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25 Awesome Tips to Getting Laid on Tinder

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Sure, these days it’s a lot easier getting laid on Tinder, Bumble, or other dating apps. But there are still dos and don’ts, and there are still many things that one must know before making any move. To make sure you get what you want and don’t end up having yet another lonely Saturday night, here are 25 tips to getting laid on Tinder.

Well, let’s be honest. When one first thinks of Tinder, they do not believe that this is where they’ll meet the love of their life. I mean, think about it, why does one join Tinder?

Certainly not because they hear wedding bells. It’s because they’ve just been dumped or just dumped somebody. It’s because it’s been a while.

It’s because they’re lonely. They want to feel wanted. They want to feel admired, it’s also often just for validation, to be honest!

But what do you do when you want to get some and don’t have any game? It takes knowing a thing or two before you jump right into it.

But where will you go and who’ll guide you? This isn’t a movie where you’ll run into a ‘love guru’ at a bar, now is it? That’s where I come in. So, to make it easier for you, here are 25 secret tips to getting laid on Tinder

25 Secret Tips to Getting Laid on Tinder

1. Set up the perfect profile

Remember this isn’t you IRL, this is an application if one wants to decide whether they want to swipe right or left on you all they have to buy is all that is on your profile. It must answer any questions she might have already.

An excellent tip for getting laid on Tinder is to have a perfect profile. This means a witty, funny, and charming bio that indirectly says what you’re about and why you’re even on Tinder in the first place and a picture that emphasizes two essential things – your looks and your status.

Your profile must let the other person know about your intellect, your looks, your status, and the reason why you’re on Tinder.

2. Put on your best show

Make sure you put your best pictures onto your profile. Photos that show off your best features. For some its eyes, for some, it’s their abs, for some their figure. Whatever it may be.

But make sure to include either full or half body pictures. Make sure to have your face in them as well. Nobody wants to decide whether or not they want to hook-up with you just by seeing a zoomed-in close-up of your eye or the back of your head. Unless it’s in an aesthetic manner that shows off your body.

Remember getting laid on Tinder is all about visuals.

3. Don’t under-do it but don’t overdo it either

Make sure to put in the right mix of pictures on your profile. But always have at least three images on there and a maximum of five. You don’t want them to know your face that well already, but just enough to keep them intrigued. And if you do decide to put in any group shots – limit those to only one.

Remember it isn’t your best friends who are getting laid on Tinder, it is you who is supposed to.

4. Link other social accounts

This is always a safe bet. Most people out there often assume that the profiles that stand out to them might just be fake accounts. And nobody wants to see a diamond but end up with a rock, so they’ll never swipe on you.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, consider linking your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, so they know that you’re a real existing human being, who’s just as into them as they are into you.

If you aren’t comfortable linking those just yet, you can also connect your Spotify accounts, so when it comes to getting laid on Tinder, at least you’re with somebody who also has good taste in music.

5. Use a good opening line

Now, this one plays a crucial role in whether or not you’ll be getting laid on Tinder.

The first impression says everything that one needs to know. And is also what will make every other decision from there. Be funny, be witty, be slightly flirty, but don’t come off as someone clingy or desperate.

Pro tip: It’s always better to use full words. It makes you seem more mature, well-read, and smarter too.

6. Swipe on the right people

The same way others would look and analyze your profile, you must too. Look for those who have similar features like your profile, those who are attractive, but make sure they’re real.

And also, if you have any doubts about whether or not they’re on Tinder who the same purpose you are, then reject the profile, getting laid on Tinder isn’t worth all the trouble it’ll cause if the girl was anticipating a lot more than just that.

7. Be confidence

Confidence is always sexy. Spirit is still vital. Be bold in your answers and your texts; be confident.

And make sure you let this show on your profile, too, with your bio and your pictures. Even if all of this is new to you and you’re nervous, don’t let it show. Because people who are new to this are often associated with people who might get attached or want something more and it that happens, you’ll never end up getting laid on Tinder.

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8. Keep your replies short and sweet

Just because you must be confident, doesn’t mean you must be cocky. Nobody wants to be getting laid on Tinder with a jerk.

Show your sweet side, but don’t read too much into it either. Keep your replies limited, sweet, and to the point. Don’t drift away from the main reason why you’re both texting each other in the first place.

9. Sense of Humor

Make a lot of jokes and laugh at his. Make sure that throughout you maintain a good sense of humor and find somebody compatible with yours.

