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The 25 Best Punctuation Memes you will find Online


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Well, are you looking for some good punctuation memes that you can share? Today, we will talk about the 25 best punctuation memes you will find online.

Punctuation and grammar are essential aspects of any language, and good command over it can make your impression. It is also necessary to have good grammar as it helps to learn other languages quickly. Since many languages have more or less the same syntax, it helps in sentence formation and gradually you achieve fluency.

Similarly, the right punctuation is necessary to make a sentence meaningful and convey its intended meaning. Wrong punctuation sometimes changes the entire meaning of the sentence and give rise to hilarious situations.

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t know where to use a colon, semicolon, or even comma. If the sentence gets too long, they just end up putting a comma. A semicolon is just a cool tattoo for them, and a colon means those two dots on the keypad. The ‘too’ and ‘to’ confusion as well as misuse of prepositions can give your English teacher a good laugh. Also, don’t forget the ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ nightmare.

Punctuation and spelling errors can mar your communication, make your English teacher cross (careful, you might even lose marks), and annoy the Grammar Nazis.

This is not always bad, though. Just as philosophical principles and ideas, literature, art, and history made their way into memes, poor grammar and punctuation found its way there too. And today, we bring you the best punctuation memes on the internet.

The Top 25 Punctuation Memes that Will Make you Laugh

Here’s a look at some of the most hilarious Punctuation Memes that can be found online. People who mastered their basic English grammar will definitely be entertained.

1. Smilie Please

Seriously, the guy thoughtfully invented those little symbols to interrupt your sentences. He never meant to use them as smiles or winks in texts.

2. Some Advanced Contractions

As if “your” and “you’re” were not enough, some genius invented you’d’ve.  A time-saver, indeed. Can’t wait for the day they get added into the dictionary.

3. Punctuation can change the whole picture

Image courtesy- Grammarly

You can clearly see the power of punctuation here.

4. Commas, dude, commas!

The sentence literally sounds gross without commas.

5. Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Folks, Commas and Full stops are supposed to be used like this.

6. The Hyphen

The hyphen is used to join words or parts of a word for example: non-biodegradable or eco-friendly. Just so you know, it’s not the dash.

7. Ironic

Despite the irony, don’t forget to put in proper hyphens next time.

8. Unimpressed cat is not impressed

This cat made its way into grammar memes too.

9. Invention of Exclamation

I wonder what did they use for yells and screams before 1481? anyway, Iacopo Alpoleio da Urbisaglia was the genius who came up with it.

10. Lonely Grammar Nazis

Image courtesy- language nerds

Only the grammar Nazis will know the pain. But trust me, they have their priorities set.

11. It is ‘Okay’

Reply to the essay with an essay with proper grammar and correct spellings. The least you can do is type “okay.”

12. Life of Timmy

I bet you could picture Timmy on a raft in this one.

13. Your and You’re: the eternal confusion

Image courtesy- languagenerds

Insults are always better with punctuation. Don’t mess up this simple rule. Make your insults FELT.

14. Commas can flip the scene

In this case, you can hear the commas in the picture. A comma can make a lot of difference.

15. Why do people forget the commas?

Commas were invented for a reason. Here, you can clearly see why. This sentence just looks WRONG!

16. Really?

I mean, seriously? This is what happens when you do not pay attention in your English class.

17. Punctuation can save lives 

Somebody really needs to fix this. A semicolon or a full stop would have done the job. This sign must have given the workers nightmares for days.

18. Don’t worry, I will Fix YOU.

We all have that one friend who always corrects our grammar. And no matter where we text, they will always find you and fix your sentences. In this one, they will guide you to a treasure they already possess.

19. Commas can Save your Relationships

I dare you to remove the comma here.

20. A smart pun on period.

If you master the language, even you can come up with some cool punctuation memes like this.

21. I will “Direct You”

True Directioners will use correct grammar. Also, ‘Y’all’ means ‘You All’ just in case you did not know.

22. Awwww

We should all agree that Captain Raymond Holt’s texts are more impressive than dry. But texting regularly with proper commas and spellings kind of defeats the purpose of texts in the first place. Also, nothing is drier than a text message deprived of emojis.

23. The Bitter Grammar Police

Despite their impressive grammar and flawless spellings, the language freaks are just annoying. Not a single mistake escapes their hawk eyes nor do they leave a single chance to display their skills.

24. Awkwardly Correct Punctuation

Even though fluent language has its perks, it can sometimes get you into an awkward position. Especially, if you have the habit of correcting other people.

25. A Message from Spider-Man

Bad grammar is not only annoying but it can be distressing for the Spider-Man. He wants you to learn your basic grammar seriously.

So these were some of the funniest Punctuation Memes out there on the internet. A high five to those who use correct grammar (and actually understood the memes). And the ones who did not get these memes should be taking their English class seriously.

Having a strong grasp over spelling and grammar gives you an edge in arguments. Your insults sound better and if you run out of valid points to argue, you can start correcting their grammar.

On the other hand, adding unnecessary and difficult adjectives in a text can make it decorative as well as hard to read (Pretty much like Mr. William Collins in Pride and Prejudice). Don’t overdo it though!

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