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20 Signs on How to Tell if a Girl likes You at Work

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How to tell if a girl likes you at work? A modern-day problem, that requires a quick modern-day solution.

You’ve read about it in books, you’ve seen it in the movies. At some point or the other, every single one of us has fantasized about what it would be like to be a part of an office romance. Well, it’s time to stop dreaming because now, this right here is your real-life movie scenario and you’re the protagonist so how do you tell if a girl likes you at work?

Like everything else, a workplace romance has its list of pros and cons; on one hand, they’re supposed to determine strong long-lasting relationships. (Did you know that Bill gates met his wife Melinda at work?) But on the other, if this relationship runs its course, you’re stuck in an awkward situation every day for the rest of your lives unless one of you moves away and well let’s not let it get till there.

Now figuring out whether a girl likes you or not is no piece of cake. It can get scary and confusing and leave you dumbstruck most of the time. But boys, remember it’s all in the details. Now, this is when you pay close attention and start looking for clues. Luckily for you find out if that cute girl from the corner office would be up to go out on a date with you has never been easier.

Since most of the men I know are clueless when it comes to knowing if a girl likes them, here are 20 signs that will help you with how to tell if a girl likes you at work:


How to tell if a girl likes you at work – 20 SIGNS TO LOOK OUT FOR:

1. She acts indifferent initially 

It’s a well-believed notion that if a guy is into you, he acts indifferent at first. Some would even consider that behavior rude and inconsiderate and while this turns out to be true in most cases, who’s to say that it doesn’t work the other way around as well? For similar reasons and many more women also tend to act indifferent at first mainly because we want to show you that we’re unbothered and want you to be the one to notify us first.

Many women also act indifferent if they find you attractive initially because they want you to think that they aren’t like the rest of them and won’t fawn over you but want you to approach them first. Some might just do so because they’re shy or nervous and simply lack the confidence to talk to a guy first.

2. The short-stolen glances 

I’m sure everyone here knows what the term peripheral vision means, and if you don’t it is the indirect vision or the side vision; all that is visible outside the central area of focus. I for one have had this experience more times than I can count and I’m sure that you have to; when you know somebody’s glancing over at you and you can sense it because of your peripheral vision.

Sometimes all you need is just a feeling, the feeling that someone’s looking at you. Sure, it gets creepy at times. But if you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you at work? Just keep a lookout for those short-stolen glances at you.

3. That smile 

Why do people smile? Well when we get to the science behind it, it’s basically because when one’s brain feels happy, it produces endorphins and sends neuronal signals which trigger a smile. If you catch her smiling at you a lot more often than others do, it might just be because somebody’s got a crush on you. Smiles are an honest mark of happiness.

In simple words looking at you makes her happy and it couldn’t be clearer than that.
There is also a real physical attractor factor that is linked to smiling, we are naturally drawn to people who smile.

4. Her body language 

This is one of the ways how to tell if a girl likes you at work or not.

Now this one’s a for sure thing. When a woman has taken an interest in you, she is also interested in anything and everything that you have to say and share. If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you at work, simply notice whether or not she leans her body in and tilts her head in your direction while conversing with you.

5. Lots of light touching 

Body language plays an important role if you want to be able to tell if a girl at work likes you. Another factor that falls under body language? The light touching of your arm, the accidental brushing of your shoulders and even gently punching your arm or placing her hand on your leg. If a girl likes you, she will try to get physically closer to you and touch you. Take this as a direct hint. A direct hint that states that she wants you.

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6. The fidgeting 

Do you happen to know why people fidget? Well among other things fidgeting is mainly a result of nervousness and excitement. It isn’t just girls but it’s with boys too. When you’re around somebody that you like be it a celebrity or a newfound crush you tend to fidget. They make you nervous, they have you wondering if you look okay/ if you said the right thing/ if you wore the right outfit, etc.: – the list is long.

But they also leave you excited. Some of the most common fidget signs to watch out for so you know how to tell if a girl likes you are – Tucking their hair behind their ear, fidgeting with some item in their hand be it a pen that clicks or a stapler, it could be anything. And even restlessness.

7. The hysterical laughing 

The world is full of bad, dad jokes, and let’s be honest you love them as much as the next guy. Making them/ hearing them whatever it may be. And sometimes you can’t help but share that joke around the office, can you? Well, the next time you do and you notice how there’s one woman who stands out laughing like there’s no tomorrow who makes you look back and wonder if the joke was even that funny in the first place. Well DING DING DING congratulations because she likes you.

8. The extra mile 

This is where you have to look a little deeper for the clues. When you want to get someone’s attention, the first thing that comes to mind is standing out from the rest, especially if you have to compete for that attention.

