5 Analog Watches that Top This Year’s Style List

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While smartwatches make for a popular accessory today in everyone’s wardrobe, analog watches still haven’t lost their charm. With so many international watch brands around the world, the watch industry is constantly bringing us reworked classics and fresh new designs. There’s no outfit that an analog watch cannot complement. We’ve researched the top analog watches for you that will stand the test of time in terms of quality and design.

5 Analog Watches that Top This Year's Style List 1

Pick your new favourite analog watch from the stunning collection below:

Fierce Titan Animalia

5 Analog Watches that Top This Year's Style List 2

A stylish timepiece is a must-have for every wardrobe. And this stunning wristwatch from Titan’s Animalia collection is everything and more. The prune dial analog watch is like a little black dress that could never go wrong with. 

The impressive and thoughtfully curated design is perfect for any woman who wants to stand out. Titan watches are known to offer style without compromising on quality and durability. So, opt for such timeless analog watches if you’re looking for something both versatile and fun!

Midnight Black  

5 Analog Watches that Top This Year's Style List 3

With an impressive exterior and superior quality, this analog watch from Titan will tick all the boxes. Titan promises quality, value for money and above all, style. And this timepiece is no exception. 

A classic workwear watch, it will go with any of your ensembles effortlessly. Pair this wristwatch with vibrant outfits to create a striking contrast and flaunt your unbeatable style!

Delicate Joy Pink

5 Analog Watches that Top This Year's Style List 4Love at first sight, right? We feel the same. This gorgeous analog watch from Titan’s Raga collection is all you need to give your look the perfect finishing touch. The uniquely designed timepiece is one of the most loved wristwatches with a touch of glitz and glamour. 

The piece is yet so subtle and stylish to wear as an everyday accessory, be it at work or on your casual day outs. So, go for such elegant analog watches to make a minimal yet impactful style statement.

Royal Gold

5 Analog Watches that Top This Year's Style List 5

Give your wrist a touch of luxury with analog watches from Titan. The Lagan yellow dial metal strap screams sophistication and is the right accessory for a man who loves fashion. 

With a hint of vintage, this wristwatch is sure to complement your business casuals effortlessly. Add this analog watch to your wardrobe as it will serve you for years to come. Shop online and explore the wide collection of exquisite watches from the comfort of your home.

Silver Embellished

5 Analog Watches that Top This Year's Style List 6

Looking for something more casual? Nothing can be better than a silver wristwatch. This analog watch from Titan’s workwear collection is a timeless choice and looks great with both formal and casual attires. 

The edgy yet versatile piece of accessory is the perfect choice to take you from nine to five stylishly. The intricate design and luxurious exterior of this watch are sure to steal hearts wherever you go!

Stay on Top of Trends with the Best Analog Watches

We know that buying a watch is no simple task. That’s why we are here to help you find the most suitable wristwatch that goes perfectly well with your personality and lifestyle. The most crucial thing to remember while shopping for watches is that you must go for reputed and reliable brands like Titan watches. 

They offer a host of options online and guarantee 100% authenticity and ensure value for money. Choose from their exquisite collections, including Raga, Animalia, Khadi and more. So, what are you waiting for? Extend your watch collection with evolving styles and stay on the spotlight!

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