20 Effective Ways on How To Recognize Your True Friend

how to recognize your true friend

How to recognize your true friend?

What is true friendship? It is essential to socialize and to be among people who you can call friends. But friendships are meant to make you evolve and grow as a person. Friendships are supposed to be your strength and your support in times of need.

 You mustn’t always concentrate on the fact about how un-social or unpopular you are. Having a lesser number of friends is no failure, or it does not make you un-social. 

It just proves your capability to choose what is good for you. You do not need to show off to anybody your number of friends it is vital for yourself to know how to recognize your true friend

If you are stuck at a point where you can’t understand whom to keep then here are 20 essential tips on how to recognize your true friend

To cherish a good friendship you should be able to face each other’s flaws, and thus we can know how to recognize your true friend

1. How much vulnerable you should be

With intimacy in every relationship comes vulnerability, and it depends on the degree of closeness you share with that person.

Vulnerability comes with recognizing each other’s true selves instead of pretending to be someone else. To know how to recognize your true friend, you must know how to be true to yourself in front of them.

It is not just about liking the same things and congratulations to each other on the best occasions but also acceptance of the awkward moments.

Maybe pulling an odd feat or gobbling up your food in the grossest way can help you know how to recognize your true friend. Your true friend will never criticize your vulnerability but accept it jokingly.

2. How they react to your darker side

Revealing to someone your darker side can be the most tiresome job. It will mentally drain you. But if the person responds well to the situation, it will make you feel calm and better.

But you will never know whom to reveal to unless you know how to recognize your true friend so once you do that it will be your piece of cake and you will share a good bond. Good Friends accept you for who you are

They accept everything about you, including your flaws.

You must notice their reaction while talking to them about the problems in your family, how stupid your boss is or how shabby your brother can be at times.

If they do not scoop out the negativity and throw it on you making you feel small, then you should know the person is your true friend

3. How do they behave with you on social networks

It would sound funny if we try to spot the differences between a fake friend and a real friend by judging their behavior on social media. Social media itself is not a very reliable basis, but living in the age that we are social media influences people’s lives more than they are supposed to.

Beginning from gossip to affecting mental health, everything does happen on social media. So if you want to know how to recognize your true friend, social media might be an option for you. You can analyze their behavior.

The people who merely carry on the friendship for putting up a great show and maintaining the right image are not the real ones.

4. Are you maintaining your inner circle?

You might have 5000+ friends on your Facebook, but have you asked yourself if your inner circle is healthy enough?

To know how to recognize your true friend or friends, you make sure they are not on the list of people whose birthdays are remembered as Fb notifications. They should be more than that—the ones you plan for a month before their birthday.

5. Do they only come to you at times of need?

The ones who actually want to be with you they will never occur to you only at times of need. So to know how to recognize your true friend, you need to look out if you are the only one giving.

Often I question myself why good friends are so important?

Probably the answer is just like they take from you. They give you something in return. If you are the only giver, a time will come when it will affect your mental health, and you will be drained.

So a good friend is not the one who will use you as a support but also support you. They will tell their issues and listen to yours too.

6. Do they want to bypass your opinions every time

Have you found yourself asking how real friends are different from fake friends?

Well, to know how to recognize your true friend. You need to find an answer to the above question to know this.

Often you will come across people who will always want to have their own ways and ignore your ideas or opinions.

But having their ways by hook or crook is never a good option for a healthy relationship.

7. How much do they talk about themselves?

The friends who always talk about themselves are never the real ones.

They just want to derogate you and criticize you. They are always highlighting their good points and boasting about their laurels and awards.

But you will know how to recognize your true friend once they start wanting to know about you too.

They do not find out the negative points in you but encourage you for betterment.

8.What they speak about you to others

If they indulge in gossips and depreciating comments among other friends about you, then consider it the most dangerous red flag warning.

If they cannot speak about the good things in you and about your friendship despite others making comments against you, then they are not real friends.

They might just be dangerous enough to bring up your smallest flaws and criticize them publicly.

9. Don’t be with the one who talks bad about others in front of you

To know how to recognize your true friend, you must be aware of how they speak about others in front of you. There are high possibilities that they might speak the same way about you in front of others.

