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5 Fun Hobbies That Make Money Fast In 2021

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You probably have hobbies you love doing—pastimes you invest some of your spare hours in because you find them fun and fulfilling. While you don’t usually start pursuing a hobby to make money, you can turn them into a stream of income if you are serious enough. And depending on how you direct your talents and interests, you can bag anything from free stuff to extra pocket money to a full-fledged business where you sell products online—but all by doing something you love and might have done anyways.

From freelancing to cooking, and sports betting, here is a list of the five most common lucrative hobbies that make money fast in 2021.

  • Gardening

With people spending more time at home than ever before, gardening has witnessed a spike in popularity. If you are into gardening, then you should know that alongside making you happier and healthier, it can also make you richer. If you don’t trust this, here’s a statistic to change your mind—millennials spent $13 billion on plants in a single year.

For instance, Leaf & Clay is a business that sells succulents, either for a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis.

Similarly, you can sell your products to help others indulge in their own gardening hobbies. Recently, the technology seller, edn introduced an indoor garden to their product line.

  • Memberships

Memberships are perhaps the best business model because they set you up for recurring revenue—often an amount that is automatically withdrawn from your customers’ preferred payment method. So, how do membership businesses work?

They work by charging customers a repeated fee in exchange for products or services. And this where the hobby aspect comes in. Memberships can be based on almost anything and any niche. For example, take a look at the California Native Plant Society. A membership there grants gardeners access to education content, events, and discounts from partner businesses.

To better understand the membership business model, take the example of Danielle Spurge, who turned her crafting hobby into a full-blown business. Her membership-based business, The Merriweather Council, helps entrepreneurs leverage their talents to create a sustainable craft-based business of their own.

With membership businesses, the possibilities are nearly endless. All you need is a hobby and some imagination to get the ideas rolling.

  • Sports Betting

If you are a sports fan, you would love to make money from your hobby, especially if you have an in-depth knowledge of playing strategies and the conditions that affect the final result. Then, you should know that making money by online sports betting possible.

To begin, all you need to do is set a budget and find the right sports betting site. While there are various methods for placing wagers on sports events—betting in a bookmaking shop, over the telephone, or at a casino sportsbook—using the internet is by far the easiest option. 

Online betting offers a wide array of benefits, and it’s particularly significant for beginners who are trying to wrap their heads around sports betting stats.

  • Cooking

Food has evolved to be an art form, especially after the advent of social media that people spend hours mastering it. It’s not just amateur chefs who are getting involved, but people with adventurous palettes are always on the lookout to explore new tastes.

If cooking is your hobby, consider yourself lucky because you make money fast by sharing your culinary experiences with the world in different ways—from starting a blog to an Instagram account or a YouTube channel. Additionally, the content you share can be anything from unique recipes to ways to creating your own food business or cooking products. To take your passion up a notch, consider hitting the road with a food truck business.

Lastly, here’s a statistic—according to Google, nearly 59 percent of people aged between 25 to 34 take their mobile devices into the kitchen to use resources on the internet to find and practice new recipes. This further proves the demand for content in the market for DIY chefs looking to explore new cuisines.

  • Writing

Writing and publishing articles, blogs, or anything else will offer you a lot of practical value other than being just another hobby. You can use it to build your career or establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche. You can even create a platform to share your ideas or rent out your skills.

Perhaps, the best way to make money writing is by selling it as a service on freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork. You can even reach out directly to blogs for paid gigs. Good content writers with niche expertise are always in demand. So, you can be sure you will land a fantastic opportunity, provided you have the necessary skills.

Similarly, if you have the discipline and know how to craft good blog posts, you might want to create your own blog-based business by choosing a niche and building an audience over time.

Make Money from Your Hobbies

Do you enjoy writing? Start a side hustle as a freelancer to earn some extra cash. OR, do you love to dabble in dance? Maybe, you should consider starting an eCommerce store dropshipping LED shoes for dancers.

When it comes to side hustles, it is something you do for free and for fun but can be turned into a lucrative business with the right amount of effort and passion. If you want to start something but are confused about where to start, ask yourself what you are good at or already know about. There you have a brilliant business idea.

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