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3 Easiest Methods to Get Free Instagram Followers Quickly

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As we all know that Instagram has become a very famous social platform. Making your brand or yourself known in the crowd of others on Instagram is not an easy task to do. Every Instagram owners are working hard to attract more followers. But we are always irritated that how to get free followers on Instagram quickly. As there are always the time that you follow many people on Instagram and like others’ post frequently, but they did not follow back or like your post as you expected. 

Do not be discouraged. This article will introduce you 3 easiest ways to quickly get free Instagram followers.

3 Easiest Methods to Get Free Instagram Followers Quickly 1

Method 1: Quickly Get Real & Free Instagram Followers with GetInsta

GetInsta as a free and effective app, it is dedicated to help Instagram users to get unlimited real free Instagram followers & likes easily and quickly. No password needed. You just need three steps to get Instagram followers for free: create an account, earn coins on the app, and get your own followers and likes. 

Step 1: Download GetInsta from the official site and install it on your device. It supports Windows, Android and iOS. This article takes the Windows as an example to introduce the steps. The principle and steps on Android or iOS are the same.

Step 2: Sign up on your GetInsta app and login with your account. When you log in, you’ll get some free coins automatically, then you can get 50 free Instagram followers instantly with these coins.

Step 3: Add one or more Instagram accounts to get more likes and followers. Yes, if you have more than one Instagram accounts, you can add at most 5 accounts to do tasks, earn coins and then get more free followers and likes.

Step 4: You can earn more coins by following others or liking others’ posts free. With the coins, you can get unlimited free Instagram followers or likes quickly and effortlessly.


  • 100% clean, safe and, quick.
  • High-quality, real, and active users
  • No survey, password, and other personal data needed
  • Can get Instagram likes with no coins
  • Available for all Instagram users.


  • Free coins are limited. If you want to have a great increase of Instagram followers daily, earning free coins are not enough. 

Method 2: Promote Your Instagram Presence on Other Social Networks to Increase Instagram Followers Quickly

A relatively quickly way to get more Instagram followers free is to promote your Instagram presence on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. You can also use services like 

In other words, you need to make your Instagram profile easily discoverable and be exposed as much as possible.

For example, take a screenshot of your Instagram account and share it on your Facebook account with a link to your Instagram page. Or simply share your Instagram username in your Facebook post and ask your followers to follow you on Instagram, too.


Free and relatively quick.


It is not suitable for those who do not have other popular social accounts.

Method 3: Repost Hot Contents with Top Hashtags to Gain More Instagram Followers.

In this way, you need to credit the original poster in your description every time to avoid getting flagged. Instagram has now updated their policy and you’re required to ask for permission before reposting or your account will be punished.

When you first started, please take a screenshot of the original hot post with lots of reviews and add the pictures to your Instagram. Why you repost these hot posts instead of posting you own? It is because it is easier to repost content with top Hashtags. And hot posts with top hashtags are a great way to get new followers quickly and bring traffic to your Instagram account.

You just need to browse the list of the popular hashtags to find the top posts that weren’t posted by other fan pages but by individual people. Then choose the one you have the biggest reactions to and repost it onto you Instagram account. If you’re just learning how to get free followers on Instagram quickly, this method is simple enough for a beginner.


Free and relatively quick.


It is more suitable for a Instagram beginner only for the purpose to get more free Instagram followers. If you want to establish an Instagram account with a special commercial purpose, it may not be ideal.


All the above three methods can help you gain free Instagram followers quickly and easily. But every method has its own pros and cons. After comparison, it is easy to see that the professional app GetInsta is the easiest and best way to get real free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes, as it is suitable for every Instagram users no matter you are a beginner or master. 

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