebrity basketball programs are also held. Every year an increasing number of people attend this event at the Indiana Convention Centre.

3. Festivals in Indiana: Circus City Festival

In 1960, The Circus City Festival came into existence to give people a wonderful experience of the Circus heritage in Peru, Indiana. In July, around 200 people enjoy the Circus City Festival, an eight-day festival where young individuals from 7 to 21years exhibit their talents and perform. This festival also includes a variety of games, several rides, foods, and arts.

4. Festivals in Indiana: Indiana State Fair

In October 1852, the Indiana State Fair was held for the first time. However, every year, usually in August, the state fair is held at Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Indianapolis. This fair consists of some best food and drinks. People can expect concerts, amusement park games, and rides. They also get to enjoy art contests, marching band contests, and hot-air balloon races.

5. Festivals in Indiana: Three Rivers Festival

Amidst the many festivals in Indiana, the Three Rivers Festival was first held in the year 1969. This festival begins on the first Saturday after Independence Day. People get to enjoy the art, bed race, food, trivia night, children’s fest, and three rivers festival parade with their family and friends.

The Three Rivers Festival events prohibit animals such as dogs, cats, goats, birds, or emu.

6. Festivals in Indiana: Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and Festival

Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and Festival is an eventful festival among the various festivals of Indiana. This festival celebrates art and culture. People visiting this festival can be hopeful of meeting Native American artists.

These visitors also purchase handmade art and craft, which includes pottery work, beadwork, jewelry work, cultural items, paintings, sculpture, basketry, and weavings. Native American musicians and cultural demonstrations of native art, storytelling and cooking will mark their weekend performances.

7. Festivals in Indiana: Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival

Amish Acres Festival gives a beautiful experience of craftwork. On the first weekend of August, the Amish Acres Arts and Crafts Festival is held every year.

The Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival is held at the 80-acre farm in the lap of nature. People here can explore the craftsmen’s marketplace at an outdoor location around the Amish farm’s pond. The festival displays various sculptures, pottery, textiles, woodwork, drawings, paintings, wearable art, and jewelry.

8. Festivals in Indiana: Indianapolis 500 Festival

Every year, in the month of may, Indianapolis 500 Festival is held. The 500 Festival is the State’s largest festival for kids and the nation’s largest parade. This festival aims to give rise to life-enhancing events and maintain the Indianapolis 500 Festival’s legacy in the State of Indiana.

The Indianapolis 500 Festival includes the 500 Festival mini-mini, the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. Rolls-Royce presents the Festival Memorial Service, and KeyBank offers IPL 500 Festival Parade and 500 Festival off the Grid.

9. Festivals in Indiana: Zoopolis 500

Festivals in Indiana

The American Dairy Association Indiana presents the Zoopolis 500 event. The festival is a family-friendly event, the greatest spectacle in Tortoise Racing, and the oldest Indianapolis event. The Zoopolis 500 festival is celebrated in the last week of May every year.

People here can expect to meet 500 Festival Princesses and gets to click with a giant milk jug. Next, you get to see and cheer the tortoises as they race up, on the track, for the event. They don’t run for a trophy; instead, they get delicious fruits after arriving at the finishing line.

As soon as the race is over, the American Dairy Association Indiana brings in a pit crew member who has to join the winner’s circle. The pit crew member drinks a glass of the American Dairy milk on behalf of the winning tortoise.

In case you are planning to visit Indiana next year in May, don’t miss out on the Zoopolis 500 festival.

10. Festivals in Indiana: Marshall County Blueberry Festival

Marshall County Blueberry Festival is a four-day event held at the Centennial Park Plymouth, Indiana. The Blueberry Festival is an annual fruit festival of the State that is solely dedicated to Blueberry as it is the most popular fruit of Indiana.

This festival puts forward various blueberry specialties that include blueberry cheesecakes, pies, sundaes, ice cream shakes, and many more. The Blueberry Festival Parade is the highlight of the Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

If you are a blueberry lover, you certainly can’t miss out on this festival.

11. Festivals in Indiana: Valparaiso Popcorn Festival

15 Exciting Festivals in Indiana 1

The Valparaiso Popcorn Festival is a popcorn fest that is held in the State of Indiana in honor of the late Orville Redenbacher and popcorn mogul. Every year, the Saturday after labor day, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

The highlight of this festival is the popcorn parade featuring a popcorn theme and marching bands. The crowd here can witness a variety of fine arts booths, crafts, and food. Kids here get to enjoy the Kid’s Poppin Play Place. The popcorn festival hosts different activities such as the Cutest Baby Contest and the Hot Wheels Contest.

In Central Park Plaza, different charities and businesses offer daily lunch and dinner events held under the Orville Redenbacher tent.

12. Festivals in Indiana: Indy Jazz Fest

This fest took place for the first time in the year 1999. The Indy fest is the annual jazz festival of Indiana.

People from different parts of the country join in to celebrate the Indy Jazz Fest. This fest is also a multi-venue festival, which includes outdoor stage events as well. Local jazz artists such as David Baker, Slide Hampton and Jimmy Coe are the spotlight of this event.

13. Festivals in Indiana: Indy International Festival

Indy International Festival is one of the unique festivals in Indiana, which includes fun-filled activities to be enjoyed by families and friends. This festival exhibits more than 50 ethnic groups to represent and share their cultural traditions and histories.

Indy International Festival highlights more than 20 ethnic vendors’ authentic food, ethnic music, and dance performances by local and national groups. Volunteers dressed up in their traditional outfits host the cultural booths where people reconnect with their heritage and culture. Some artisans demonstrate their unique cultural art and crafts.

14. Festivals in Indiana: Viking Fest

Viking fest is a historical event which is celebrated for 3 days in central Indiana. This festival highlights music, food, and reenactments. Various activities are spread and scheduled for each of the 3 days.

Different vendors set the audience up with all sorts of authentic Viking gear. Other vendors sell all kinds of drinks and foods such as scotch eggs, giant turkey legs, and many more.

This unique fest also includes an educational experience.

15. Festivals in Indiana: Talbot Street Art Fair

15 Exciting Festivals in Indiana 2

The Talbot Street Art Fair is a fun-filled, family-friendly event. This festival has a wide range of artistic styles for all to celebrate and enjoy.

The art festival gathers more than 270 artists from across the country. It is ranked as one of the top art fests in the U.S. Talbot Street Art Fair is one of the top 100 fine arts events in the Sunshine Artist Magazine. This street art festival exhibits fine arts and fine crafts of top-quality.

The Talbot Street Art Fair has various crafts and sculptures, clothing, and jewelry that attracts all ages to celebrate and enjoy.

These are the various festivals in Indiana that attract a huge number of visitors every year to visit Indiana to be a part of these festivals and celebrate their music, culture, history, sculpture, art, craft, and many more such fun-filled events.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on these exciting festivals in Indiana, visit Indiana and let us know about your experiences.

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