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15 Ways on How To Explain Trust Issues and Overcome Them

How to explain trust issues

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How to explain trust issues? How to save and maintain your relationship?

What is a trust? What does it take to build trust? These might be the questions hovering your mind every now and then. We are always looking for ways on how to explain trust issues and ways to overcome them. Often we find it difficult to trust anybody and we do not have any immediate solution to overcome it.

Starting from nurturing doubts inside your mind to kindling jealousy everything seems to boil down to the basic building blocks of trust. It plays an integral role in relationships that begin from our childhood and we take it along throughout our lives. Here are some ideas which might help you know how to explain trust issues.

How to explain trust issues and ways to overcome it


1. Trust can be difficult

Trust is indispensable and dynamic. When we meet strangers it can be very difficult for us to decide whom to trust and who not to. But we cannot escape from such situations and we need to reach definite conclusions every now and then. 

2.Facial features

According to psychology one of the major deciding factors are the facial features: the eyes and the mouth.

But this might not be a strong tool to base our opinions on.

So what else can help us decide:

Dress code-We trust people in formal wear than those in the informal get-up. It might be a strange concept but we do look for signals of competence and want to rely more on such people.

But sometimes as they say looks are very deceiving so this can have opposite consequences.


The process of how to explain trust issues and ways to overcome them can be tedious enough but learning to trust is important for our well-being.

We must be able to live and love the people we are close to without having ourselves explain trust issues and looking up for ways to overcome them.

3.Relying on what others say

To learn how to explain trust issues and how to overcome trust issues we don’t trust our instincts but rely on what others are speaking about that particular person to build trust. To trust people it takes a lot of time but that never implies being profoundly preoccupied with the beliefs and ideas of someone else and forgetting who the person is altogether.

Thus, our lack of trust takes a toll on our mental health. The constant process of building and rebuilding trust affects our intimate relationships.

4.Forgiveness, the key to overcome trust issues


While playing with your childhood friend or at school and even now at your workplace some situations where we have seen a lack of trust in a relationship. Happens we have never analyzed why it occurs. Forgiveness might be one of the main reasons why we have not experienced healthy relationships where we can fully trust each other.

We must learn to be forgiving and accept the flaws of the people around us. Because there is no perfect human being.

5. Judging others perspective are important on how to explain trust issues and overcome it


While learning how to explain trust issues it is important to judge other’s perspectives. Though it might seem trusting is an effortful business but it might not be the real case. We also sometimes need to think about what others think not at the cost of your own thoughts but to develop better grounds of trust.

6.How this might affect relations with friends and family also your romantic relationships.

In modern days, we stay more connected to our phones than mentally. It is easier to connect and reconnect with people. But these virtual connections might also make us feel isolated broadening our horizons of communication and networking so we cannot learn how to explain trust issues in this way.

7.Thinking how much our trust issues find validity in real situations

When we place doubt in a person it is very important to do detailed thinking about the validity of the issue in the world we are living in. We tend to overthink and create problems for ourselves, placing mistrust in situations which might never occur in the real world. Emotions often seem to mislead us thus preventing us from seeing the real situations which just builds false doubts and trust issues. It weakens intimate relationships and breaks them often. It draws us away and pulls us farther from how to explain trust issues.

8. We shouldn’t always defend ourselves

Mostly it is too strenuous for us to break the loop of habits, to learn how to explain trust issues, thus we do not want to bridge connections and place trust. Building trust can come with its own disadvantages and one of them is being self-defensive while speaking. Before being defensive we need to undergo multiple self-questioning whether the person is harmful or are we configured to believe in false truths. This might make trusting others more difficult.

We need to accept that some people want to talk to us without nurturing any harmful intentions and with the sole reason of being gentle and careful towards us.

9.Direct communication, being straight about what you want or need


Since nobody is a mind reader it is important or us to understand that trusting is a both way thing. We cannot expect the other person to put full trust in us until we explain directly the problems or speak about our needs. We cannot just drop clues or hints and expect the others to figure out the rest.  For learning how to explain trust issues and ways to overcome them,  it is essential for us to be clear about our words.

Being open and honest is necessary to overcome it otherwise we will always expect disappointments.


10. Building walls

How to explain trust issues can be a very challenging problem when you have already built walls around yourself to protect yourself. If you don’t go out and interact with anybody it will be difficult to come out and place trust in anybody.

It is mature of us to accept that being hurt is a part of the process. Just because we are afraid we cannot enclose ourselves in cocoons that way we can neither know how to explain trust issues or achieve ways to overcome it.

