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An Unknown World: 5 Creepy Stories Behind Disney Movies

Creepy Stories Behind Disney Movies
Exploring the Creepy Stories Behind Disney Movies

Did you know these creepy stories behind Disney movies? If not, go ahead and find out!

Disney has conquered the world of animation making a home in the hearts of people worldwide. With its magical enchanting qualities bringing forth a world full of challenges and exploration of the unknown creepy stories behind Disney movies is often ignored. We all have grown up in a Disney World full of love, hate, magic, unicorns, and rainbows gluing us in front of Tv screens watching and re-watching the well-known adaptations of Disney fairy tales.

I personally have binge watched all the Disney movies till now. (You can’t actually get out of it when you have a five-year-old niece always planning to have a Disney movies marathon weekend every now and then.

This particular article will enlighten you with the five most creepy stories behind the Disney Movies. Sit tight and tighten your seat belts because this is going to be a roller-coaster ride of your life with few bumps and initial shocks from which you will recover but the Disney world will not be the same as before to you. I sincerely apologize beforehand for ruining your childhood’s escape from reality.

Without wasting any further time, let’s dive right into it unveiling the creepy stories behind Disney movies!

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I hope you enjoy the Creepy World of creepy stories behind Disney Movies.

1. Sleeping Beauty

One of the most loved Disney Movies is the classic anecdote of a damsel in distress, which in this case was supposedly a princess to whose rescue comes to the chivalrous prince waking her up with the kiss of true love living happily after. However, the movie had its origins is believed to be a late 17th Century Italian tale which in no way can be considered as an appropriate narrative for kids.

The original tale and movies have the same storyline of an infant girl, grand celebrations, the prophecy, the incident of the princess pricking her finger, and entering the eternal slumber carrying out the earlier prophecy that is all the similarity that exists between the two. From this point on, the plotline of both the stories diverges in completely opposite directions where Disney gives us another happily after, the original tale is much darker and more gruesome.

Talia, the name of the princess in the 17th Century Italian Version where it is a King who comes to her rescue, not a prince. The King’s kiss of true love fails to do its magic and fails to wake up the sleeping princess. Like an old licentious man, the King was, he took advantage of the sleeping beauty by stealing her virtue i.e. to say by raping her while she was in a coma. Can there be any more leftover creepy stories behind Disney movies? Yes, there can be. Read along!!

The interpretation is that the King was so imitated by her beauty that he gets hard in his pants and decides to have sex with the unconscious sleeping beauty. And the sick bastard leaves her behind because he’s married. (Much of a rescuer, is he now? I rather rescue myself or let death rescue me than have such a man rescue me!)

The princess nine months later, still unconscious, gave birth to two twins fathered by her rapist. One of the babies out of hunger sucked out the cursed splinter out of his/her mother’s body immediately waking her up. Somehow, she reaches the King’s palace where his wife attempts to kill beauty and her twins to be fed to the cheating husband unknowingly.

The King being the King becomes aware of his wife’s plan and instead kills her by boiling her alive. (Yikes!!) So, whether sleeping beauty lives happily after with her rapist or not, is something, I’ll leave for you to find out because I wouldn’t want you to in the state of shock after the revelation of these creepy stories behind Disney movies.

2. Tangled: The Rapunzel Tale

Another of Disney’s vintage representations of happily ever after full of adventures and general merriment. Tangled: The Series was released to satiate the demands of the avid onlookers. Again, the Disney version is much more splendid than the original fairy tale.

A collection of fairy-tales, namely Grimms’ Fairy Tales was collected by Grimm brothers during the early Nineteenth Century. Disney converts the Grimm brothers fairy-tale into a teenage romance lively with an nth number of musicals, almost unimaginable amount of long hair acting as weapons at most times, and the desperate search for finding her parents and her home.

I wish, the source that inspired this movie would’ve been as spirited as this. In the native version by the Grimm brothers, no evil witch is there to snatch away the baby girl but is voluntarily given up by her parents trading her for some salad. Yes, you heard me right Rapunzel is exchanged for a salad when she’s just an infant by her parents. The witch locks Rapunzel in a tower without any way to escape it. The only way to get inside & outside the tower is through climbing onto her dazzling long hair.

Then, one day a stranger who later found out is a prince manipulates Rapunzel to throw her hair down for him to climb up allowing him to visit her. Rapunzel and the Prince immediately fall in love but before they could realize the happiness, they’ve found in each other. The evil queen learns the whereabouts of a man visiting her, in anger, she chops off Rapunzel’s hair and sends her off the tower to the unknown world.

Later, when the Prince returns to marry Rapunzel, he finds the witch in the tower who throws him down the window, and he falls on some spikes that penetrate through his eyes making him blind. Next, both Rapunzel and the blind prince wander off for months in search of each other and one day they finally find each other, and somehow Rapunzel’s magic tears bring his sight back. The first thing he sees when he gets his sight back is that Rapunzel has two children, who are his illegitimate children as he never married her.

The Prince marries Rapunzel and lives happily ever. As shocking it might come to you but Rapunzel is the only happily ever after fairy-tale in Grimm brother’s collection. Looks like people back then had a very different definition of fairy-tales with inherent tragedy following the motto of  “All’s well that ends well”!! But the creepy stories behind Disney movies aren’t ending well for us.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This being the fairy-tale to be adapted into a Disney princess movie first released in 1938 opening a whole new world of animation to the present and future generations of those times.

In Disney’s version of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, she was hunted because she committed the crime of being the most beautiful woman. (the crime which she didn’t really commit because she didn’t make herself ‘the fairest of all’) Trying to save her life from the evil queen/witch, she escapes into the wilderness where she finds her saviors the seven dwarfs and lives with them. The evil Queen poisons Snow for which Dwarfs later fights her to avenging Snow White.

