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15 Incredible Good Things About Being Short!

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 We get it, we’re little. But what you don’t get is just how lucky we are. There are some good things about being short. We might have it rough but being short has its perks too. The list of good things about being short is probably longer than we are.

We’ve all heard our fair share of the short girl jokes. Yes, we’re might be closer to hell, but we also know that if the sky falls it’s going to hit the tall people first. I’m here to tell you not to feel sorry about your height. Haters are still going to hate no matter how tall or short you are. It’s just what they do. But you’ve got to learn how to ignore it, embrace yourself. Don’t be ashamed and don’t sulk about it.

I think the ‘short-people’ jokes are getting a little old now, don’t you? Pro tip: If you’re short and someone’s bothering you, you’re also closer to and have a better aim at kicking their shins. It’s about time that you learn how to love life anyway. We get that you love using us as an armrest but there’s so much more to us than that.

They always say that the best things come in small packages and to remind you of that, here are 15 good things about being short

15 incredible things about being short:

1.Shopping in the kid’s section

When you’re a girl with a strong passion for fashion and have a constant need to keep up with the latest trends and having a new outfit for every occasion, all that shopping can get pretty heavy on the wallet. But if you’re short, you’re in luck! The biggest size from the kid’s section should fit you just about right.

Clothing in the kid’s section is also always super fun and cute and a lot cheaper than shopping in the adult section. Yay, you!

When you’re a girl with a strong passion for fashion and have a constant need to keep up with the latest trends and having a new outfit for every occasion, all that shopping can get pretty heavy on the wallet. But if you’re short, you’re in luck! The biggest size from the kid’s section should fit you just about right.

Clothing in the kid’s section is also always super fun and cute and a lot cheaper than shopping in the adult section. Yay, you!

2. You can take naps literally anywhere

Here’s another good thing about being short, because you’re so compact you can literally take naps anywhere. Be it a small couch, the back seat of a car, a bean bag, an arm-chair, or even the smallest corner of the bed when the rest is a mess? You’ll fit in perfectly and nap away without care. Being short never felt so good. Am I right?

3. You are automatically adorable

How great is it being cute 24/7 without even trying? By nature, people find things that are tinier or smaller in comparison. Boys are always looking for a cute, short girlfriend. Trends like pastel pop makeup or Kawaii? You’ve got them in the bag.

You also give off great first impressions and get along well with strangers because you come off as less intimidating as compared to taller people. You seem a lot more approachable and that’s something that could always come in handy. They do say that short girls are the cutest for a reason.

4. You get the best hugs

This one can definitely be at the top of the list of good things about being short.

Even though it’s a little harder for taller boys to physically hug you because of the height difference, the awkwardness is a great ice-breaker. You have the perfect height for hugs from both tall and other short people. Whenever you hug someone you can bury yourself in their chest and even hear their heartbeat.

Let’s not forget about the fact that the height difference is ideal for forehead kisses. And bingo! You automatically get to be the little spoon during cuddles. Boys will also often pick you up to hug and well ladies, when has that ever been a bad thing?

5. You don’t face any problems with legroom


No matter where you are. An airplane, a crowded bus, train car seat, subway, etc- You never face problems with not having enough legroom. You can choose to sit in the back seat on road trips and sleep the whole time while your taller friends have to navigate and drive the entire time. You can travel comfortably even in the economy class because the legroom is always just enough.

It’s also easier for you to get in and out of tight spaces like the seats of these mediums of transport. Even if you have to carpool and the others are finding it hard to squeeze into one car, you’ll fit in perfectly in any tiny space without any problems.

6. People are always willing to help you

Because you look adorably helpless in certain situations, like wanting something from a top shelf at the grocers or reaching the jar of cookies kept in the last cupboard, strangers and even loved ones will always want to help you out.

Even if they see you struggling with heavy bags, they’ll offer or even insist that you let them carry them for you. This is also a great way to meet new people. Be it the cute clerk at your supermarket or simply a good Samaritan who ends up becoming a great friend.

7. The front row seats

Be it a concert, a flash mob on the street, a protest rally or even a catfight in the school canteen, you’ll always automatically get to watch from the front row because you’re shorter than most people and they can look over you. They’ll always let you in the front and you can watch the action up-close.

Another good thing about being short is that this gives you the perfect opportunity to capture those music concerts and sight-seeing shows on Snapchat and save those memories from up close that you’ll cherish forever.

8. Wearing whatever you want

Even the tiniest crop tops and miniskirts or dresses will look tasteful on you. Because the length covers you perfectly without making the outfit look ‘too-revealing’. You can wear whatever you want and whenever you want without having to worry about how it makes you look. Anything will look adorable on you.