When we focus too much on the pain trust issues are developed so then we should sometimes concentrate on the brighter side


11. Other people should get a chance to express who they are

Always trying to make your point might just edge you towards being more unsuccessful in knowing how to explain trust issues. We are living in a world of instant gratification where we want easy and immediate relationships.

But humans ain’t no rocket science that we can extract anything from them whenever we want. A lot of trusts comes with a lot of patience so we might not get whatever we are expecting.

In many cases, we seek perfection in others just to avoid conflict but in most cases, the people on the other side of the phones or pcs might not be the right people to build healthy social relationships with.

If we wait for them to slowly reveal themselves maybe we will come across many such sides of theirs which might help us to learn how to explain trust issues.

12.Trapping our thoughts

We may easily fall into the trap of bottling our thoughts and not being able to get out of it.

We are often too afraid to damage and destroy the proper things or the ones settled so we never want to risk it for anything.

In order to explain trust issues and overcome them, we first need to initiate a smooth conversation where we speak our hearts with each other without keeping anything inside. Keeping anything inside might just be another step backward to trust somebody new.


13. Disagreeing is important

Disagreeing is important for continuing an open-minded conversation. Instead of trapping ourselves, we should let ourselves open up to the possibilities ahead of us. We need to get into debates where disagreement will also be a healthy option. In that way, we can develop trust in others. We can trust others with their opinions and judge them based upon our thinking.

We will know the importance of expressing opinions without judging the conditions, explaining trust issues, and ways to overcome it. belittling our own opinions neither with the necessity to control thoughts.

14.Embrace the hurt and the tears

If we hold back our tears in front of the person we want to trust it will be based on very temporary grounds. letting go might be difficult but holding back is not a good option either for 

We need to know that it isn’t stopping you from facing your struggles. Also to trust others you must trust yourself that you are honest completely with yourself.

Self-doubt might just be another obstacle in the way of establishing trust in others. It is important to eradicate self-doubt to explain trust issues and ways to overcome them.

15. Trust issues are a big problem in relationships.

We are bombarded with millions of questions every day while trying to build a healthy relationship. What is holding me back? Is my insecurity justified? It’s time to help ourselves out!

What should you do when you have been broken by people before? How to trust again? How to rebuild the intimacy with your partner?

While looking for these questions we came up with some conclusions.

One major key fact is the distinction between insecurity and intuition.

Often while deciding who we want to be with, invest in, physically, and emotionally we rethink whether to open up because it feels our raw intuitions rule over our logical thinking.


Most of the time it is either old insecurity or familiar pain which we are trying to avoid because we are too afraid to repeat the same mistake which might hurt us again.

So we escape the situation excusing ourselves calling it intuition.

Coincidences happen! We end up in situations where our intuitions turn out to be correct then all we do is blame ourselves “Why didn’t I see the red flag ?” , ”Why did I commit the same mistake again?”

The irony of trusting intuition, following it, and disagreeing or ignoring it has been an age-old problem. You may think he/she is right for you, trusting your intuitions but due to fear we never trust gut-feelings because we cannot trust ourselves 

Gradually we lose the power to distinguish between intuition and insecurity.

Intuition and Insecurity come from different places one is based on logical thinking or past experiences that involve our brain while our intuition depends on emotions mostly. It is important that we know how to strike the balance, we need to slow down and think.


The balance between reality and the emotions or intuitions we trust is important and an integral part of trusting a person.

Insecurity comes wrapped in logic and is analyzed not based on emotions but normal human thinking.

Sometimes learning how to quit is also playing a role in trust issues so it is important we know how to deal with our trust issues in a relationship and also explain them to others.

We must not always look out for signals fro the other person and try playing the trust game, sometimes we should sit and discuss our doubts and issues to feel good and establish a better and healthy relationship.

Many studies have suggested the more arguments and debate the couples get into the healthier the relationship is and the easier they can overcome their trust issues.

This is no ball game for those who have been already hurt. They do need to be cautious but curling up isn’t the way

Also shedding insecurities is a big help. We need to think just because the previous guy/girl was not good for us we will shut ourselves from any other person coming into our lives or those who actually want to extend care and affection to help us.

But it is important that we remember to look out for some traits:

1.If the person is investing time in us

Here investing means giving enough time and importance so that the person is able to help you whenever you are in need 

2.If the person maintains integrity in other parts of his life?

That means if he maintains some integrity towards others as he does towards you. That will help you know about his transparency.



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