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15 Reasons Why I’m Still Single

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Some people are not interested in a serious relationship in their life. This would be due to their circumstances, or they cannot find out a truly compatible person. The point of this article is to find out the possible reasons for the question of why I am still single.

Spend more time with friends  

My love life is not my priority. I need to concentrate on my work and want to spend more time with my friends and family. Being single, I will always be available to spend quality time with my friends. I have the freedom to meet people anytime.

Group of friends partying
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I am happy with my routine life.    

It is convenient to give priorities to my work.  I do not want to come out of my comfort zone, and I am happy with my routine life.

My love expectation and fear of intimacy

Fear of Intimacy
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My fear of intimacy would be a reason. I fear that the real love experience may not match my expectation. I strongly believe that a guy cannot change the loneliness I feel in my life.

Focus on my strength       

I want to focus on myself and the need to find out my strengths before sharing my life with someone. I want to think about what I really need in life.

 Marriage is not a settlement in life.

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I do not believe in settlements. I think marriage should not be considered as a settlement in life. There are things beyond marriage.

I cannot spend time only with the guy.

I do not want to spend all my time with the guy. I have friends to have fun with, and I am sure it will not be half fun with a boyfriend.

Being single, I can read a book uninterrupted. I can spend time in prayers and can cultivate new hobbies. I can take risks in life.


My life is perfect now.

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I think my life is perfect, and I want to avoid confusion. I am independent and find it difficult to move with someone.

I would never compromise.

I have seen many people making compromises in life, but I never compromise. A romantic relationship would be stressful, and I want to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and betrayal.

True Love

I am in search of a guy who would love me unconditionally.

Couple romance
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I am not desperate

I am not desperate and do not want to chase anyone. It would be difficult for me to lose my identity just because of marriage.

Do not care about attitude.  

I do not care for others, and I am strong enough to face challenges in life.

Hard to solve problems

I have problems in my life to deal with, so I would find it difficult to solve the problems of my life partner.

 I cannot easily apologize.

I need not come up with an excuse in a friendship, but that won’t be the case in a relationship.

My expectations

High expectations
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My standards are high. I expect a man with the same standards so that I do not regret it later.

Not matured enough

I do not want to indulge in a relationship because I feel I am not good at commitments and definitely not mature yet.

I am sure that one day I will be ready for love and a mature relationship. When that day eventually comes, I will accept it with open arms. Until then, I am content with where I am in life.

Single and Happy!

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