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20 Exciting Maui Activities


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Looking for some enthralling Maui activities?

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii. Also called “The Valley Isle,” it stands tall and proud among the US islands. It is a natural beauty center, blessed with waterfalls, beaches, mysterious underwater ruins, valleys, volcanoes, and whatnot.

If you’re keen on greenery, then head straight to the eastern part of the island. The west part remains the queen of ocean life. On this Island of many things, you’ll have a great time exploring some thrilling Maui activities.

20 Incredible Maui Activities You Should Try!

1.Marine Life Exploration Activities

A. Whale Watching

The migrating Maui whales are used to showing off and diving before fresh, excited faces every day. The trip is made entertaining by the well-informed crew, professional captain, cool drinks, and a cheerful atmosphere. So, all the whale enthusiasts can find their ideal whale watching spot here.

B. Kayaking and Turtle watching

Crystal clear waters, Hawaiian sea turtles, kayaks, and loads of fun. Ride all the way down to turtle town, mostly found in southwestern Maui, especially Coral Gardens, to make the best of your journey. Turtle watching is peaceful and you can also witness the dolphin jumps, Manta rays, green turtles, and other sea animals.

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C. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Southwestern Maui waters are home to rich underground life and fantastic spots to snorkel around. Molokini crater, which can be reached by boat, is ideal for snorkeling thanks to the favorable visibility and high concentration of friendly fishes.

Renting the gear would be preferable since they include guide books on underwater life and the best snorkeling spots. Safety must be attended to amidst this enjoyment. Shut out the world and explore the beauty beneath. You may even catch a whale singing.

Molokini crater is also famous for scuba diving, and so is Honolua Bay. Scuba diving needs shallow, clear waters and rich marine life, which are found in both these places. Another must-dive spot is the Lanai Cathedral at Lahaina.

D. Submarine Tours

The most exciting vehicle underwater is the submarine. The main one at Maui is the Atlantis submarine, which can take you to a depth of over 150 feet into the ocean. A  window is at the disposal of each passenger to observe the wonders at his or her leisure.

With an intelligent guide and proper lightings to light up the surroundings, this trip will be one of its kind. In addition to intriguing sea life, fishes, corals, and plants, the Carthaginian, the ship that sank long back, is a source of thrill and mystery.

E. Maui Ocean Centre

Maui activities

Worried about a stormy sea? Put your concerns away and step into the massive virtual world of Ocean center, which contains the entire gamut of native species, including jellyfishes, Maui sharks, reef sharks, and stingrays within its four walls.

It also offers many recreational activities, including scuba-diving with sharks, a sea-tunnel to watch the fishes in their habitat, sleepover facilities to night-watch the ocean life, and special events for kids.

2.Body-building Activities

A. Massage

Maui has some of the top-notch resorts with relaxing spas. Don’t miss out on Hawai’s special massage Lomi Lomi. Serene surroundings, luxurious rooms, a wide range of treatments to choose from make your day. You can pick a rental room or a resort where the masseuse is a ring away to come and relax you up in your own bed.

B. Exercise

The all-furnished exercise zone in Maui is the trampoline park. From massage chairs, specific jumping zones for all age groups and all sizes, basketball court, dodgeball court, numerous trampolines to snack bars and refreshments, Trampoline park has all you need to get your body fit and fresh.

3. Fun with Nature

A. Camping

Maui activities
What’s better than sleep on cool grass amidst tranquil greenery and silence. Camping is the ultimate activity that gives you the chance to dive deeper into the surrounding aesthetic beauty and interact with it. Campsites are spread over places like Haleakala Volcano, Kanaha Beach Park, and East Maui. You can rent camping equipment if you’ve got none.

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B. Treasure Hunting

Maui activities
Treasure hunting is not only an element of thrill and fun for kids but also an opportunity to explore the jungle, get a dip in the stream, and notice the little things. A memorable experience, this will surely leave the whole family light-hearted and set their blood pumping and brains working.

4. Touring Activities

A. By Bike and Hike

The sacred region of Haleakala park consists of a volcano, magnetic peaks, a coastal area, a waterfall, and more. Home to many endemic species, you better keep your eyes open for them. The National Park also takes pride in rich and fertile landforms.

As seen from the summit of the Haleakala, the sunrise and sunset will leave you breathless. This quiet place is actually the world’s largest inactive volcano. This is an ideal spot for photos and meditation.

To top it all, you can go for an early morning guided bike rides down the volcano, past wineries, landscapes. You can visit the towns for shopping, and witness the sunrise from the comfort of your bikes. From the pinnacle of magnificent view to the fun shopping at the base, this is a perfect day.

You can also spot several magnetic peaks formed by the lava near the volcano. They have a moderate magnetic field due to cinders rich in iron, making them rusty in color. A ride to the coastal area called Kipahulu, a historic town where the Hawaiian people still live, is an interesting visit.

