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25 Eye-opening Improvement Quotes

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Ms. Priyanka Ohri is a Human Developmentalist. She is pursuing a master's in Human development from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and sustains a graduation degree in B.sc home science with a specialization in Human development from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She is an empathetic listener and an articulate writer.

Improvement quotes encourage self-growth, self-improvement or personal development, business growth, business improvement, and growth in other areas of life to create a better version of self and business. Life is an unforeseen expedition filled with ups and downs. Every challenge and hurdle comes with opportunities to grow as a person.

To choose to be intended about improving yourself or your business does not mean that you are not good enough or your business is not good enough; rather, it means to have a desire to enlarge the vision of yourself and your business in this lifetime.

Self-improvement quotes focus on developing skills, personality, capabilities, awareness, and improving quality of life. Ongoing efforts are required to improve existing products, services, or processes by executing minor changes than major changes. Here are some inspiring self-improvement quotes. Also, read about 10 inspirational speakers to improve yourself. 

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25 Inspirational Self-Improvement Quotes

1. “There Is Nothing Righteous in Being Superior to Your Companion; True Nobility Is When You Are Superior to Yourself”- Ernest  Hemingway  

Be better than yesterday
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The greatest people do not try to compete with others or be better than anyone else; instead, they want to be better than yesterday. It motivates people to become a better version of themselves every day.

2. “Those Who Cannot Modify Their Mind Cannot Modify Anything” – George Bernard Shaw

Individuals should be aware that it is vital to make your thinking and belief system flexible because to grow in life, you have to be open enough to learn and receive knowledge.

3. “Formal Education Will Make Build You a Living, but Self-Education Will Make You Prosper” – Jim Rohn

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The most powerful education you could give yourself is your strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and failures.

4. “You Are the Sum of Your Creativity About Yourself and All That Happens in Your Life” -Stephen Richards

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You are who you decide to be. For example, if you want to be an optimistic person, you decide to be the one because no one will come to save you from drowning. You have to create a life of your choice.

5. “He Who Conquers Himself Is a Powerful Warrior” – Confucius

It is beneficial to understand your weaknesses and strengths so that you can overcome them in the future.

6. “Things Do Not Become Better Rather They Remain As They Are. It Is We Who Become Better With the Help of Changes We Make in Ourselves” – Swami Vivekananda 

The above by Swami Vivekananda explains that if you come across a worthy opportunity, make the best out of it and not waste another day or opportunity being less than the other.

7. “Once We Accept Our Limits; We Go Beyond Them” – Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein gave this improvement quote to empower people to accept their limits to go beyond them and succeed in life. It is not worth wasting time and energy thinking about those limitations.

8. “Tame Your Mind With a Consistent Focus on Goals and Desires and Never Allow Your Mind To Wander Untamed” – Stephen Richards

Stephen Richards gave this improvement quote which emphasizes that one should never be the one who exists based on survival of the fittest rather focus your mind towards attaining goals and fulfilling desires.

9. “If You Do What You Have Consistently Done, You Will Always Be Where You Have Always Been” – T.D. Jakes

The quote by T.D. Jakes explains that change is significant in every aspect of life, and to bring that change, alter your actions.

10.  “A Person Who Is Convinced Against His Will Agrees Still” – Dale Carnegie

The quote explains that trust your intuition and never go against your will. Otherwise, you will stay at the same pace with no improvement.

11. “Everybody Has a Skill, but Potential Requires Hard Work” – Michael Jordan 

This improvement quote puts forward an explanation that everyone is blessed with one or another talent, and what matters is the hard work one puts in creating that ability within themselves.

12. “The Health of Your Brain Is Much More About Your Actions Than Your Age” – Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen said that the health and working of your brain depend on the actions and experiences of life rather than your age. For example, a young person can have a mature and healthy brain because of his experiences.

13. “You Are Either Green and Heightening or Ripe and Decaying” – John Addison 

According to John Addison, A person has to be active, developing, and glowing; otherwise, his life will rot.

14. “A Person Cannot Rectify Himself Without Hardship, for He Is Both the Marble and the Artist” – Alexis Carrel

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Alexis Carrel conveys that human beings are both creators and destroyers of their lives because their lives are their responsibility. No other person has control over our lives unless we allow them.

15. “Often It Is Not We Who Design Words, but the Words We Use That Form Us” – Nina George

It is necessary to always think before your speak and never speak and then think because it is impossible to take spoken words back. Words play a crucial role in shaping your character and personality.

16. “Don’t Say It Cannot Be Done Rather Say You Don’t Know How To Do It Yet” – Tomas Bata

It is easy to quit a difficult task instead of accepting that you do not know how to do it.

17. “Perfection in a Task Comes, Not When There Is Nothing More To Put in but When There Is Nothing Left To Remove” – Antoine de Saint

Perfection in a task comes when there is minimum or no chance of committing a mistake.

18. “If You State the Problem Rightly, You Nearly Have the Output” – Steve Jobs

Problems are evident in every organization and business, so it is vital to define and understand the problem correctly to solve it.

19. “Before You Utter You Can’t Do Something, Try It” – Sakichi Toyoda 

While working in a team or individually for a project, attempts are to receive the outcome rather than quitting the task.

20. “Quality Is Never a Tragedy; It Is Inevitably the Product of Intention, True Effort, Intelligence, and Skillful Execution; it Portrays the Wise Choice of Many Options” – William A Foster 

Quality work requires determination, effort, skills, an executive mind, and numerous alternatives.

21. “If You Always Do What You Have Continuously Done, You Will Every Time Get What You Have Always Got” – Henry Ford

Henry Ford gave this famous business improvement quote. Life is full of all types of opportunities and experiences. Therefore, handle different situations differently to receive different results.

22. “Manage the Cause, Not the Result” – W.E. Deming

Not every result is desirable, and every task is equipped with consequences. If you are unsatisfied with the result, understand and manage the cause to receive the required result.

23. “Management Is About Telling People What To Do, and Leadership Is About Allowing People To Do What They Are Capable of Doing” – Bob Chapman 

management and leadership
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Every organization has a manager and a leader; hence, it is crucial to distinguish their roles to accomplish a task and ensure the smooth functioning of a company.

The leader has the power to permit people to do things according to their capability whereas, the manager has the role of telling people what they are supposed to do.

24. “Focus On Being Productive Instead of Busy” – Tim Ferris 

This is one of the powerful improvement quotes of all. Choose to be productive while staying busy because it is easy to get engrossed in some work but what matters is the productivity and the company.

25. “Worry Is the Most Wasteful Thing in the World” – Henry Ford 

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The world is full of stress and worry but never let them take a negative turn in your life. Worry and stress consume one’s peace of mind; hence it is the most wasteful thing in the world.


When you start performing actions to improve your life, it becomes your habit, and you eventually start doing better day by day. One improvement leads to another, and above mentioned improvement quotes cause you to be a better version of yourself every day.

Continuous challenges in life awaken the spirit of the person, allowing him to turn impossible into reality. The unique combination of desire, execution, effort and hard work will always give you wonders. It all depends upon the will of the person to improve themself in the upcoming opportunities.

The list of improvement quotes is ongoing because numerous famous people have quoted motivational improvement quotes. Each of them fits the present situation of an individual and allows him to perform better.

Improvement quotes provide room for improvement and allow the person to go from wherever they’re to wherever they want to be. No dream is impossible or difficult to achieve, provided you initially dare to believe in them and improve in every area of life every day. Read about what you think, you become and get inspired.

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