Out of the blue, a lost prince comes and magically restores her back to life and without a doubt, they live happily ever after.

The original story however is ghastly and hideous, where the Evil witch demands the insides of her daughters to be brought to her by the hired huntsman. The huntsman undergoes a change of heart witnessing Snow White’s kindness and beauty. Instead, he tricks the witch by bringing her the innards of a wild bear or something which she happily devours down her throat thinking she is enjoying her step-daughter’s internal organs as dinner.

Another fact is that the prince isn’t the one to revive Snow-White through a kiss but sought to take her home in the glass coffin as a piece of porcelain cup he can put up on the shelf to show her off. It was while moving the coffin, that the bumps of the journey extricate the piece of poisoned apple from her throat waking her up.

In addition, the fate of the wicked witch is much more unpleasant and frightening where she is to wear scalding iron shoes dancing in them until she dies of it. I am still recovering from the initial shock of discovering the creepy stories behind Disney movies, this one in particular.

4. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, my personal favorite Disney movie was brutally ruined for me during my mission of uncovering the truth behind the origins of Disney movies. But it’s better to live in truth then the web of exaggerated lies. In Disney’s version, Ariel is the daughter of the Sea King who trades her beautiful voice for some legs to be able to go to land in search of love.

Eventually, she falls in love with Prince Eric, with whom she fights the witch she traded her voice too and accomplishes her happily ever after with him with her voice back and keeping the pair of legs. But this is the story the Disney world represents to us, modifying it in its own accord and omitting the cruel aspect obscuring the creepy stories behind Disney movies.

The original story by Hans Christian Andersen, another fairy-tale collector in whose version there are zero musicals and fun adventures with the talking sea creatures to guide you. Andersen’s original version is a much darker plot, where the couple doesn’t find their happily ever after despite all the efforts by Ariel to win the heart of her ever-true love, Prince Eric. In this version, the witch for real cuts out her tongue, forsaking her from ever being able to speak in exchange for some legs to go find her true love.

Once on land, she finds the palace of Prince Eric but unable to speak she stays there silently pining for him all the time from far away. In the end, he ends up marrying another woman leaving behind a heart-broken mermaid who gave away her voice for him and now silently weeps due to his cruelty.

Strangely, she’s given two options to either kill the love of her life or die herself by giving herself up. Being in love, obviously, she chooses to sacrifice herself in order to save the life of her only true love because of whom she reaches this point in the first place.

For Ariel giving up her life to save the life of another wasn’t enough Karma to get her a place in heaven but to work for three more centuries was required as a spirit.

Ugh!!!!! Also, what is it with these women allowing themselves to give up themselves, sacrificing themselves and their love for these undeserving sons and princes of patriarchy? For me, this has been the most creepy story behind the Disney movie.

This reminds me of Feministic Lessons the Disney Stories teach us. Check here if interested.

5. Cinderella

Every girl once in her lifetime has dreamed of becoming a Cinderella, having a fairy-Godmother who dresses her in the most beautiful dress ever and shiny new glass heels sending her off to the ball the princess style where the prince is completely smitten over her innocence and beauty.

Some of us even got our dream fulfilled with the Cinderella-themed birthday parties and trust me, the feeling is spectacular. In the Disney version, the step-mom turns out to be very evil and mistreats & exploits Cinderella treating her like a servant. Further, she even encourages her two daughters to exploit her, making her life miserable.

With her father always away on trade she is left alone, her only companions being the mouse and birds around the house who later helps her dress for the ball. Following the same old tale where the Evil-stepmother ruins her dress she prepares to go to the ball envious of her beauty.

All three of them head off to the royal ball in hope that the prince might marry one of her daughters leaving Cinderella behind to finish the household work. The fairy-Godmother comes to her rescue, dressing her, and sending her off to the ball in a pumpkin carriage with strict instructions to be home by 12.

During the ball, the prince doesn’t have eyes for anyone but Cinderella the two immediately become acquainted immediately having the time of their lives when the Clock strikes twelve bringing Cindy back to reality. She runs off to get home in haste leaving behind one of her glass slippers. Next, the famous hunt to find the girl who left behind the glass slipper which fits no one but Cinderella even after her stepmother’s uncountable attempts to tamper with it.

The Disney version closely follows the storyline of the original Grimm Brothers tale instead of the ending and fate of the two step-sisters. In the original tale, the mother orders her two daughters whom she claimed to love to cut their feet off in order to fit the glass slippers but the dripping blood gave them away. In the end, during the prince and Cinderella’s wedding where some doves gouge their eyes out. This has to be one of the darkest creepy stories behind Disney movies with self-mutilation and eye-gouging.

The dark world on which the Disney world is based is utterly shocking and gruesome on so many levels. The aim of the title was to bring forth creepy stories behind Disney Movies in their truest form. The original stories are definitely dark, creepy, and horrific, completely inappropriate for kids to watch who holds a large percentage of Disney audiences. Even though the original tales were extremely creepy stories their Disney adaptations make the world a better place with its hope and sparkling happiness that it spreads.

I hope the article was informative and insightful for you reading the five creepy stories behind Disney Movies as the original stories do portray some very sexist ideologies forcing us to question certain aspects. If interested in the development of Feminism through animated Disney World. Click here.

If you have some more creepy stories behind Disney movies do let us know! Share your tales in the comment section below! Also, comment on your thoughts on “Creepy stories behind Disney movies”. Let us know what you’re thinking!



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