A pleasant hike using the Pipiwai trail takes you to the 122 meters of Waimoku Falls. You get a taste of the Hawaiian culture, tradition, and lifestyle here. Other hiking destinations include Lao Valley National Park, Twin Falls, and bamboo forests.

B. By Road

The road to Hana, an exotic highway, is ideal for road trips. It is an isolated and scenic community of Maui, which adds to its wildness and natural wonders. This moderately dangerous road bearing hairpins turns and one-way bridges, winds through thick and thin, green and brown for over 64 miles.

It is marked by plenty of natural attractions such as forests and falls, oceans, and beaches. As you near Hana, you can get an insight into the history and tradition. So, the trip is worth the risk and time. A little bit of caution can give you an everlasting memory.

C. By Jeep and Horseback

Maui activities
Jeep tours open the doors to explore the hidden wonders, rugged paths, jungles, and the nook and corner of a large part of the island in less time. Private jeep trips are available for Haleakala, Hana, and West Maui. Horseback tours with guides allow you to get a unique angle of the landscape, and galloping around adds to the fun.

D. Boat Tours

The boat is the only means to reach the nearby islands for snorkeling or scuba diving, some of which you must pay a visit to while visiting Maui. These must-see spots include Lanai, Molokini, and Honolulu.

These boat trips come with snorkeling and scuba diving offers and a special “Floating Island,” which is a floating mat used for snorkeling from the comfort of it. They also include whale and turtle watching and materials on the marine ecosystem.

E. By Ziplines

None can get you around the inaccessible remote virgin parts of the island other than ziplines. The mysterious lands can be enjoyed from the air without any harm to their beauty. You can soar through  plantations, mountain pools, ranches and other mind-blowing scenes in Ka’anapali or Haleakala which you could otherwise see only through screens.

F. By Helicopter

An aerial, panoramic view of Maui is made possible by helicopters. While ziplines can take you through certain otherwise inaccessible areas, the helicopters can cover most of the island. You realize Maui’s real worth by viewing all its natural blessings in one trip, including waterfalls, cliffs, valleys, forests, and the ocean.

‘Go Fly Maui’ helicopter operators also offer the opportunity to witness the flying, study the operations, and try flying on your own with instructors by your side. Photography, too, is allowed, which makes it a double go. This is a breathtaking experience, indeed.

5. Local items exploration activities

A. Shopping

Maui has many interesting shopping centers. Coming from its own resources, you find all sorts of exciting stuff here. From traditional Maui clothes and food to native jewelry and art, you can take your favorite home as a souvenir.

Stop at coastal Whaler’s village for beach essentials, Makawao for its boutiques, Paia for its cafes, local items, boutiques, Lahaina for its art galleries and jewelry, and Queen Ka’ahhumanu center, the most popular mall in Maui, for almost everything.

B. Pineapple tours (Hali’imaile)

This is a dream come true for all pineapple lovers. Touring pineapple plantations being a rare opportunity. Grab it to get first-hand knowledge on the life of the pineapple before it reaches your plate! Moreover, pineapple is an integral part of  Maui’s history and culture.

What more! You get to taste the original and juicy pineapple harvested directly from the farm as well as experience the journey of our hero from birth to maturity—breath in the sweet air and taste the delicious native pineapples here.

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6. Sports

A. Beach Activities!

Beaches in Maui are known for their calm, multi-purpose, and safe shores. It has red, black and white sand beaches. Head to the west of Maui if you want a peaceful stroll along sandy beaches. Among the 81 beaches in Maui, Ka’anapali and Honolua Bay near Lahaina are two popular Maui spots.

You can swim, bodyboard, snorkel, parasail, sunbathe and even go cruising at Ka’anapali, while Honolua is famous for surfing and snorkeling. Similar activities at other vibrant beaches include paddling, kayaking, hiking, skimboarding, and picnicking onshore.

B. Surfing

Maui is a surf kingdom with excellent wave conditions suitable for people of all ages. It is not surprising as surfing was found in Hawaii. New surfers can get professional training in this, while expert surfers have a great selection of surfing types of equipment to buy or rent. The clear water helps you have a glimpse at the underwater life while you surf.

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C. Golf

The space and form of the landscape of Maui are perfect for golf courses. Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, and Waikulu have some of the best courses in Maui. The atmosphere and beautiful scenes add to the spirit of the golfer. Its unique angles challenge even expert golfers.

No wonder Maui is one of the most popular islands in the US. Magnificent in its creation and mysterious in its possessions, Maui will continue to attract tourists throughout the world. If you haven’t checked her out still, you are missing out on a lot! Till then, Aloha!

Have you ever been to Maui? If yes, then do comment on your favorite Maui activities below!

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