Now the next time you’re at work, look around. Does anyone stand out? Does anyone put in extra effort and does anyone go that extra mile to get your attention? Is there someone who wears blue a lot more often just because you mentioned that it’s your favorite color? Or has begun leaving their hair down now because you mentioned that’s how you like it? .Keeping an eye out and paying attention to the details is very important if you want to know how to tell if a girl at work likes you.

9. The extra care 

Similar to the extra mile, if you want to know how to tell if a girl at work likes you, you need to keep a lookout for the one who gives you the extra care and love you never knew you needed. The one who drops in a message asking if you’re okay the day you miss work. The one who splits her lunch with you the day you were running late and couldn’t pack one of your own. The girl who makes you a cup of coffee when she gets up to make hers on those late nights. That’s the girl you need to keep a lookout for.

10. Opinions 

She wants you to know that what you have to say and what you think about what she’s currently doing or working on is important to her. The one who is always asking you for your opinions whether it’s her work or her personal life. She wants you to know that what you say is of value to her.

11. The direct hints 

Humor has always been a great escape and a great channel. Something awkward just happened? Laugh it off! Want to tell somebody how you feel? Confess and the laugh and pretend like it was just another joke. Women aren’t always straightforward but even when they are, they know how to disguise it perfectly well as a backup plan in case of rejection and to avoid embarrassment. Think back and wonder or pay closer attention next time to see if a woman at your workplace has ever made a joke about being attracted to or involved with you. Trust me there’s a strong chance that it was a lot more than a joke.

12. The open book 

If a woman has feelings for you, she’ll want to open up to you. We’ve heard a thing or two about how guys find us attractive when we’re vulnerable and honest and so we often think that we’ll put it to test. This has also proved to help the man be able to emotionally open up to the woman which can go to great lengths for a new relationship.

13. The possessive one 

Maybe not always, but women do tend to be possessive over what they believe should be rightfully theirs. In this case, it might be you. Ever notice how she gets mad or upset, maybe even walk away every time you bring up another woman? Well, that’s how to tell if a girl likes you.

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14. Meet my … well everyone 

There’s always that one girl who’s introduce you to her friends or family whenever they come over by the workplace. She’ll also constantly mention them to you and you to them, this is because she wants you to be more involved in her life. She wants to give you an insight on what you might have to look forward to if something were to ever spark between the two of you, and from her side? Trust me there’s plenty of sparks already.

15. The one who says there isn’t enough time 

She’s always looking to and trying to spend as much time as possible with you. Every time there is a group assignment to be done at the workplace, she’ll want to team up with you. Everything there is a work get together she’ll want to be seated with you. For her, there isn’t enough time in the whole world to spend with you, and whenever she does get to be around you, she’ll always just want more.

16. Any excuse to talk to you 

You’ll find this girl coming up to your work station or your cabin for the most ridiculous and unnecessary reasons. She can get annoyingly clingy and her only justification would be that she’s into you. This one shouldn’t be too hard to notice. You have to keep your eyes open if you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you at work.

17. The jealous factor 

This woman will try her best to rub in your face her stories of the endless amount of men in her life and try to talk about it as much as possible and bring it up on every occasion possible just to try and make you jealous. But this is something that often backfires for women as most of the time boys don’t even notice what they’re trying to do.

18. Attention to detail

She knows anything and everything about you. She knows your favorite color, your go-to bar for after-work drinks, your favorite restaurant, the name of your distant aunt, and more. This woman is a walking and talking dictionary about you. And always notices the slightest changes in you. Things that wouldn’t even cross your mind. Now, this one can get a little creepy so watch out.

19. Let’s get personal 

The best way to get someone to fall in love with you is to get them to open up to you. Their deepest, darkest secrets, their happiest childhood memory this girl wants to know all there is to you and wants you to share your world with her so she can slowly make a move and make her your world. If a woman asks you a lot of personal questions about yourself, that’s how you can tell if a girl at works likes you.

20. She’s learned your lingo 

This woman has understood you. She’s studied the way you talk and the way you walk. And she knows exactly what to do and how to make her move. She wants you to be comfortable around her and wants you to see her as your friend first. And so, she uses terms that you often use, talks about things she knows are areas of interest to you. Watch out for this sly fox.

Even though 20 seems like a lot these are only a few on the long list of signs that will tell you if a girl likes you. I hope this helps you out with your workplace romance.

Do comment your views on ‘How to tell if a girl at work likes you’ and share any more tips or signs that you might know of. We’d love to hear about your workplace romance too!

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