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20 Best Bike Rides In South India

best bike rides in south india
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From beaches to breathtaking hill stations, trips in South India have a lot to offer. The quickest way to experience them is to set out on these best bike rides in South India.

What do bikers want? Peace, beaches, hills, hairpin bends. 

What does South India have to offer? Peace, beaches, hills, hairpin bends. 

Ladakh might indeed be a trendy place among bikers (especially in India), but we must admit that it isn’t the ONLY place for motorcycle touring. 

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For all the bikers or nature lovers reading this, assuredly, this will be an absolute treat.

Here Are Some Best Biking Routes in South India

1. Bengaluru – Coorg 

Photo by Paras Hazare on Unsplash

From the “Silicon Valley of India” to the “Scotland of India,” spanning around 266k.m, the Bengaluru to Coorg trip in Karnataka is definitely worth the time. Coorg, a sure treat for nature lovers, will provide you picturesque views and give you a warm hug of nature. The route has quite a lot of hotels and suites, so lodging shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you reside in Bengaluru, the bike ride can get you a sweet vacation from the hectic world, off towards beautiful coffee plantations.

2. Kochi – Munnar

Photo by Avin CP on Unsplash

Gift yourself a beautiful getaway with this trip from Kochi (Kerala) to Munnar (Kerala). The journey, spanning about 127k.m, will take you from urban areas to small towns and villages to the appealing wilderness. Munnar’s rolling hills are known for their exquisite tea plantations too. And with easy access to hotels, lodging won’t be a problem.

So yet another City-Forest trip with complimentary beverage plantations.

3. Bengaluru – Kolli hills 

Shwetha/Tripoto/ Bing

This trip from Bengaluru (Karnataka) to Kollimalai (Tamil Nadu) takes you from the hectic city, off to the beautiful 300ft. waterfalls in the span of 259 km. Like most places on this list, this time too, our destination, Kolli hills, provides terrific picturesque views and a place to replenish and energize ourselves. Not just this, but the route offers 70 hairpin bends, spanning 54km. An absolute delight for bikers, isn’t it?

4. Coimbatore – Masinagudi

Ashwin Kumar/ Flickr/ Bing

The trip from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) to Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu) spans just about 113 k.m. and is 100% worth the ride. A short 3-3.5 hour ride gives you the beautiful experience of being within the deep embrace of nature. Apart from the simply beautiful wilderness, Masinagudi also has dams, sanctuaries and animal reserves.

5. Kerala Road Trip

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The god’s own country boasts of both “let’s-chill-out” beaches and “ready-for-adventure” hills within an area of 38,863 km² (of course, you don’t have to cover every inch of that). Starting from the North, you travel through Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode and on and on, till you reach the southernmost district and the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. The trip comprises urban cities, rural towns, straight roads, hairpin bends, beaches, hill stations (almost) EVERYTHING!!

6. Temples in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is famous for its ancient architectural marvels, too, not just waterfalls and hilly regions. On this trip, you’ll cover one after the other incredible details in some of the largest handmade structures you will ever see. 

For people on the god-believing side, this will surely be one of the best bike rides in South India. And even for those who are more on the atheistic side, the architecture will surely be a treat. 

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7. Bengaluru – Goa

B Balaji/ Flickr/ copyright@2010

Ready for the party? Let’s go!! 

From the IT capital to the Party Capital, the trip spans 567 k.m., but it will be a fun ride. There will be exciting changes as you proceed. Places will change from hilly areas to much golden Konkan coast, from concrete packed areas to much quieter and cleaner places, and many cultural changes. This is indeed one of the best bike rides in South India. 

8. Bengaluru – Pondicherry

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The trip spans about 316k.m. and is bound to be an exciting ride. With a heavy French influence in Pondicherry, roaming in French streets while having local Tamil food will be pretty fun. 

9. Valparai – Vazhachal

Photo by Jayanth Kumar on Unsplash

Probably the shortest interstate route in this list of best bike rides in South India, Valparai (Tamil Nadu) and Vazhachal (Kerala) are just 71k.m. apart. But this short getaway will give you one of the most beautiful, close-to-nature biking routes—an absolute pleasure for nature lovers. 

10. Best Bike Rides in South India: Mysuru – Idukki 

Photo by Abin Varghese on Unsplash

Spanning around 363k.m., Mysuru (Karnataka) to Idukki (Kerala) takes you from the royal city to a much more quiet and sweet place. Idukki is host to places like Munnar and Thekkady, which provide a perfect spot for a relaxing weekend. 

