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20 Things You Must Do Before You Die

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Life is unpredictable, and life is too fast.

There are so many things to do through our life, and we must also strive to live each day with a purpose. There are many things in our life that we end up not doing, and then we regret all the things we could have done.

The world is an incredible place, and you are given only one chance, so you must make sure that you experience each and everything you want in your life. Few things can truly make you happy. You must go ahead and enjoy those things.

So, here are 20 things you must do before you die.

1. Donate Blood

A person donating blood
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It is one of the noblest and greatest donations a man can make. It can ensure the return of a dying man into the light of life. Stop thinking; start donating.

2. Volunteer for a social cause

It will allow you to get involved with new things and develop technical social skills. It makes you give back and help others. When you realize that someone is smiling today and you are the reason for that smile, trust me, that realization is the most precious thing one could ever feel in one’s entire life.

3. Try yoga

Yoga! Why not? It makes us fit both physically and mentally.

4. Live alone

Living alone is a great experience and an absolute joy. You can do whatever you want to do, but most of all, you learn a lot about yourself, things you could probably not realize in the presence of a roommate, flatmate, or family member.

5. Run a marathon

Marathon running
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It is a long-distance race, not so easy. It requires a lot of training and hard work. Race, just like us ticking every goal, every day. Running with a lot of people, irrespective of age and tiredness. Reaching that endpoint is a goal in itself; you do not need to come first, but the fact that you participated and achieved something, not alone but with a whole bunch of unknown people, surely boosts you for an everyday journey.

6. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is never easy. It will increase your concentration power and will give you a great experience. One of the many things that you should learn in your life is a new language. Try to learn on your own or take classes for the language you are interested in. After you start speaking or become able to write it, you will feel less inadequate about yourself. It works as a different kind of motivation altogether.

7. Learn to cook

Woman cooking happily
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Yes, cooking, so that you can cook something for yourself whenever you feel hungry. When we felt that we have grown up, one of the first times is the time when we cooked for ourselves. If you still do not know how to cook, learn it from the internet and make yourself something small at first, then go for bigger recipes. To cook on your own and feed your stomach is an achievement itself.

8. Spend an entire day in bed

Do nothing. Just stay in bed and allow yourself to be stress-free. Lead the life of a clinomaniac for a day, sleep, eat, nap, and sleep. After some time, you will certainly feel bored, even though we crave and beg for rest in our daily lives. But to stay in bed for an entire day is extremely boring, as boring as peace is for a longer time.

9. Learn to play an instrument

Close up of a person playing violin
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Suppose you wanted to learn piano, guitar, etc. Go ahead. Playing an instrument gives you a sense of achievement that nothing else can do. Once you hit the right tune of your favorite song, that smile on your face, that is the achievement. It reduces stress and helps you socialize as well. So, if you haven’t played an instrument yet, try one that you thought of.

10.  Travel solo

It will teach you a lot about yourself. And you will also meet a lot of people and have a lot of unique experiences. Solo traveling may sound scary, but that is one thing that will give you a lifetime experience. You will feel independent, confident, and, most of all, yourself. That is the motto of solo traveling. The way you discover places, people, and yourself alone, in between strangers, is something that you will never forget.

11. Spend time with your grandparents

It makes your grandparents happy. So, why not make them happy. Something that we all forget as we grow up is those stories about our parents and those chocolates they showered us with for every win; we get busy and forget these pillars of our lives. They feel happy when they get to talk and express themselves. Always try to make them happy and spend as much time as you can, with your grandparents.

12. Go up on stage

Whatever you want to do, go and do it; getting up there makes you get rid of your stage fear. Glossophobia, today’s youth suffer glossophobia on a different level. We have only one thing to blame, social media. Nowadays, we are all textroverts, and it is easy for us to express ourselves without facing the situation or the person, which we all know shows how weak and vulnerable we are. Try to get up on stage, feel the spotlight and everyone staring at you for once; you will realize that there will be a few that will look up to you with appreciation despite the eyes that judge you. You will eventually focus on the bright side, the appreciation.

13. Experience nature

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Take a break and experience nature. It will give you a great feeling. Experiencing nature is one thing that every human being loves since it allows us to understand our own true self and helps us forget the busy schedule of our daily lives. You might not have much time to see your daily routine, but whenever you get a chance or take out time, try to keep yourself close to nature.

14. Keep a pet

Having a pet is great. They will become your friend and will teach you some of the best lessons of life. To have the feeling of taking care of somebody you would love more than yourself is amazing, and the fact that your pet will love you as much as you love them is adorable.

15. Go for an adventure trip or a sport

Adventure means something out of your comfort zone, and it is a great experience. Something that you fear, a situation that you do not want to be in, try it. Life is a journey of adventure, which gives you every opportunity to know yourself a little better than yesterday.

16. Karaoke

Group of friends playing karaoke
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Karaoke is an awesome thing to do. Is it possible that you will sing on a public platform or in front of your family without being embarrassed? No, right? But it is possible in Karaoke, and it is mainly for people who love to sing but do not have a voice to perform on stage in front of thousands of people. Just take hold of the mic, and sing your heart out; trust me, no one will judge you. You will feel yourself to the fullest. Try it out someday.

17. Google yourself

Try to find yourself on Google. This is something we all do once in our lives, but hey, if you haven’t, try now. If you are on Instagram or Twitter, type @yourusername, and there you go.

18. Swim in the ocean

Swimming in the ocean
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It is impressive, but not everyone has that opportunity. If you ever get an opportunity to be in the ocean and feel its vastness yourself, do not miss it.

19. Stay awake for 24 hours

It is worth being awake for 24 hours. Yes, it is something unusual, but one should try it before one dies. Doing something different than others that is all we want, right? When everybody sleeps at night, make yourself a coffee and study or read that book you love, for the third time, try to write about that incident that you will never forget or draw those eyes that you find difficult, in absolute peace. You will realize that you can have peace even if you are awake.

20. Stargaze all night

Man stargazing
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There is something so soothing about staring into outer space. This can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. To look at the sky at night and see the vastness of the sky and the gazillion stars above us makes us wonder how beautiful the sky and our life are. If you want to realize how small you are and how vast the universe is,  stare at the sky on a starry night.

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