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4 Classic Games Given a Digital Makeover in the 21st Century

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Playing games in social circles is one of the most popular ways people choose to spend their free time. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some friendly competition every once in a while? It can be fascinating to consider the evolution of those games that are commonly played today, as many have distinct historical backgrounds.

However, due to developments in technology, the gameplay of certain titles has transformed dramatically. Here we take a look at four classic games given a digital makeover in recent years. 

Poker games
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Although the earliest records of chess are a bit ambiguous, the game is said to have been derived from an Indian game named chaturanga that was prominent in the 7th century. From there it spread to Persia, or modern-day Iran. However, the version we play today was not actually developed until the 16th century, mainly populating itself in European countries. By the 19th century, standardized chess boards and tournaments were commonplace and “Grand Masters,” or expert chess players, began to pop up all around the world. 

In 2021, chess is more popular than ever before, especially thanks to T.V. shows like The Queen’s Gambit that have made it prevalent in pop culture. Although the physical chess game board is still found in many households, today players are using online chess platforms to enjoy the game as well. These sites present virtual boards and allow users to face off against either computerized bots of a similar level or human opponents. Here, players do not hold real pawns in their hands but rather click a mouse to make a move. Despite this, the game follows a similar flow to the one experienced in real life. 

Websites for playing chess against a real opponent or a bot are commonplace in today’s digital era 


Poker has ancient roots which date back as far as 1,000 years. An activity whose history is rooted in that of several major continents such as Europe, Asia, and even the Americas, poker’s evolution is both fascinating and complex. When the game started to appear online following the internet boom of the 2000s, virtual players were invited to tackle the strategic game in a different, remote setting. 

Fast forward two decades later and poker’s online presence has exploded worldwide, with more and more platforms offering a realistic, digital version of the classic game. Nowadays, playing Poker Online is a straightforward process that even the non-tech savvy person is able to wrap their heads around. Additionally, because many providers offer ‘poker schools’ and educational guides on their sites, even beginners can start playing online with ease. As technology continues to develop, so will poker’s influence in virtual spaces. 


Monopoly is Hasbro’s most popular title and one of the most recognizable board games of all time. And even after more than 100 years, it is still commonly played today. There have been countless renditions made to the classic board that was patented back in 1904, but the most advanced of them all is the new Monopoly mobile app. Here, users can play Monopoly on their smartphones wherever they may be located. 

Available for a variety of different devices from tablets to the iPod Touch, the mobile adaption features both a multi-player and single-player option as well as the ability to play with friends or other unknown users from around the world. 

The territory-conquering game of Risk can now be enjoyed on mobile phones thanks to app developments 


Risk is another board game that has been reinvented thanks to technology. A game of strategy and territorial domination, Risk has been a main title in home gaming libraries across the world since the 1950s. Nowadays, like Monopoly, it has extended its reach into the digital sphere with a mobile app that enables on-the-go gameplay with single and multi-player modes. An added benefit of Risk online is that players can compete with millions of opponents rather than just two to six people as they would if playing in-person. The virtual version of the game can also be accessed through an internet browser or by using the popular gaming platform, Steam. 

If these digital solutions excite you, it may be a good idea to optimize your PC specifically for gaming. Although this process can often be perceived as complex, following this step-by-step guide is sure to make it straightforward.  

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