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15 Things You Need To Add To Your Bucket List Right Now !


We are all rebellious souls who have a passion, a need, a desire to do something different. All of us are living our regular lives and at some point we just want to do something completely out of the ordinary . We all have a list of things that we would love to experience, or places that we want to explore. Do you have a bucket list ? Here are a few things that you should add to your endless list of adventure!

1. Sleep Under A Sky Full Of Stars

source: <http://gomighty.com>

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by tall buildings, worries about the stock market and portfolios, deadlines, honking of taxi cabs etc. Imagine spending time in a remote area with no cellular reception, just you and your best friend or your soul mate, a rug in the grass, endless talks and then eventually falling asleep underneath that sky full of stars.

2. Send A Message In A Bottle

Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you feeling insecure? Is there something on your mind that you can’t talk about? Write it down on a piece of paper, roll it up and put it in a bottle and let it float into the vast sea. The beauty about this is the mystery factor, You don’t know who read your message and in what part of the world the bottle might have ended up in.

3. Organize A Halloween Party

source: <http://media.beam.usnews.com>

You are never to old to for candies and costumes. Organize a Halloween party, invite all your friends, binge watch horror films, dress up as your favorite character or thing, go trick or treating , scare off a few children of your neighborhood, get drunk and dance and obviously get a sugar rush from eating all that candy !

4. Wear Mismatched Socks

source: <https://www.vicnews.com>

What’s the fun in being normal? Weird is the new cool! Pair up two of the tackiest looking socks and walk around your neighborhood while wearing them like you own it ! Because nobody is as classy as you are!

5. Have Dinner On A Beach

source: <http://www.thavornbeachvillage.com>

Go to the beach to get away from all your troubles, watch the sunset, soak your pretty feet in the sand and water and get a nice tan. Relax and listen to the calming sound of the waves and treat yourself with a glass of wine, a good book and a classy dinner on the beach itself.

6. Go On A Trip With Yourself

source: <https://www.treebo.com>

Ever heard of self-introspection? Have some “Me time”. Plan a trip for yourself. Explore new cafe’s in a completely different country, travel in the local train all by yourself, try local delicacies, talk to strangers and explore your inner potential energy.

7. Have Breakfast In Bed

source: <http://www.qvcuk.com>

Treat yourself with all the luxuries that the world has to provide you with! Fell like a queen/king with breakfast in bed. Wake up to the smell of freshly buttered bread, cold pressed juices, a cheese platter, waffles, pancakes with syrup and chocolate spreads and so much more. I am sure you would love a day where you would not have to rush into  the kitchen to grab yourself some milk and cereal and leave for work.

8.Get A Polaroid

source: <https://s12.favim.com>

Get yourself the latest model of a polaroid camera and make a scrapbook. Wherever you go carry this little instant camera and click pictures of yourself, places you explore, pictures with your loved ones and decorate your room with these pictures and your mind with wonderful memories that you know you have captured forever.

9. Go Camping With Your Squad

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Go exploring into the woods with your squad, go on hikes, carry your tents and sleeping bags and set up a camp near the river, make a bonfire, tell each other scary stories, dance and sing around the bonfire, eat roasted marshmallows, wake up and watch the sunrise together and make memories that you will not be able to forget even if you are old and grey .

10. Dye Your Hair In A Crazy Colour

source: <https://uploads.dailyvanity.sg>

Feeling a little bored ? Want to do something new? Dye your hair in the craziest colors that you can think of! Turquoise, green, yellow, orange, or even transform your hair into the shades of a rainbow! Just be the best version of you for you!

11. Shoplift With Your Best Friend

source: <https://s10.favim.com>

Become partners in crime literally! Steal something from your local supermarket or your favorite clothing store. The thought of it might be a little scary but once you are done stealing something you really wanted, you will be laughing about it for the years to come.

12. Own A Pet

source: <https://www.imoney.my>

Have you ever been responsible for someone else’s life ? Own a pet and you will realize what it feels like to be responsible for somebody else. Feeding them on time, putting them to sleep, taking care of them, making them happy, manage your budget now that you have an extra being in your life. Owning a pet sure has its pro’s and con’s but they are absolutely worth it.

13. Go Swimming At Night

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Swimming in the broad daylight is common, but have you ever thought about going swimming in the ocean at night? The risk is definitely worth it! Swimming with the fishes at night is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

14. Write Letters To Your Loved Ones

source: <https://imgix.elitedaily.com>

Letters are old school but they are so much better than text messages and emails.So the next time you miss someone close to your heart or you want to say something to them that makes them feel special, write them a letter so that whenever they feel low or unloved they always have a little piece of you to make them feel loved and confident again .

15. Go To A Carnival

A Carnival is the best place to see happy faces. Go to a carnival, ride the Ferris wheel, kiss a stranger on the Ferris wheel, have candied apple,caramel popcorn and cotton candy and win a giant stuffed toy for yourself!

Enjoy Your Life Before Its Too Late!


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