11. Mumbai – Thiruvananthapuram

Mehul Antani/ Flickr copyright@2009

Ready for a long trip? Let’s shot off from Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala). The approximately 1500k.m. long journey comes with profound changes, topographically and culturally. From Vada Pav to Chaya-kadi, there is a LOT in between. So strap your boots for the long trip well in advance. 

12. Chennai – Allapuzha 

Wikipedia/ Bing

The 705 k.m., Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to Allapuzha (Kerala) trip offers you picturesque views of the backwaters and the all-important “House-Boat” ride, which is really fun. Also, don’t forget to have the classic Idli Sambar in Chennai and the local “Shappu Meen Curry” in Allapuzha. 

13. Hyderabad – Attappadi

Photo by Ron Hansen on Unsplash

The 890k.m. journey takes you from the land of Biryani to the land of Ramaserry Idli. Once again, offering you beautiful views of water bodies and wilderness, Attapadi is a treat to the eyes. And for those who have watched “Ayyapanum-Koshiyum” (Malayalam movie), Attapadi holds a special place in their hearts. 

14. Kochi – Kodaikanal

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These 300kms you travel will take you from the concretes of Kochi (Kerala) to the woods of Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu). A trip to Kodaikanal is another one that has fantastic coffee and tea plantations. 

15. Ponmudi – Kanykumari 

Wikimedia/ Bing

From the Kashmir of Kerala to the southernmost tip of India, this 124k.m. ride takes you from a truly charming hill station in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) to the beautiful coast of Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu). While there won’t be a massive cultural change, there surely will be a change in eating habits. So make sure you make the best out of everything everywhere. 

16. Mangalore – Nandi Hills

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This 375k.m. ride takes you to another picturesque spot. Nandi hills host the “Tipu Drop,” which was once dreaded but now is famous for its panoramic view. And do visit the Yoga Nandeeswara Temple, guarded by the mount of Lord Shiva, Nandi. 

17. Chennai – Yelagiri

Wikivoyage/ Bing 

Doesn’t the above picture justify this trip on the list? 

Travel 226k.m. to reach Yelagiri (Tamil Nadu) from Chennai (Tamil Nadu), and you get tons of lush greenery, sweet roads, and cool weather. Ah! The perfect combo!

18. Bengaluru – Isha Yoga Center 

Wikipedia/ Bing 

367kms. 367kms is all it takes to get from the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru (Karnataka) to the calm and peaceful land of the Isha Yoga Center (Coimbatore, Chennai).

Not only is it visually enchanting, but it also has tremendous ability to heal you internally.

Isha Yoga Center is a place where all religious boundaries can be left behind, and one will be able to look within oneself. It is one of the best bike rides in South India with a heavy spiritual vibe, making it all the more special. 

19. Thiruvananthapuram – Rameswaram

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A 360k.m. ride takes you from the capital of God’s Own Country to the last land of India. Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu) boasts of architectural marvels in the form of temples and is host to India’s last land, Dhanushkodi. 

Dhanushkodi has one more significance. It is where Lord Ram and his army started the widely famous “Ram Setu” to bring back his beloved wife, Lady Sita. So along with beautiful views, the place offers a deeply historical vibe. 

20. Kasaragod – Hampi 

Wikipedia/ Bing

Riding 438kms of your beloved two-wheeler will get you to the ancient city of Hampi (Karnataka) from the lush green lands of  Kasaragod (Kerala). 

Hampi is the capital of a once-great kingdom, Vijayanagara. So the place, along with the ruins of the ancient city, smells of history. Hence for people interested in the past, this will be a true delight. For those who are in search of visuals, this will be equally delightful. 

An important request 

We have come to the end of the list of the best bike rides in South India. But before you leave, here’s a small but important request to make.

Many tourist sites have degraded over the years because of many crowds,  “irresponsible crowd,” as we can rightly call them. 

These places are beautiful, but only because they haven’t been ruined. And the request to you is to maintain this beauty of nature and be a responsible traveler. Throw your waste at the appropriate places. Try to travel as nature-friendly as possible, and nature will give you back.

Your suggestions now

These 20 pairs are definitely some of the best bike rides in South India; even then, there is quite a lot left to explore.

Now there are quite a few bikers, some experienced and others aspiring, reading this article. And not just bikers, anyone looking for splendid spots with the keen eyes of a traveler or those who have traveled a lot already, drop in your suggestions about “Best Bike Rides in South India” because we’ll love to see them.

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