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Top 5 Hobbies That Are A Complete Waste of Time!


Can hobbies be a complete waste of time? Yes, it’s possible!

Hobbies are activities that are done by people in their free time. It gives them pleasure and releases stress. Hobbies are a fun way of learning new skills, which also sometimes helps you in improving your brain function and expanding your mind’s horizon.

Your hobbies add up more qualities in you that make you unique in the crowd, also helping you have good mental health. You feel relaxed and happy when you successfully complete a painting, song, video, or whatever that interests you.

It is also something that keeps on updating as technology evolves, and some hobbies start fading away over time. You must have seen your grandma had different hobbies than you because that’s how technology expands your hobby palette.

For example, people born before 2000 had different hobbies like knitting, quilting, card games, board games, and lots of other hobbies that people born after 2000 might not be aware of. Millennials have different and new hobbies, like scrolling through social media platforms, video making, streaming Netflix, photography, meme creation, etc.

Lucky are those whose hobbies and professions are the same. And Luck is a rare phenomenon. But those of you who fall under the not-so-lucky category, it is fine, life has always been unfair, but you just have to live it anyway.

One positive and philosophical perspective of life will tell you that no hobbies are a waste of time; there is always something for you to learn, as it improves your brain functions. Well, that’s correct but not precisely, also it’ too optimistic in approach.

There are lots of benefits of having a hobby that can give you stress relief from your hectic day. You can check it out here!

Now, it’s time for some harsh truth. Yes! There exist some hobbies that are a complete waste of time. Let’s begin with the countdown.

Top 5 Hobbies that are a complete waste of time! 

1. Collecting Stuff

Collection hobby requires a lot of effort from the side of the collectors, like identifying where you can get that item of yours, how much is it going to cost, where to store them? On display or to keep it a secret? Well, that depends on the size of the items and interest of the collector.

Now, the primary question here is, what do the collectors derive from this hobby apart from some weird pleasure?  I couldn’t think of any more reasons.

The hobby of collecting things can be divided based on how valuable items you are interested in collecting. If antiques, jewelry, cars, and all things expensive excites you, then it’s acceptable (at some level), because if nothing works out and you go broke someday, you’ll always have a backup plan with you. To SELL your collection to some weirdo like yourself.

Now, coming to some specific moderately valued items, like stamp, records, and coin collections. Now, there is seriously nothing else to do with these collectibles except showing it off to other enthusiasts like you and in worst-case scenario selling it off at the price of peanuts.

Finally, coming to the people who like collecting, wrappers, wigs, hair ties, pebbles, toys, comics, cards, and all kinds of junks, you can easily find anywhere. Now, these kinds of collections are a complete waste of time.

2. Stone Skipping

You must be wondering if, “Is it even a hobby?” Yes, it is! Stone skipping is a hobby that includes an activity of throwing a flat stone with the right amount of force, in calm water to see how many times your stone jumps on the water.

What a beautiful sight it is to watch your stonefly on the water for 2-3 seconds! And of course, it will loosen you up and release your stress for a short duration. So, what did you learn? I don’t have an answer, really sorry for that.

Many of us are not lucky to have a calm water body nearby our resident, but if you are not among these unlucky people on earth, you can try stone skipping, to understand why you should not waste your time on it if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Sounds amusing! This hobby is a complete waste of time for most people, as lots of people are not even aware of the fact that there professional stone skippers in this world.

Fun Fact- Stone skipping tournaments are held in some parts of countries, and there are Guinness world records holders in stone skimming as well.

3. Yo-yoing and Fidget Spinning

For the new generation who are not aware of Yoyo- it is a round-shaped toy that has an axel with a string attached to it. What kind of game can you play with this toy? You attach the string to your middle finger, and it just goes up and down. It’s cool to watch!

Yoyos are quite old toys. They were invented in around 400-500 B.C. (Surprise!) Yoyo turns out to be the grandfather of toys; show some respect. But is it worth your time? Not really. It’s a complete waste of time, as you don’t develop a new skill or your brain doesn’t start functioning well by playing with Yoyo, and anyways, the new generations are more into video games these days.

Coming to fidget spinners, these were invented by a woman in 1993, but it gained its popularity in 2017, and yes, of course, it’s a hobby. You spin a plastic item that has a hole in its center, and it spins. Sounds fun, right?

Both these games have their champions and tournaments as well. Anyways, I’m not sure if your parents will feel proud of you if you made a world record of spinning fidget spinner for the longest time.

4. Slime making (or poking)

Slime is a toy, its squishy and sticky semi-solid kind of substance having glue-like texture. It was introduced in the year 1976.

Slime videos were trending in 2017-18. The videos featured either how to make slime or silly but beautiful looking colorful slime with people poking their fingers in it.

Kids were crazy for slime when it started gaining popularity. Few were interested in making it after watching DIY videos on Youtube, using whatever raw materials available at home, or were just interested in buying and poking it because somehow it is supposed to bring you hours of fun. We hope you have a great time with your slime.

But the adults don’t understand the whole point of this hobby. For us, slime making is a complete waste of time. Because you don’t learn anything new, and by poking slime, you don’t get any skills.

5. Ghost Hunting

Now, that is some daring and exciting hobby to have. Ghost hunting demands curiosity, knowledge, and time. It is not just a board game; the thrill and adrenaline rush it brings with itself is on a different level.

In simple language, ghost hunting involves an investigation of reported haunted places, in the hope of finding evidence of paranormal activities.

This hobby also requires investment as lots of gadgets and electronic devices are used in getting in touch with ghosts. But if you are tight on your budget, you can also buy an ouija board, light up some candles and check if ghosts want to interact with you!

The result of getting involved with hobbies like ghost hunting can be of three types-
A) You can die after being haunted by a ghost,
B) You successfully get in touch with a ghost (he tells you about his life story) and you write one hell of a story or movie on it and become successful in a matter of time, or else
C) You completely waste your time and achieved nothing.

So, get into this hobby only when you have a heart for it, or else it’s just a complete waste of time for you.

There are lots of other hobbies that are a complete waste of time, but people from around the world are still interested in pursuing it. You can check it out here!

A lot of optimistic people will tell you that no hobby can be a complete waste of time, so without getting into that argument, try to indulge yourself in any hobby as per your interest and be the judge yourself.

You can still give the hobby mentioned above a try because life is full of surprises and you never know what you can achieve! You may win a tournament of fidget spinning or stone skimming or may get in touch with a friendly ghost.

If you are genuinely interested in indulging yourself in a new hobby, it’s a thumb up from our side! Just don’t do anything that starts increasing the above list and make sure that you learn something from your hobby.

Nobody’s judging you, live your life on your terms, play your old board games and cards with your kids or friends, and re-live your childhood.

This was an article on the top 5 hobbies that are a complete waste of time! If you have anything to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us.



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