You don’t give anyone the chance to make any snarky comments at you, and you can be comfortable the entire time with no looking back and no worries!

9. A T-shirt = a whole outfit


You look dressy and fashionable without even trying. Your brother’s or boyfriend’s t-shirt could be a dress for you. You don’t even have to put in an effort. Plus, a major perk? Loose-fitted, comfortable clothing for free.

One of the many good things about being short are the unlimited wardrobe hacks. A few tips to styling up a simple plain over-sized tee that you stole from your boyfriend’s closet? Put on a belt to accent that tiny waist and accessorize with chunky earrings to glam it up or put on a pair of sneakers and a fanny pack around your way instead for a more casual and laid-back sporty look. These outfit ideas are perfect for those lazy days when you don’t want to try too hard. And the best part? You don’t even have to put pants on!

10. An upper hand at Hide and Seek

Okay maybe sometimes your taller friends are at an advantage while playing hide and seek as they can see over things easily. But now, this is where you play smart. You’re adorable and compact size gives you the perfect opportunity to squeeze into and hide into the tightest, tiniest places that no one could’ve ever imagined hiding in.

Some examples of cool hiding spots that nobody would think of looking for you in are: in a box, under the bed, inside a closet, and even in the trunk of a car. You have the liberty to be as creative as you want. With tricks like these up your sleeve, that hide and seek crown is yours for sure.

11. The impromptu sun-shield


Here is another one of the many good things about being short

Say goodbye to unwanted sunburns, tans, and the harsh sun-rays in your eyes. For most people long days in the sun- standing in line for ice-cream cones, standing in the school lawn for a ceremony, and walking down the street to grab lunch with your friends are a headache especially if they forget to carry their sunglasses or umbrellas.

But you have nothing to worry about, simply having you taller friends standing with you or walking around you is a blessing because now you can rest in their shadow without any worries. Your taller friends might have your shoulder to use as an armrest but you have them as an entire impromptu sun shield and that is so much cooler.

12. All the health benefits

Did you know that probably one of the very best good things about being short is that it has actual health benefits!

It has been scientifically proven that short people live longer than taller people. We are also at lower risks for cancer and have greater durability and the ability to rotate or accelerate body movements faster. Doesn’t it sound great? To have a reduced chance of injury?

Click here to find out more about how our height can impact our health.

13. Wearing heels without the guilt trip


Who doesn’t love that extra oomph that wearing heels gives to your butt and let’s not forget that boost of confidence? Even though they’re a literal pain and leave you uncomfortable most of the night, there are many hacks out there liking taping the inside of your shoes and purchases you can make like sole pads to insert in your heels to help you with maybe 50% of the problem.

A lot of women face this whole other problem where because they’re taller they have to worry about towering over everyone including their boyfriends and so they decide to stick to wearing flats even at a fancier – black tie or red-carpet occasion.

Luckily for us shorter cuties out there, like everything else we’ve got this in the bag too. We can be carefree and wear heels wherever we want, whenever we want without having to think twice about towering over anybody and coming off as jack the giant.

A bonus perk that is one of the good things about being short is that after the long night when your feet start to hurt to a point where you can’t bear the pain anymore, your taller friends will always be up to giving you a piggyback ride and well who doesn’t love those?

14. All that storage space


It’s a given that since we’re smaller- our clothing, shoes and other personal items are also tinier and hence take up a lesser amount of storage space. Now, I’ve never been one to say that less is more, to me MORE is more.

And with that strong passion for fashion which has slowly transformed into a shopping addiction thanks to all that saved up cash after shopping from the kid’s section, most people would have problems with storage space, but us short girls? We got nothing to worry about.

Just like us, our clothes fit in anywhere too. No hassle. Now, this is one of the best good things about being short especially for students in dorms or younger people who’ve just moved into new apartments with very little storage space.

But you tall folks, have a way out of this problem too. Brands like Miniso, Innisfree, and Muji have a lot of excellent organizers for your stationery, clothes, and more. They’re super cute and in the budget for young adults and students.

15. Looking younger for a longer time


Being short is like having your very own fountain of youth. Looking younger has its own set of perks. Be it looking 35 and looking 25 or being 18 and looking 13. Receiving compliments about how you don’t look your age is a huge confidence boost for middle-aged or older women. It makes them feel great about themselves.

And apart from shopping in the kid’s section, if you look a bit younger than your age – you can also try and avail of children’s discounts for things like entrance fees for events or the special meals at restaurants, etc.


Despite what people are always saying, and all the jokes that we’re sick and tired of hearing there is an incredibly long list of good things about being short.

And these were only some of them. Do comment and share your review and your list as well about the good things about being short below! We’d love to hear them!

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