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4 Amazing Tips to Enjoy a Greece Honeymoon

Greece Honeymoon

Greece, officially known as the Hellenic Republic, is a great country for a Greece honeymoon. It is estimated that there are some 1200 to 6000 islands that come under Greece, out of which 277 are inhabited.

For all the people thinking about going for a honeymoon, Greece could be a perfect place to start their love journey. Greece was once the hub of all civilization and is known as the cradle of Western civilization. It has given in the world Democracy, Western Philosophy and literature, Political science, and so much more, that all it is impossible to list in this one article.

Greece Offers something for different kinds of people, especially for Honeymooners who have different tastes for vacation.

Greece honeymoon is one of the greatest spots for a honeymoon in all of Europe. With whitewashed villages, scenic sunsets, white sand beaches, pink sand beaches, churches, and clear blue seaside views, it truly is one of the greatest gifts of nature to humanity.

Greece has many islands to choose from to spend your Greece honeymoon on. It depends on what type of honeymoon you want. Be a hip and chic, one with bustling nightlife or quite calm, and serene honeymoon with scenic seaside views and relaxing spa days, Greece can offer it all; you need to know which places to choose from.

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4 Amazing Tips to Enjoy a Greece Honeymoon

One of the first things a person needs to know is the time to go on a Greece honeymoon. The best time to visit Greece is said to be between May and October. August is the peak season of vacation in Greece, so late May to early August is one of the best times to visit if you plan to avoid the crowds.

If you are looking to save up on some cash and still get the best experience of a beautiful Greece honeymoon, then early April to late May is one of the best times to go as well. Along with late October to mid-November. Both these times have good weather, neither too hot nor too cold, with the best deals on hotels and other accommodations, and almost now crowds of other tourists.

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1. Travel Light:

Greece is a place where you hop from island to island, and lugging around suitcases from flight to flight or on ferries from one island to another will be very tiring, so it is best to travel light. Backpacks and Carry bags are your best options, though one small suitcase would also work.

2. Keep Cash on you:

Always try and keep cash on you. While most of Europe can pay with cards, the greek culture is a bit different. Not that you would not find places that accept cards, but the local shops in the villages might not have that option, so always keep cash on hand, just in case.

3. Learn Greek:

Learning a few phrases of greek will go a long way. The friendly people of Greece love it when you try and speak in their language, and thanking or greeting them will probably earn you great deals and good directions.

4. Popular Places to Visit During your Greece Honeymoon

As mentioned before, Greece has some 277 islands, so that is a lot of destinations to choose from. Mostly there are a few islands and cities that are visited most by honeymooners and tourists alike.


Staying in Athens is like a right of passage for a Greece honeymoon. All couples like to stay in this beautiful capital of the country to pay respect to its history and culture. They stay there for two or three days; it is also a good way to get used to the weather and shake off any jet lag or time difference.

That does not mean that you can not enjoy Athenes. After all, the city is the capital of the country—one of the best places to get a tour of the history of western civilization.

The Athens tour is not complete without visiting The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. The view standing atop of the Acropolis will surely leave any honeymooners breathless.

After that, be sure to visit the many museums of the city and get a feel of what greek culture and greek people are all about.


One of the many hotspots among Greece’s isles, Santorini, officially known as Thira, is a great place to start your Greece honeymoon. You can reach the island by flight or by ferry ride only a few hours away from Athens.

Santorini is known for its beauty and history. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, and history still prevails in the towns and villages’ essence.

The whitewashed houses on top cliffs make for a sight for sore eyes. Fira a party hub for those honeymooners who like to live a bit in the night, or Thira for the honeymooners who like to enjoy the scenic beauty with the clear Aegean Sea view.


Mykonos is for the honeymooners who want a hip and happening Greece honeymoon. This Greece beauty is a part of Cyclades along with Santorini and is only but a ferry ride away from the said island. If you plan on going to Santorini, then going to Mykonos is also a perfect plan, even if it is to enjoy a day or two of the Greek night-life.

The lifestyle of Mykonos is very high-end and chic. Many consider it as the ‘The Ibiza of Greece.’ So, keep an eye open for you never know when you might run into models or some celebs.

If you are not much for the might live, then fear not to cause Mykonos offers much more for the day, with white sand beaches on the seashore and chic boutiques and cafes to enjoy your days at.

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If you are looking for a much quieter and calmer Greece honeymoon, then Hydra is, in fact, the island for you.

An island is a picture-perfect place with bougainvillea-covered buildings, Picturesque seasides, and more of the art of greek culture on every corner. The island is not that far away from Athens, so a ferry ride to the island is also a great way to relax.

One of the best parts about this greek beauty is that there is no motor-based transport. No cars, no cycles or anything really, well except for a Donkey. The Island has a strict rule of no motor-based transport, so honeymooners will either have to walk on foot and explore the island or hire a donkey if they so wish.

Walking and exploring the towns and villages with great views from hillsides and clifftops seems like a perfect way to amp up the romance and get to know your partners more.


Crete is one of the farthest from Greece mainland and is well into the Medataranian sea, making it a year-round vacation spot.

Perhaps the word best to describe the island would be Myriad. The island has it all, from mountain ranges to hiking on to green tropical forests and enchanting cities and villages.

Crete has one of the richest histories and the epicenter of the first main civilization of Europe. The rich history can still be seen in the picturesque villages and many museums and the great hillside forts.

If you want the hip and happening Greece honeymoon, then the metropolitan cities with grand resorts and cafes with food to die for is a great option as well. Crete has the best culinary experience. Rika will never taste as good as it does in Crete and feta, both made locally with a unique technique only found on Crete.

Another key feature of the island is the pink sand beaches along the Aegean Sea shores to spend your days on.


This is the largest of the Cyclades and is one of the most popular destinations for a Greece honeymoon. The island is also a great tourist stop, with a great happening life. There are plenty of clubs as well, meaning parties are also a reason to stay on the isle.

The island has the best of both worlds with many urban villages and offers a more quiet and romantic honeymoon.

Also, the island offers an adventurous Greece honeymoon. The island has a Mediterranean climate and plenty of winds. Due to this, the island is great for adventure-seeking couples who can enjoy windsurfing and kite surfing along with water sports as well.


One of the lesser-known islands and truly a hidden gem amidst the central Cycladic islands. Antiparos is just off Paros’s coast and not too far away from Santorini or any other of the Cycladic islands.

You will find much history and art to devour this greek beauty, with castles and caverns on the island. This island also is suspected of housing Madonna’s getaway house.

The whitewashed villages not only give the island a pure and elegant look, but the villages also give off rustic vibes, with bougainvillea lined streets. The cities also have some of the chicest cafes and boutique hotels, and bars and clubs.

Greece was once the epicenter of civilization and has been since a great advancement for all of humanity. What is more, is that the Republic is not just one city. It is a myriad of islands, each with its own personality.

You can choose a Greece honeymoon tailor-made for you and your likes, with an itinerary of islands that cater to your likes. Greece truly does offer something for every couple out there looking to celebrate their union in their own unique way.

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