This will prevent things from getting awkward. Haven’t you heard? Memes and Gifs are how we flirt now.

10. Refrain from the relationship talk

If you want to be getting laid on Tinder, make sure that you avoid any topics related to relationships. Otherwise, you’ll just scare them off, and next thing you know, you’ve been unmatched.

11. Get some Intel

Figure out what he’s into – music, movies, hobbies, interests and do your research, then use those very things to bond with him and impress him. This is one of the sure ways of getting laid on Tinder.

12. Be vague

Be vague with your replies, act oblivious. Pretend like this is something that happens to you often and is no big deal. Make them think that you have a long line of people waiting to get inside your bedroom, and this will attract him to you even more.

13. Use Sarcasm

Not only is sarcasm a good excuse for a backup if something goes wrong, but it goes along with having a good sense of humor, and people find it very attractive. Answering questions and replying sarcastically will leave them intrigued and will you’ll end up getting what you want – getting laid on Tinder.

14. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is am essential factor in getting laid on Tinder. You don’t want to come off as someone very easy or slutty. No respectable person wants to be where tons have already been. Being vague, giving short replies, and sarcasm will help you here.

15. Get his attention

Most of the points mentioned above will help you get his attention, but at your end. Make sure that you don’t let things lose either.

16. Give him attention

Getting laid on Tinder isn’t just about making it all about you, you have to let him know that you’re equally into it too. Give him quick replies and respond to what he says clearly. Make sure he knows he has your attention, and he’ll give you his.

17. Ask him if he’s done this before

You want to make sure that you don’t end up with a newbie, either. You want someone who’s used to this, someone who’s a natural and someone who won’t end up asking for more than what you’re offering.

18. Drop hints

Flirt away. Flirt subtly, flirt dirty. But don’t come off as someone who’s a crazy sex freak.

Make sure you are not overbearing, but let him know that you’re here for a good time, and that’s pretty much it. Make your intentions clear.

19. Don’t be afraid to make the first move

Work it into the conversation, that you’re just here because you wanted to end up getting laid on Tinder. You can be subtle about it, but it’s always better to clear this out first to avoid any confusion later.

And they’ll think that you being confident and making the first move is a big turn on and is very hot.

20. Play R rated games

Never have I ever, and 21 questions are some popular games for when you want to get down and dirty. Ask them about past experiences, desires, cravings, and fetishes. This will surely get them all hot and bothered, and you’ll inevitably end up getting laid on Tinder.

21. Tease them

A sure way to getting laid on Tinder is to tease them.

Tell them about how they possibly couldn’t handle all of your raw energy and all that you have in store for them. Leave them lingering, leave them intrigued. They’ll want you right then and there.

22. Get off Tinder

Getting laid on Tinder doesn’t precisely mean getting laid on Tinder.

The first step you must take to put your plan into action is to get their number or their Snapchat, somewhere you can do more than just talk. If they agree, you’ll know that they want the same thing you do.

23. Give them a sneak-peak

Once you’re off Tinder and are sure that you’ll be getting laid on Tinder sometime soon, you can even tease them with sneak peeks of what they have to look forward too through snaps. This will get their blood hot, and they excited to see you.

24. Make sure this happens sooner rather than later

Don’t leave this hanging for too long, don’t leave them excited for too long. Make sure that you’re confident about getting laid on Tinder.

If you take too long to respond or revert or show any interest and take things further, they’ll probably give up on you, consider you a failed experiment and move on. It’s best to do the deed as early as possible since you guys start bonding. The earlier, the better.

25. Suggest meeting at one of your places

One last time just to clarify your reasons for this date, make sure they know that you’re only there for getting laid on Tinder.

When it comes to deciding where you’ll have your date, you can suggest meeting at either yours of their place. Skip the dinner that wasn’t worth it anyone, or the movie and especially the small talk. This way you’ll get what you came on Tinder for.

Getting laid on Tinder might be just what you wanted and maybe what you think you needed. But it is a big deal, so always make sure that you are 100% sure about it before making any moves.

Make sure that whom you go home with isn’t harmful and is safe to be with. And make sure you reassure them that you are too. Make them feel comfortable, and they shall do the same for you.

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Getting laid on Tinder has never been easier, this article will only help make it easier for you!

If you have any more tips on getting laid on Tinder, do let us know, and if you have any experiences or views with the tips we’ve listed here, do tell us. We’d love to hear what you have to share!

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