Don’t mistake this as sharing mutual hatred for someone. Close friends often do not like the same people. But you need to check if they are speaking ill about a third person whom you do not know, or you have no idea about.

10. Do they share your good moments?

It is essential that you know if they share your joys and congratulate you from the bottom of their heart.

Are they emotionally present for you just as a real friend is there for you in the good times?

If they are happy with your success and not criticizing it, pointing out small flaws.

Also, if they tell you not to celebrate your success by giving excuses for showing off, they are not the real ones.

Friends are more than just excellent companions.

They will treat you to good food and take you out on a self-care routine to appreciate your existence. They will always tell you how good you are at all the little efforts you make to be better.

11. They mustn’t get disappointed too often

If they are always pushing you to fulfill their expectations and get disappointed when it is not fulfilled, then they are not real.

12. Check if they are available when you need them

You might always be struggling to understand how to recognize your true friend in a world full of fake people. It is a tiresome job, but it is beneficial once you know what the real definition of a good friend is.

To know how to recognize your true friends, you must acknowledge the perks of having a real friend. They should be there standing like a support system beside you in times of need.

 Not only in the right moments but when you are completely broke, these are times when a genuine friend is needed.

They should help you out not only by providing solutions but also by giving you the strong emotional support that you need during those times.

13. Notice if they rant too much about the drama around them

The ones who complain most about drama are the ones who are in soup themselves.

Here is the point you need to ask, do my friends really value my friendship?

When they want to maintain a healthy relationship, the first thing they will ensure is maintaining peace between you two.

So they will keep you out of the unnecessary drama. Others will invite you in them and mess you up intentionally.

14. They need to take a stand for you

One of the foremost condition for you to know how to recognize a true friend is if they take a stand for you. If they stand by you when nobody is supporting, then they must be your real and faithful friend.

The ones escaping and leaving you all alone during your fights are not the ones you should stick to 

The love embedded in every friendship would instigate them never to leave your side during hard times.

Every true friendship undergoes its test when it comes to standing up. If they do not dare to go against a lot of people just to save you, then they were never your true friends.

15. They should be proud of the friendship

As many times as you say, thanks, it is never enough.

Real friends always keep thanking you for being in their life. They are proud of you and your gratefulness. They will care for you and be glad to have you by their side in rough times.

They will never let you down. They will talk about your closeness and bond with others and express their luck.

Sometimes they will set your bond as an example to others.

16. Make sure you never have to pretend in front of them

Are you yourself in front of your friend? If the answer is yes, then you know how to recognize your true friend.

The person around whom you can be totally yourself.

The weird, awkward sides don’t need to be hidden. That friend is truly good.

You need to make sure you are courageous enough to tell them what you do not like about them or point out their flaws. If they accept your opinions gracefully and act upon it, then that friend is real.

17. Apologies matter

It is never okay to be too much self-absorbed and never being able to accept your flaws. So your true friend must be able to accept their flaws. They should be able to apologize to you when they are wrong. 

The unapologetic ones are very toxic and will always make you feel like you are wrong. Still making you think that you are at fault. They will never want to sort matters out to make things better.

The ones who make you feel bad and depressed are not your real friends. They should take the criticisms and the quarrels positively to make a better person out of themselves.

18. Trust is another crucial factor

To know how to recognize your faithful friend, you must ensure they are trustworthy. You should check with other familiar friends if they often lie or try to check it yourself by putting themselves in testing situations. 

You should not embarrass them, but you should make sure you check their transparency. They mustn’t frequently lie to defend themselves.

19. Do they ask if you are okay

You should not be the only person asking them always if they are doing fine. Friendships are both way things where they need to ask you about your state too. They need to check up on your health and your mental condition. That is the sign of a healthy relationship.

20. Are you always the first one to text?

This point might sound a bit out of place, but yes, you mustn’t always make the first move. They should know you are worth keeping and should make attempts to make your stay. Otherwise, it might be early signs that they take for you granted.

These were some practical tips on how to recognize your true friends. We hope you find this article enlightening.

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