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7 Impressive Facts about St Michaels Wine Festival

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The town of St Michaels is a part of Maryland, United States, known famously for the St Michaels Wine Festival. It is situated on the shore of the miles river and derives its name from an Anglican church present on the harbor’s shore. The town has witnessed some large and significant industries such as the Ship making industry, oyster making, crabmeat production.

St Michaels opens its arms to anyone that comes here, with its rich heritage and enormous love. It would be a perfect weekend getaway because the St Michaels Wine Festival falls on Saturday and Sunday! Get to meet and immerse in the beauty of local communities and their winemaking knowledge. It can be said without a doubt that this will be an experience you won’t forget. 

The St. Michaels Wine Festival is one of its kind. Each year, the coastal town runs this festival to benefit the smaller communities and charities that provide help to those who need it the most. It helps educate children, caring for the homeless, trying to eradicate poverty. It also helps conserve natural resources, and you can make a positive change while doing something you will enjoy.

7 Impressive Facts about St Michaels Wine Festival

St Michaels Wine Festival takes great pride in offering the perfect blends of wine irrespective of your liking towards the art of winemaking and tasting. It does not matter if you are a casual wine lover or call yourself a connoisseur. You are likely to find your perfect match here.

The wine tasting event team spends countless hours trying to acquire the best quality of wine from across the country in one place. Dry, sweet, still, sparkling, red, or white, every taste bud will be happy at this wine venue without a doubt.

Why Should You Attend the St Michaels Wine Festival?

1. Best Quality Wine-

The St Michaels Wine festival is best for beginners who have not found their taste yet. Domestic, international, and ultra-premium, all are available and several picks are not available for purchase locally. You get unmatched access and unlimited tastings

The global St Michaels Wine Festival provides the best quality wine. Many of the wines available here might not be easy to get elsewhere in the world. Over 400 plus wines are collected, and this open-air wine market set up for two days during this fest is one of Maryland’s hallmark events. 

As they say, wine tasting is like books. Everyone will have a different preference and if you still have not figured out your pick yet, this festival is your best chance to do it now.

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2. Meet the Experts

Get your tastebuds happy with the help of renowned wine experts who know the art of winemaking in and out. Connect with friendly and fun experts at the St Michaels Wine Festival. Who would be better than them to understand your descriptions and guide you to a place where your palate feels complete. Some of the 2020 festival vendors are Always a happy hour, Jen’s blends, wine by design, to name a few.

 3. Bring a Positive Change 

More than 100 volunteers come together each year at the St Michaels Wine Festival venue to make the town as beautiful as it is, over the two days. These volunteers support different causes and come from various organizations. What would you not give to create a positive impact and benefit the local communities, all while tasting lip-smacking wine?

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Some charity firms that do volunteer regularly at the St Michaels Wine Festival are Phillips wharf environmental center, the Brick companies, talbot humane, and many more. Manyy charity owners and businesses’ economic sustainability depends mainly on these two days when the whole town is adorned with beautiful, exotic wine.

4. Wine That You Cannot Find Anywhere Else

VIP wine tasting at St Michaels Wine Festival will enable you to get a hold of both local and exotic wine that you cannot find anywhere else. The exotic wineries are recognized all over the world for their experience and knowledge in the business. The venues for Vip wine tasting are the Old Brick Inn and the Patriot cruise ship.

5. What About the Venue?

Owners, Contributors, and volunteers of the St Michaels Wine Festival take great pride in calling the festival a “streetscape”. The whole city is vibrant and colorful throughout the two days and all the streets are filled with wineries and vendors. The Wine Festival is not just one location.

There are dedicated pouring venues for different kinds of wines all around the town and you will find a map on the official website of the wine festival. The signboards will guide you through the town as well.

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You can find MD wine, International wine, Specialised Italian wine and VIP wine, at dedicated locations.

6. What About the Tickets?

General Admission:

The perks include unlimited wine tasting, keepsake wine tasting glasses, invaluable and a knowledge enriching experience of interacting with the winemakers. You can also avail the free shuttle service to mv around town at no extra coupons or cost! 

Wine Festival Weekend Pass:

You get admission rights on both Saturday and Sunday, making your weekend the perfect break from routine life. Go all in and taste as much as you can over the period of these two days. Of course, over 400 options are available to fill your belly and heart. There are more economical options too, because why should you spend on something you would not get the benefits of? 

Saturday pass – Avail all the benefits of the Winefest at St Michaels, and get back to your commitments, be it work, family, or just Netflix and chill on your couch, on Sunday. 

Sunday pass –To the ones who have to work even on Sundays worry no more. You won’t have to miss out on this fantastic Wine Festival just because of work. The St Michaels Wine Festival values your work and time.

VIP Tickets

In addition to admission rights on both Saturday and Sunday to the St Michaels Wine Festival, those who avail these tickets get admission rights AND access to purchase venues as well. Of course, VIP venues are reserved only for the ones who get VIP tickets.

These VIP wines will be poured only by winemakers, experts,  and winery representatives. The wine labels that you will be able to find here are rated 90+ and it is safe to say that most of them can’t be found for retail locally. Some of these featured wines are not even available out of this Wine Festival. 

An additional perk is that you get an exclusive VIP coupon with this. So a reasonable $75 off in the purchase of $250 of VIP wines, only for those who get the VIP tickets. More than 30 wines are available on The patriot VIP tasting cruise along the miles river. Several other premium collections will be available at the Old Brick Inn tasting venue.

All information can be found on the official website as well.

7. Places Around The Town to Not Miss And Fun Facts:

1. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Built-in 1965 on an area stretched over 18 acres, this museum honors the everyday life of the town and its economical, social, and geographic history. The museum provides a wide range of information from the era of sailboats, to a time where the gas-powered engines were made. Before the construction of this museum, working boats could be sighted lined up on the dock. 

The museum also has a good number of volumes to increase knowledge and a watercraft collection of more than 80 boats.

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2. Chesapeake Landing, St Michaels

What better than tasting and indulging over the seafood delicacies when in a coastal town?

Built by a husband and wife in 1991, this is your best place to taste the seafood delicacies. The menu contains many innovative and culture-rich recipes of chicken, beef, crab, that you are sure to find nowhere else. Plus, you can be rest assured to get the freshest meals as the restaurant has its own market from where the raw items are sourced. The restaurant is known to have some of the best seafood, both in terms of freshness and deliciousness.

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3. St Michaels Crab and Steak House 

The building of this crab and steak house is located on an 1830s building that was formerly an oyster shed. And it carries forward the legacy, watermen still buy oysters and crabs regularly from this place.

Other renowned restaurants include the Lyon distilling Co and many more.

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4. Iron Will and Woodworks

This institution is funded by a couple experienced with the family-run business of rebuilding old vintage pieces with new customization. This couple has also spent their time teaching woodworking and ironworking. The company is now repurposing almost all items for its customers, from lighting fixtures to home decor. 

This makes St Michaels Wine Festival the perfect weekend getaway. Even if you can’t find out the time at THE weekend, you have other tempting options as well.


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